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13 Great Ideas to Style Long Hair With Bangs

Yes, long hair necessitates a lot of maintenance, but it also serves as a great foundation for various hairstyles and haircuts you can try! Style Long hair with bangs is one of the most popular hairstyles this year, and you should try it.

Don’t worry; if you are too impatient to grow your natural hair, hair extensions can help you greatly.

You can experiment with long and short bangs to get the look that best suits you. And why not give layering a try? Many different layering techniques can renew your hairstyle and make you seem more glam and natural. So, let’s get into the best bangs hairstyles to have with long hair without spending much!

1. Long Hair with Side Bangs

medium length long hair
Long Hair with side bangs

The side bangs draw the eye diagonally across the face, while long hair creates the illusion of a narrower face. This style is low maintenance and suits most face types, especially round and square ones. If you want a fringe look but thin hair, side bangs are a good alternative since they offer the illusion of additional volume. While styling your side bangs, stick to your hair’s natural parting and direction.

2. Long Layered Hair with Bangs

Long hair with bangs
Long layered hair with bangs

Long hair with bangs is attractive, but long hair with layers is the real deal. It’s a simple approach to framing your face. The shortest pieces should end just below your chin, which will help to lengthen your round or short face type. Finish the look with a quick blow-dry for an elegant, sharp, and structured look.

3. Short Bangs Long Hair

Short Bangs On Long Hair
Short Bangs On Long Hair

This striking cut draws attention! If your eyes and brows are your best features, having your long hair with bangs and layers end in the middle of your forehead brings emphasis to them. Therefore this is a terrific look to try. You can combine it with long, wavy locks and bright blue or green colors to give it a modern twist.

4. Long Curly Hair with Bangs

Who said that long hair with bangs only looks good with straight hair? Curly hair is ideal for bangs because of its natural bounce and volume. A textured fringe trimmed to fall across your forehead is slightly difficult but well worth the effort if done correctly. If you know how to braid hair, you have an advantage because if you braid your hair at night, you can get heatless curls in the morning.

5. Long Curly Hair with Side Bangs

Side bangs are another option for long styling hair with bangs: a lovely design complements full, outward-growing curls. Work with your face shape and part your hair as organically as possible on the side. It’s best to trim curly hair when dry because the length might appear much longer when wet, which is especially true when obtaining bangs. How to get wavy hair, you ask? We say hair extensions! As simple as that.

6. Long Wavy Hair with Bangs

How to get wavy hair? Hair extensions, we say! Because getting wavy with extensions is much easier than doing it yourself, and now is the best time to get great savings.

Long hair with bangs has a youthful touch that can be dressed up or down. Work with wavy hair’s natural curve to create a rounded, full fringe – use a cylinder brush and blow-dry in a downward motion to avoid flat bangs. Then, add some highlights to your hair to show off the movement of your waves and keep them from being too heavy.

7. Long Wavy Hair with Side Bangs

Long Wavy Hair Side Bangs
Long Wavy Hair Side Bangs

Deep, side-parted long hair with bangs on heart-shaped faces helps balance a pointed chin and a wide forehead. When worn long, wavy hair helps to soften angles and looks lovely. You’re in luck if your layered hair is naturally wavy. And if you’re not sure how to get wavy hair, we’ve already offered extensions as a solution.

To enhance your twisty locks, use a curl-defining product and scrunch through while your hair is wet, then let it air dry for a lovely, voluminous finish.

8. Long Side Bangs with Long Hair

Long Side Bangs With Long Hair
Long Side Bangs With Long Hair

A 70s-inspired look with a laid-back vibe. Long hair with bangs looks good, but long side bangs make your face appear longer by cutting it diagonally, which flatters square and heart-shaped faces. Meanwhile, the cut’s airy mid-lengths and ends add movement and softness, taking you back to the days.

9. Side-Swept Bangs with Long Hair

Long hair with side-swept bangs
Long hair with side-swept bangs

Side-swept bangs offer a flattering frame for your features and are ideal for a rounder face. Add some longer pieces to the side of your face, slightly over your jaw. This will give you a contoured look and highlight your cheekbones. It’s preferable to have thicker hair for long, luxuriant waves. Still, individuals with finer locks can get the look by strategically placing long hair with bangs extensions for more volume instead of length.

10. Long Curtain Bangs

These are technically long layers, but we’re calling them curtain bangs because they frame the face well. It is an effortless and natural-looking alternative to your usual messy bangs.

11. Blunt Fringe With a Long Sleek Ponytail

Ariana Grande, with her long ponytail paired with a blunt fringe, is a style to crave for. It is stunning to see the crimped texture, yet another ’90s trend making a comeback. If you buy long hair with bangs extensions, you can easily get the look of a celebrity without paying tens of thousands of dollars.

12. Thick Choppy Bangs for Long Hair

These bangs are a more modern twist on the fringe styling methods, but they’re not as short and choppy as ultra-short bangs. You’ll need a medium to thick hair to keep the fringe from seeming flawless. Keep your brows tidy by cutting an uneven edge on your bangs, which draws emphasis to your forehead. If you’re creative, this fringe style has an arty, DIY feel to it, so it’s a fantastic choice. It’s also simple to keep up with because you don’t have to keep it all the same length with frequent cuts. For a more feminine look, keep the remainder of your hair long.

13. Long Hair with Bangs Thinning Out

Thin long hair with thin bangs
Thin long hair with thin bangs

Thin bangs fan out over your forehead rather than producing a heavy, harsh line.’ Thin bangs open up your face and mix it perfectly with the rest of your hair, but a wide fringe can often look overwhelming. When paired with long, loose waves, it’s a universally attractive look that becomes exceptionally gentle and lovely. Thin bangs are a terrific transition style if you’re growing out your fringe since you can gradually divide them to create face-framing layers. And of course, you can get long hair with bangs extensions without breaking a sweat and a flawless natural look.


Anyone can wear bangs; you must pick a style that flatters your face shape and stick to the styling guidelines. Long hair with bangs on the sides of the face balance out the breadth, ideal for heart, square, and round faces. Heart shapes can also rock baby and curtain bangs. You can wear more straight and blunt fringes if you have an oval face. Finally, longer, feminine framing curtain bangs can soften ladies’ looks with square and rectangular faces.

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