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25 Businesses You Can Start with Less than $100

Are you a dreamer of your own company? What are you doing that is holding you back from starting your own business? If you aren’t able to afford enough money, there is good news. twitter You can start many businesses starting with $100. Many people work odd jobs to earn a living. There are many ways to make extra money, no matter what your skill level.

Here are 25 business ideas that will get you started.

Direct sales representative

You will be required to help local companies such as Mary Kay, Avon, and Pampered Chef by hosting events or selling their products online. The majority of starter kits are around $100 and will provide everything you need to start your career as a sales rep.


A consultant agency can start if you have experience or knowledge in an area. You will need to market your business and network, so make sure you have business cards and a website. Here is an example guide for consulting.

Senior companion

In 2016, the United States had more than 49 million seniors 65 and older. In 2060, that number will rise to 98 million. It means that seniors and their families are constantly looking for companionship. Or they want guidance on caring for loved ones.


Students need tutoring in many subjects. It includes elementary school through college. It is possible to start your own tutoring company if you have the necessary knowledge. Students already have the learning materials.


Freelancing, whether you’re a web developer and writer, can be a very lucrative business idea. You only need your talent, your computer, and an internet connection. You should not have any difficulty starting your freelance career thanks to the many websites that list gigs. This is a guide for freelancers that will help you with every step.

YouTube Vlog

Anyone can create videos and upload them to YouTube because every smartphone, tablet, and laptop comes with a built-in camcorder. You can profit from your vlog via ads if you have the knowledge to share or are charismatic.

Auto repair/detail

If you own a car, have tools, and know-how to repair cars, why not open your shop? Even if your garage is not available, you can start a mobile repair business that will fix the car as it breaks down.

You might consider washing and detailing cars if you like working with vehicles but are not a mechanic. It was something a former colleague did on the side. ezposting He eventually made it a full-time career through word-of-mouth recommendations from his work.

Rentals in the sharing economy

Thanks to the “sharing economy,” more people rent rather than buy items. You can rent anything, from your car to your furniture. You can start small by starting in a niche, then slowly moving up. Renting out yard equipment, such as rakes and shovels, is one way to get started. They can purchase for less than $100 if they are not already yours.

Managing web design

Many sites can teach you basic web design. You can learn a new skill today. Even if you don’t have a website design background, you could still hire a designer for a fraction of the cost of professional web designers. It is where the key lies in managing the process. Many businesses aren’t willing to do this, but they will pay.


This business is for those who make small household repairs like replacing an old electrical outlet or sealing the pipe under your kitchen sink. It’s also very affordable to launch. TaskRabbit, which is a marketplace that offers small jobs, could be a good option.

Planning your menu

People are often indecisive about what they eat. People are often indecisive about what they eat and will hire someone to help plan their meals. It is an idea for someone who likes to work with food but doesn’t have the financial resources to cook and prepare it.


The idea is simple and requires no investment. Start asking family, friends, and neighbors if they look for someone to watch their pet or house when they’re out of town.

Lawn care

If you’re a gardener and enjoy working outside, this business idea is for you. Advertising and marketing your business are the main costs.

Homemade gourmet foods

People love gourmet food products, whether it’s soups, jellies, or chocolates. Since you likely already have a cooking area, all you need is basic marketing materials and packaging.

Professional organizer

We live in a materialistic age that makes it easy for us to get overwhelmed by all the stuff we have. Marie Kondo has become a household name. You can find professional organizers that will help you get your home back for as little as $20 in classified ads.

Green cleaning service

Cleaning services are plentiful. A green cleaning service, which uses natural and eco-friendly products, can make you stand out from your competitors. Some of these products can make by you and sell for additional cash.

Grocery delivery

However, some grocery stores do offer delivery services. Maybe your local supermarket does not offer a delivery service. Customers can then charge you to come to their store and deliver groceries to them.

Personal concierge

A personal concierge can help with everything: taking clients to and from the airport, getting the dog to the vet, or managing their schedules. It is a personal assistant.

Information products

If you are an expert in a niche, you may be able to sell your knowledge through products such as eBooks and instructional videos. The cost of hosting is typically less than the time you spend, your domain name, or web hosting.


A blog is a place where you can share your expertise on a particular topic if you are a knowledgeable person. Selling ad space, being an affiliate, or creating a subscription service are all ways to make money. This resource will help you get started with blogging. It was helpful, and I was able to create a steady four-figure income in just 12 months.


Window-cleaning can be a tedious chore and requires little capital.

Interior designer

Both businesses and homeowners are seeking designers to create comfortable, productive, and organized spaces.

Flier distribution

Local businesses can hire companies to distribute flyers and place them under windshield wipers. The only thing you need is a lot, so it’s not an expensive investment.


Programming or coding is a lucrative career. To help you get started, here’s a guide for starting a developer business.

Virtual assistant

The job is similar to that of a personal assistant: answering phones, replying to emails, and maintaining the client’s schedule. london What is the difference? It’s possible to do it remotely.

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