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How Long Do Breast Augmentation Last? Some Important FAQs

Breast augmentation also known as augmentation mammoplasty. There are pros and cons to every surgery done no matter how expensive and professional the surgeon is. Special surgeries such as reducers and augmentation procedures are popular these days. Such surgeries transform different bodily and facial features. Nose jobs, lip fillers, breast augmentation London and foreign treatments for women are on the rise in the UK.

What is the purpose of Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation or mammoplasty is the ultimate boost to women’s breasts. The procedure includes implant and placing silicone-gel or saline water silicon shells placed in the breasts. Both of them are silicone shells with different fluids stored in them. The surgery traps in the silicone shells and gives a volume to breasts. Models and many influencers try to get that hourglass figure through such surgeries. Women who might have lost the firmness and shape of their breasts during their pregnancy journey also opt for breast lifting and augmentation. However, every surgery has its pros and cons. It depends upon how fast the body accepts and embraces the transformation of a natural organ.

How Long Does It Take to Surgery? 

It takes 1 to 2 hours for the surgery to take place. It is not painful but it can be uncomfortable. Women that opt for breast implants should know the results might vary with how their breasts accept or adopt the silicone structure. The surgeon gives normal anesthesia during surgery that can numb the breasts and cause minimal pain. After a few hours, the pain should subside with some painkiller tablets. 

How Long Does Breast Augmentation Last? 

Breast augmentation lasts for approximately 10 to 20 years if there is no issue or side effect of the surgery. Once the age limit crosses over, then doctors recommend removal. Other than that, 97 per cent of women are satisfied with their surgery results. It lasts up to years without replacement or another surgery if the body gets used to the surgical material. Many women replace their silicone fillings after 7 to 9 years maximum to keep their breasts fresh and firm. 

When Do Women Go For Replacement or Another Surgery? 

If women have not yet reached the age factor but do feel deflation, face ruptures, asymmetry or abnormality, lack of firmness or complete numbing sensation, then it is necessary to replace the surgery. If the implant sits inside too high or too low, which causes abnormal shape, then women go for replacement. The result is usually as expected, however, in rare cases, it occurs as a major issue. Women face complications after surgery and it costs double to fix the situation. Breast augmentation can last forever, but with time the body skin weakens, thins down or wrinkly structures appear. The augmentation lasts as long as the silicone stays put. Once it starts deforming, the breast loses its firmness, boost or volume. Breast volume can stay in place as long as the body accepts the change.

What are the Negative Aspects of Breast Implant?

Side effects are a common thing, however, the rumours we hear about breast implant’s cons are unfortunately true, however only in rare cases. 

Surgical Complications

The swelling should subside within a month or so. If it takes more time, then the surgery has worsened. The body did not accept or absorb the implant and resulted in a negative reaction. It causes pain and severe purplish bruises all over the breast. The leakage of the fluids and the fear of mixing with breast tissue is one serious drawback. The patient may feel sagginess, discomfort and even loss of sensation for a long time. Some breasts readily form dimples or hardening texture after surgery. It takes a few weeks (about 6 to 7 weeks) to wear off the bruises and pain. After which, it appears if the patient deserves a new replacement surgery or not. Many cases in which the silicone or saline implants show thinning lumps or some sort of cosmetic abnormality, hence needs replacement. 

Permanent Mess 

The surgery is irreversible. The permanent effect on the breast tissue can cause constant sessions in the future when once the implant wears off over the years. It needs to be reprocessed or filled. The skin thinning over the area or skin sagginess might become permanent in this case causing wrinkles to become permanent as well. Women feel as if the silicone is stretching over the skin. It causes aged breasts and serious complications that need replacement. Patients 95% of the time face a smooth surgery without any issue, but if the breast tissue does not get along with the packet of fluid, then it will rupture after some time. 

What are Silicone Ruptures and Calcium Lumping? 

If the silicone material ruptures during the surgery, the fluid will enter the breasts. Saline water is safe or else gel can cause complications and need removal first before replacing the silicone material. Another few points that scare women is the asymmetry factor and calcium lumps. They appear even hideous on the outside and harden inside the breast. The disbalance or misshape of the breasts can cause insecurity and the calcium lumps can further harden with time around the implant area. This opts for new surgery as soon as possible to save breasts from worsening. Doctors make up a schedule for continuous sessions to replace the silicone structures and provide a brand new surgery for the breast volume. 


The Breast augmentation may appear modern and stylish, but it is not a common surgery. You need an experienced and expensive surgeon who calculates the sessions according to the patient’s breast tissue. If there is no hope for breast lift or volume, the doctor will mention it. only one per cent of women worldwide have faced serious problems regarding breast augmentation and instead of boosting their self-esteem, they were disheartened. It is always better to consult a great doctor so you can never compromise on health. This was all about the time-lapse that breast augmentation can last. 

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