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11 Ways Insurance Agents & Brokers Can Win New Business

Here How Insurance Agents & Brokers Can Win New Business

The insurance sector has evolved with time; however, many agencies are still operating inefficiently using outdated systems. Insurers spend a lot of time chasing leads who don’t need or want an insurance product. This time could be saved and better invested in making and implementing smarter marketing and sales strategies.This can get better, desired outcomes, and healthy client/customer relationships. 

If you are an agent or broker and looking for ways to improve your marketing and sales efforts that can bring some business to you, here are a few tips you can follow. 

Top Strategies to Get More Clients for Your Insurance Business 

Ask Happy Customers to Give Reviews 

Customer reviews are critical for any business. It would be great if you can request satisfied customers to leave a couple of reviews on social media or official rating and review websites such as Google, Trustpilot, and similar. This can get you more business as people will get to know about you and may consider you for insurance products after reading good reviews. If you have your own website, it will best to get positive reviews on it. 

Personalization is The Key 

You might not know this but established insurance brands focus more on personalisation when it comes to delivering an excellent customer experience. However, you need to make promises that you cannot keep; for instance.That need to be ensure a potential client about personal service at higher standards.  If insurer can’t maintain proper communication, they might not be able to impressed client. Therefore, go beyond saying their name; call them frequently to know if they need more help finding or choosing an insurance product, invite them for a coffee to discuss business, etc. 

Start a Blog 

Blogging is the modern medium of reaching broad audiences. If you can share original, informative insurance-oriented content on your website or blog, you will likely get some visitors. The more frequently you update your blog with new, trending content, the bigger the audience you can reach. 

Mobile Optimization is Vital 

Your website may look good and run smoothly on a PC, but today’s generation is increasingly moving to smartphones. Yes, According to Google, 67% of consumers are likely to make a purchase from a mobile-friendly website. Since most people are searching and buying products using their phones, you don’t want to miss out on ample opportunities. Therefore, develop your website from time to time to ensure it is updated and optimized as per the current trends and customer expectations. 

Consider Posting a Video 

Make and post a short video that can engage masses through the internet.Ensure that the video must be professional that can showcase your values and make your business stand out of the crowd. A good video can rank better on Google and attract traffic to your website. After this, you can share a link to the video on your different social media profiles at other times to make full use of the video. This will grab more attention, and your connections are more likely to visit your website. 

Use Twitter to Build or Expand Your Network 

Brokers and agents should also take part in Twitter conversations. When you start using it and make connections, you gather knowledge that experts share on their profiles. You can also ensure you are up to date with trends emerging and how the competition is growing in the industry. You should not use Twitter to sell, but it is an excellent platform for learning more about new insurance developments and sharing what you know. 

However, you can advertise your products through Twitter, and you need to be a quick-responder in case you get any queries concerning the same. Modern customers appreciate a prompt response on social media.  

Provide Your Contact Details Everywhere 

It is one of the oldest and effective ways to get new leads. Whenever you meet new people, tell them about your business, and share contact details. Put your mobile number on social media profiles. Share your business card with satisfied customers; give them a few extra and ask them to distribute the same among their knowns. Many might find this a little old-fashioned, but this is really effective in the marketing landscape. 

Take Advantages of Content Marketing 

In this digital era, you can bring as much as opportunities by producing and delivering content to customers that can help make their lives easier. Sharing topical content about health, home, or financial security and their importance can help both you and your customers; as you create a difference for them via the right information, they are likely to pull interest in you and your insurance products.  

Don’t Miss Out on The Nearest Possibilities 

Although the world has stepped a few steps toward digital transformation due to the recent COVID-19 and its effects, you can always use traditional ways to find leads. There are thousands of people around you that don’t have internet access; you can reach them through local newspapers, and other advertisement means prevalent in your locality. All of this can improve your profile, and you can build a loyal local customer base. 

Make Your Own Way 

We often get to hear about new inventions in several sectors, mostly in manufacturing, healthcare, and technology. But when industries collaborate to discover more, many good things happen. Although the insurance industry has been a little slow in adopting technology, today, there are several InsurTech startups from which you may learn a lot. 

Get Support Where Needed 

If you have an entire team with you or are running an insurance business where you deal with many brokers and agents, you might often get overburdened with a lot of work. Moreover, difficulties might have been added due to the COVID-19 disruption. In this critical time, when hiring can be costly, insurance BPO can be your next best bet and outsource some of the most hectic, time-taking, and prone-to-error activities (for example – calculating agents’ compensation). It is never too late to get help from outside firms where needed. 

No doubt, the world changes quickly, really quickly. In today’s challenging business environment where no one knows when an unexpected opportunity or challenge knocks at their door, it would be best for you to take as much help from the above-described ways and consider leveraging technology and other digital platforms to thrive in the new normal. 

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