Your Ecommerce Business Would Be Mobile-Friendly with the Opencart PWA Mobile App

In today’s world, every business requires a portable shopping app for a mobile phone. Not simply to gain success and profit, but also to remain relevant. As a result, using OpenCart PWA App Builder is strongly recommended.

OpenCart Progressive Web App Needs –

There has been an exponential increase in the number of people utilizing the OpenCart Progressive Web App. Mobile phones are preferred by about 60% of customers for all online activities. As a result, the online business has changed from desktop to mobile-friendly.

With the passage of time and customer demand, businesses have begun to place a greater emphasis on catching the attention of the mobile audience, and having an OpenCart Progressive Web App for your eCommerce business is also the most effective way to do so.

OpenCart PWA App Maker has several advantages, including:

1. Increased brand awareness
2. Increased brand Recognition
3. Direct communication with the customer
4. Improve accessibility

When it comes to creating a mobile-friendly e-commerce store, store owners must choose brands or eCommerce platforms like Knowband that stand behind their statements. Knowband is a well-known eCommerce solution provider and module developer that develops a variety of extensions and modules.

Reasons Why OpenCart PWA App Creator Is Essential

OpenCart Progressive Web App Builder is the best option for you if you want to provide an outstanding customer experience in terms of also enhancing the look and feel of your mobile app.

Customers are quickly becoming used to using a PWA mobile app because it supports the rules of both platforms such as Android and iOS. There are also numerous other reasons why OpenCart Progressive Web App Maker is the best option for your eCommerce business.

Featured Products Display

The OpenCart Progressive Web App Maker also allows store owners to highlight their most popular products on the app’s main screen. The products can also be displayed in a grid or sliding layout, with home screen optimization options. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App also helps in the growth of an e-commerce store’s sales.

Brand Awareness

A mobile app is also a great way to show off your brand’s identity. The OpenCart Progressive Web App Creator allows store owners to put their logo image to the eCommerce mobile app header and advertise their brand to mobile users. This will expand your company’s reach while also strengthening your branding strategies.

Automatic Inventory Management

It’s easy for the store admin to relax knowing that everything is in synchronization between the web store and the progressive web app. Without any extra effort, your inventory and order details will be managed according to the website. The OpenCart PWA App Builder simplifies merchant responsibilities and improves efficiency.

 Zopim and Whatsapp Chat

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App also includes WhatsApp chat and a Zopim chat feature that provides real-time user support. Customers who use your mobile app can use this option to send a direct message to the store merchant and get their complaints resolved quickly.


This list might go on indefinitely. The point we’re attempting to make is that PWA mobile apps bring more eyes and revenue to your company. When it comes to deciding whether you need a Progressive web app for your business, OpenCart PWA App Builder is the best option. To learn more about how Knowband can assist you, contact us at

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