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Why our educational systems are outdated and broken.

Why our educational systems are outdated and broken.

Before I write anything, I am going to state that what I am about to write will include both school and high school educational systems. And my answer to this particular question is “yes”, and there are many reasons why.

Focusing on Grades:

Grades don’t mean anything. Remembering something doesn’t make you smarter. And you can’t “grade” someone on how much they have “learned”. There is more to real knowledge than meets the eye. And real learning is about getting into a subject and understanding the basics of how it works.

Lack of Creative thinking:

Schools limit knowledge and creative thinking. Teachers and professors only allow answers that are based on subjects. Even if the answer is technically correct, they will not accept it. That’s bullshit.
Cheating on tests and quizzes is not allowed. In case you haven’t noticed, cheating is a much better way to learn than basic studying. Think about it. When you cheat, you are using more brainpower. When you are cheating, you are being more creative and your mind may drive you to learn more easily because it is more fun. And not allowing your classmates to help you is a dumb mistake. If the school is preparing you for job employment, it better be ready to socialize you for the future that lies ahead of you properly. This will again boost your creative side of mind and make you more productive. By having the student of The Girl College Lahore I have seen many of these things in my schools tp and report to them openly and they appreciated me.


They don’t actually do anything to stop bullying. Talking to teachers, professors, principals, and other school board members will not work against bullies. Some of the bullies may actually be real psychopaths. So what do we do about it? Psychopaths just don’t care, so there is no point in talking to them. Suspending them won’t work, they’ll use it to skip school. Allowing them to defend themselves may be a foolish idea because it only adds fuel to the fire, but at least it’s more likely to stop the bullying altogether.
How to learn not to connect.

Do you know what keeps my wheels turning? Exactly. The unconnected way of learning. One subject should benefit the other and be taught in a connected way. Once again, this will increase students’ creativity, productivity, and critical thinking. Students will be able to see the big picture and be better prepared for the subject at hand. Sure, some teachers actually do this, but connected learning should be the foundation of every school. Individualized learning may spike interest in a particular subject, but the point is to get the big picture.

The educational systems are outdated:

Because monitoring and evaluation take a long path. For example, to change the whole curriculum itself needs at least 5 years. Even nowadays, to change all that inside the curriculum is impossible. What we do usually add something more useful and more efficient so that the lesson will be more interesting for next years. Changing all educational systems is impossible so it is then called outdated. I think the business degree is less outdated because we need to analyze the current trend, predict the future, and doing case study analysis based on current issues. A business degree seems lucrative. In addition, changing policy in higher education is easier than changing policy in basic education (K-12). Changing curriculum in higher education is easy than changing curriculum in basic education / primary education.

Education reform is high risk. For example, it is about the life of millions of people. Changing it’s drastically will have significant impacts on millions of children or students. Without proper analysis, monitoring, and evaluation, changing the educational systems will be problematic. Then there is no guarantee it will be better or not. Instead, the easiest option uses ‘old’ education systems.

  1. Need huge funding. Making education reforms absolutely need huge funding(Like Fsc Pre Medical subjects). Every government will be very selective to choose the best education system. Instead of risk-taking, it’s better to stay on the old one.
  2. Political influences around development education policy. There are a lot of interests of politicians working in education. Educational purposes are not the main goals. There are many types of hidden agendas (an example). It’s including hidden agenda of education in the 21st century. Education is used as a tool to fulfill the hidden and certain agenda. That’s why there is less improvement in the educational systems.

One day my lecture asked: Why is the educational systems so boring? 6 years primary, 3 years middle years, 3 years high school, who set that? Why it can’t be changed? It runs for more than 100 years.

Everybody silent.


Studies not confined by the arbitrary distinctions between disciplines. Skills, people, and knowledge from all areas and walks of life are synthesized in a team to solve a problem spanning everyone’s unique backgrounds and investigate a big question to find new knowledge. It is the freeing of the intellect to develop its greatest potential.

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