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3 Ways Of Crafting Timeless And Memorable Save The Dates

It’s perfectly natural for every blushing bride-to-be to want to share their joyous wedding excitement with family and friends. The best way to build up the elation and anticipation of the special day is to craft timeless and memorable save the dates that guests can cherish and treasure as keepsakes.

A stylish and eye-catching save the date card sets the tone for the official invites that follow on, and for your big day. To ensure that your nuptial announcement is not overlooked or forgotten, it’s crucial that you create beautiful, unique and visually striking cards that entice all of your VIP guest recipients to take note of your wedding date, and to make plans to join your celebration.

If you’re in need to some wedding stationery design inspiration, here are 3 ways to craft according to budget…

Budget Friendly Options

It’s not compulsory to spend a fortune on cards that announce your plans to wed the love of your life. Not every bride-to-be has the luxury of a big budget to spend on a dream no-expense-spared fairytale wedding. If funds are limited, or you simply want to spend your money on other things, it’s possible to craft gorgeous save the dates that are budget friendly.

Utilise the horde of photos you’ve amassed, as a happy engaged couple, and craft lovely handmade pre-wedding cards that show off striking statement images. Polaroid shots and photo booth strips are also ideal for creating attention-grabbing, eco-friendly recycled paper cards that don’t cost the Earth.

If you or your beloved are artistic or creative, put your talents on show by displaying your artwork on your save the date cards, Customise your illustrations, paintings or comic strips with personalised details like captions, comments and anecdotes that bring your love story to life.

If you’re a keen baker, you can deliver your good news via a selection of adorable heart shaped cookies that are covered in pastel coloured icing, and custom stamped. It’s a good idea to include a small handwritten note on a gift tag, to remind guests of the wedding date, once they have eaten the tasty cookie.

Be Modern & Interactive

It’s a fact that guests who attend a wedding have the fondest memories if their experience is enjoyable and interactive. To tempt your VIP guests, and to get them excited about the main event, it’s worth crafting modern save the date cards that feature a unique design element.

A scratch card style pre-wedding notification is simple, modern and fun, and perfect for a quirky, DIY or rustic wedding. Highlight your design with your names at the top, and add scratch off panels that reveal the date of your wedding at the bottom of the card.

Brightly coloured balloons make a fabulous and fun alternative to a traditional paper card, if you’re looking for a novel way to deliver your life-changing good news to family and friends. Choose balloons in a single colour, or in an assortment that complements the shades of your wedding palette colours. Your custom message can be printed in a variety of fonts that expand to announce your big wedding plans in style.

Guests can have fun dressing up the happy couple, if you choose to send them funky DIY paper doll style cards. The illustrated figures of you and your beloved can be dressed up in an arry of different outfits – including traditional wedding attire – and displayed in pride of place on the living room mantelpiece, or a shelf.

A personalised calendar offers an excellent way to provisionally invite guests to attend your wedding. You can craft a stylish DIY calendar of the specific month that you’re getting hitched, with the wedding date highlighted with red love hearts. Guests receiving the pre-wedding cards can display your mini calendar in a prominent place, and use it as a daily countdown to the big day reminder. You can also supply some cute photo image stickers of you and your future spouse that family and friends can attach to any wall or diary format calendar.

Go Bespoke

If your wedding budget is flexible, you can certainly consider crafting memorable pre-wedding cards that are luxuriously bespoke. You’ll want to choose the finest quality paper that your money can buy, to ensure that your custom-made wedding stationery suite makes an impressive impact.

You can keep the design timeless and classy by sticking to the traditional and popular white, cream or ivory shades of paper. If you prefer, you can opt for a more modern approach that showcases vibrant colour as the backdrop of your design. You can embellish your handcrafted cards with bespoke illustration that complements your wedding theme, or feature alluring decorative elements like laser cutting, embossing or metallic foil stamping.

Exploring your wedding theme can inspire you to create uniquely shaped cards that match. A beautiful laser cut paper fan save the date will definitely coax guests to pencil in your summer wedding date on their calendars.

To give your elegant save the dates a contemporary twist that makes them instantly memorable, decorate the envelope with a custom liner. The liner can display beautiful artwork, a photographic image or a geometric pattern that complements your wedding colour palette. Alternatively, you can keep it plain and simple, and surprise your VIP guests with a bold pop of vivid colour that makes a strong style statement.


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