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10 AI-Driven Tools to Use to Make Writing Your Forte

AI tools has become a ubiquitous part of our lives – learning from humans and moulding itself to help us in our day-to-day tasks. For example, have you noticed how your smartphone learns the kind of words you use most? The more you use your phone to text, the more your phone’s predictive algorithms pick up about your writing habits – how you form sentences, what punctuations and emoticons you frequently use, etc. This is why you can often complete typing your messages on your phone using predictive text suggestions. AI writing assistants use the same formula of machine learning to help you enhance your penmanship skills.

So, how do AI tools help in paper writing?

In contrast to the example cited earlier, academic or professional writing isn’t anything like texting your friends. This is precisely why there is a surge in demand for experts who offer college essay help online. Paper writing involves more than just typing – you need to research, be coherent and articulate, use the right tone, and so on. AI-based writing tools use natural language processing (NLP) to study a text you have written and suggest related content.

This quickens the process of developing content. Moreover, the tools rectify mistakes and offer insights that let you enhance your written work. Now, not all academic writing assistants are AI-based. Some are just bots, churning the same material over and over. To save you the stress, I have done the hunting for you. On that note, below are top 10 AI-powered tools that professional essay writers and coursework help experts recommend.


  1. Grammarly Tools

As the name of the app suggests, Grammarly lets you check for grammatical inconsistencies and spelling errors. But that’s not all!

  • You can also use the tool for suggestions that let you make your writing more readable, more concise, and free-flowing.
  • The tool also lets you add new words to its in-built dictionary, thus learning from humans continuously.
  • From basic to complex mistakes – the tool detects them all.

So, be it a minor British/American English inconsistency or dangling and squinting modifiers, the tool will highlight every anomaly.

Price: You can use the free version or go for the Premium version costing $11.66 per month.


  1. ProWritingAid Tools

This fantastic editing app is one of the best for students and researchers. It works as a Chrome extension, making it easier for you to correct your text as you write it. You can also incorporate the tool with MS Word or Google Docs for suggestions regarding your writing style.

  • The tool traces repeated words, passive voice issues, complicated sentence structure, and vague explanations apart from grammar mistakes.
  • You can also create a personal thesaurus, where you save words or grammatical rules that you learnt from the suggestions.

Price: The free version has limited features. You can perform plagiarism checks and get premium features for $60 per year.


  1. AI Writer Tools

This AI-driven tool uses machine learning algorithms to gather detailed information for a particular topic, simplifying researching by notches.

  • You can look up resources by typing in the keyword of your topic, and you will get a drop-down of links with relevant data.
  • Since the tool specifies the URLs of the sources, incorporating citations become easier too.
  • The tool is, however, only available in English for now. So, you may not get links with relevant data if the language used in the sources isn’t English.

Price: The tool is in the launch phase and can be sued free of cost.


  1. Articoolo

When it comes to writing, the only hurdle in your way isn’t always being articulate or creative. Often, you may be full of ideas but have little to no time to put all your thoughts into words and write an elaborate paper. This is where Articoolo comes in to churn volumes of content faster. How?

  • The tool searches through its database and traces relevant resource material.
  • It uses the data gathered, gets images and infuses keywords in the text to shape your project.
  • The prerogative to choose the length or style rests with you.

Price: For 30 articles per month, you will have to pay $29. For 100 articles/pm, the cost is $49/mo.


  1. Essaybot Tools

While you may think that the tool is only suitable for writing essays, such is not the case. You can use Essaybot to create content of all types.

  • Be it academic posters to PPTs to social media posts – you can do it all.
  • For research scholars, the tool can target the right keywords that find you readers who are genuinely interested in your paper.
  • For professional content writers, the tool lets you reach out to new customers with your content and promote your brand.
  • You can also use the tool to find relevant sources and citations for your topic.

Price: After the free 7-day trial ends, you will have to pay $49 per month to access the premium features.


  1. Frase

This tool is more like an AI-powered word processor with a focus on carrying out automated research.

  • Once you feed the topic to the tool, it analyses the keywords in the topic and starts summarising relevant data.
  • The tool also has an in-built database of updated links to several sources for a myriad of topics.
  • With the tool at your aid, you can research deeper yet faster.

Price: You can sign up for the free version. You can also switch to the premium version starting at $25 per month.


  1. Qordoba’s

When working on a group project, it is reasonable that there will be a clash of ideas, voices, tones and writing styles. This tool is exceptionally useful in such a case.

  • The tool uses machine learning algorithms to blend in different assignment writing
  • Qordoba is also designed to structure verbose papers, like research papers and dissertations.
  • The tool makes sure that the tone and style used throughout such elaborate texts are similar.

Price: You get to use the tool for free for the first 14 days after sign up. For the premium version, you will have to pay $49 per month for a plan that allows five users.


  1. Textly EDU

Created especially for students, this AI-based tool comes packed with a host of features that help students master the art of writing. I recommend this tool to all those ESL students who are learning English.

  • You will be able to improve your grammatical sense and expand your vocabulary with this tool.
  • The tool also has a ready database of thousands of templates of all kinds of academic papers – different types of essays, theses, case studies, legal documents, and more.
  • Several teachers also use the tool within classrooms to assign homework assignments and track a student’s performance.

Price: You can use the free version or get the premium upgrades at $8 per month.


  1. WordAi

This tool mainly focuses on readability score – a factor that most students tend to forget when writing academic papers. You can scan your writing using this tool to analyse your writing.

  • The tool offers better alternatives of structural suggestions to make your piece more readable.
  • The tool also breaks chunky paragraphs and suggests headings and sub-headings.
  • The tool supports three others languages apart from English – Spanish, French, and Italian.

Price: There is no free version. The monthly subscriptions start at $50, and the annual rate is $600.


  1. Textio

Although this isn’t directly for academic papers, this tool will prove its worth when you leave the academic world to step into the professional world for the first time.

  • Use the tool to improve your cover letters, CVs and resumes.
  • The tool suggests keywords and phrases that recruiters look for while skimming through resumes.

Price: You can use the tool for free for the first ten uses. Following that, you will have to pay for an annual subscription.



AI has altered every spectrum of our lives, and it’d be a shame if you do not tap into the potential of machine learning and other AI algorithms to make writing easier. So bookmark this post and invest in the tools you will feel will help you bridge a skill gap. With time, you will see that you, like the AI-based tools, are learning and improving. All the best!


Author Bio: Amelie Gruber is a software developer hailing from Sydney, Australia. she is also associated with, an academic brand where she offers help with coursework to students. Cara loves to read and bake in her free time.



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