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How To Fix A Water Damaged iPhone

If you’ve ever had the unfortunate experience of dropping your iPhone in water, you know that it can be a real pain to try and fix. Depending on how long it was in the water, your phone might not even turn on anymore. This blog post will show you how to fix a water-damaged iPhone using some simple steps. Keep reading for more information!

5 Simple steps on how to fix a water-damaged iPhone

Step 1: Get the iPhone into a Ziploc bag of rice immediately

Rice is an excellent choice for iPhone water damage repair because not only does it help draw out the moisture from the inside of the device, but it will also prevent any residual liquid from causing damage to sensitive internal components. If you have a bag or container full of rice nearby, this is the time to use it! The sooner you get your phone in contact with some form of absorbent material, the better.

Step 2: Inspect for Corrosion or broken components

If your phone was submerged in salt water, fresh water, or any other liquid containing mineral deposits – you’ll want to inspect for Corrosion around ports and jacks where moisture could have gotten in. You can recognize the Corrosion by detecting the bubbles around these areas and then cleaning off the site before it causes any irreversible damage to the device.

Step 3: Use a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water (50/50) to clean off Corrosion and other grime

When you’re trying your hands on iPhone water damage fixation, you need to stop any corrosion before it starts. You can use a cotton swab or q-tip with rubbing alcohol to remove the grime around ports and other components. Be sure to avoid getting liquid inside of your phone when doing this!

Step 4: Use a hairdryer to heat up and evaporate moisture inside the device

To dry out your iPhone, you need to apply heat. First, remove the back cover and any other pieces that can be pried off without causing damage to the device. Start using a hairdryer on a low heat and high airflow setting. You want to aim the airflow into and around components and ports as much as possible.

Step 5: Let the iPhone sit untouched for 1-2 hours

After you’ve completed a preliminary inspection of the iPhone water damage and cleaned off any corrosion found, it’s time to let the phone sit. We recommend letting it sit for an hour or two before proceeding with the next step – this will give everything ample time to dry out.

Instant steps to take after iPhone water damage

Taking instant steps for your water damage can save you from the expensive iPhone water damage repair cost and the hassle of replacing its significant components.

Step 1: Before doing anything else for iPhone water damage, you should immediately take your iPhone out of the water. If it was just dropped in a puddle or something small, try to shake out as much water as possible before drying it off with a cloth.

Step 2: Afterward, place all pieces in a container filled with uncooked rice and leave it overnight. The rice will draw out any residual moisture from the inside of the phone.

Step 3: First, remove the SIM card and battery if possible – this will help prevent short-circuiting of components due to Corrosion. The most important part is to avoid getting your device near any electrical outlets or turning it on.

Step 4: Next, dry everything off with a soft cloth and get it someplace safe to dry off. The rice trick will help by removing any leftover moisture from the inside of your device. However, it won’t work if your phone’s motherboard gets wet.

Step 5: Lastly, don’t take out a new insurance policy on your new iPhone just yet – it may be beneficial to wait a few days to see if it still works by then. Suppose if the issue is iPhone water damage or liquid exposure problem. In that case, you may go through the manufacturer’s warranty before filing a claim for the replacement of the device.

We hope that this blog post has helped you learn about the different ways you can fix iPhone water damage. Keep these tips and tricks handy so you know what to do if it happens to you!

Also, if the problem appears untreatable at home, you always have The iPhone Repair Company at the rescue. They can help you fix all the minor and significant iPhone issues within 24 hours. So reach out to them before it’s too late.

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