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Mobile Apps in the Next Decade

Most users are switching to mobile applications from web applications in large numbers. Applications are now a part of our everyday lives.

Some apps tell you when to drink water and when to have your food. Just imagine? Applications are telling users how to do daily chores; that is how important apps have become in everyone’s life. 

Since we are so dependent on applications in current times, it is evident that they are here to stay. 

We will still be using applications even after 10-15 years, and yes they will be different and better than what they are now. 

Which gets me thinking, what kinds of apps would we be downloading from our app stores in the next decade? 

The primary focus of application development is that technology must grow at an even higher pace; we already have 5G; by the next decade, we are sure to have a technology so fast that all the speed issues will be shooed away.

In 10 years, there may come applications that let you get a self-driven can instead of Uber or an app that may remove filters from your already posted images so that you could show them to your children. 

Who knows what turn the technology may take. 

However, based on the market growth hypothesis. Below we are presenting some evolution that may take place in applications by the next decade:

  • New apps will run on high-speed internet:

Many studies provide suggestions that applications will have greater bandwidth in the next decade. Many believe that high-speed internet will enable new video applications that will take advantage of high definition videos, represented applications, and other apps that let people collaborate from a distance.  The current need of text, recorded videos and images will be replaced by high-quality videos.

  • Augmented reality and virtual reality apps may take over:

By the next decade, it is quite a possibility that augmented and virtual reality applications would take over the market. The Augmented applications would help users to understand their real-life surroundings, and virtual reality apps would make sure it provides a gaming environment that users would love to hang out at.

The chances of people actually living in their own virtual world are quite high with all these applications.

  • Apps that let you monitor others:

There is no limit to how much we can track others even in the current times. There’s no end to how much we are going to allow companies to track us, or how much are we going to self-track? So it is impossible to stop the tracking enabled by the internet, although it is essential to build applications limiting this tracking system. 

It is predicted that even in the future, our personal data would still be shared, sold, and bought. However, this may still be beneficial for the people.

The future may bring applications that let you voluntarily sell your personal data like preferred clothes style, and companies could use that data while you shop online or at a store being followed by sensors. 

Or you can sell your healthcare data to medical facilities to serve you better when you go to a pharmaceutical company.

  • Apps that let you monitor yourself:

There are many applications in the market that let a user monitor himself . Applications that send health alerts, smartwatches that can check pulse rates. And it is so popular that it is developing day by day.

I believe in ten years; we will have even more advanced applications that will allow us to continuously monitor our health, checking in with other apps to make sure that everything in our healthcare regimens is on track.

And these technologies may also let you share your healthcare routine and your diet plans with the world.

Imagine an application that streams a life of a person from ultrasound to illness to cure for the future generations to take note of. 

Wow! It would be great. 

This type of app would not only be a guide for the future generation but would enhance the healthcare standards of almost everyone.

Well, it is impossible to determine what the future would hold, but if the technology keeps growing at the same pace as is it today. Such inventions would not take much time to be launched. 

Just thinking of it makes me delighted. 

Our lives would sure be super convenient with such inventions right in our pockets.

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