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Your child uses soft drugs?

Whether ‘soft’ or ‘hard’, all drugs can be addictive. To avoid this, it is better to do it early.

Regular and repeated use of a drug is linked to the pleasure associated with its effects. The problem is when pleasure turns into an addiction. From there, the hour of physical and psychological suffering has come and we begin to talk about drug addiction. For soft drugs, the family setting may be enough to stop the bleeding. For hard drugs, outside help is often needed.

Your child uses soft drugs

It is often curiosity and the desire to defy a prohibition that pushed him to consume this type of product. In most cases, your attention, your explanations, and information on the risks generated by the consumption of these drugs will be enough to persuade him not to repeat the experience.

By talking about it with him and letting him express himself on the reasons which pushed him towards this path, you will make him responsible for his actions. What makes him some questions … If it is for him a way to escape his troubled lives or prevent problems he considers too heavy to carry, you need above all the ” help solve your problems. He is shy, suggesting that he take acting lessons. He broke up with his girlfriend, talk about it with him and reassure him by telling him, why not, your childhood loves! Dramatize by introducing her to your girlfriends’ daughters. He is fed up with lessons, give him a few days of vacation in the place of his choice.

In short, if you make a gesture, he can only be sensitive to this attempt at reconciliation with life. A priori, if he feels supported and understood, he will no longer feel the need to use these drugs.

Your child uses hard drugs

Depending on the number and frequency of uses of a hard drug your child may be addicted to. Depending on the products used, there are two types of addiction, one physical and the other psychological. The first is manifested by intense physical disorders when the subject is in a state of withdrawal.

The second causes a feeling of discomfort and anguish going to the point of depression. If you want to help your child to wean himself, know that to stop, clearly or gradually, the consumption of a hard drug, it is better to do it under medical supervision. This weaning may even sometimes require hospitalization. Here again, to help your child not fall back, your presence, your love, and your understanding are essential. We must be aware that relapses exist and are frequent, but they are part of the path to freedom.

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Does my child intensely practice his favorite sport: and doping? No quantified data exists on the state of doping in sports, but all the experts confirm it, it is a practice that tends to become generalized. And doping is not the prerogative of top-level sport, let alone adults. If your child plays sports, don’t push him beyond his limits, let alone against his will! To please you, he could quickly be tempted by doping products (stimulants, narcotics, testosterone, EPO, anabolic steroids…) which will allow him to improve his physical performance. In order to avoid this, check that this sports practice does not exert any feeling of stress on him.

Discuss it with his sports entourage: trainer, possible trainer, sports doctor, playmates … Be present on the day of his annual health examination, prior to obtaining a sports license. Watch their diet and make sure there is no overtraining or overloading in their competition schedule.

Generally speaking, it is not easy to be heard by teens. When it comes to talking about drugs it is even less obvious! However, to get the message across, sometimes you just need to find the right words.

He is 11 to 15 years old Your child is in college.

You have heard that drugs are circulating more or less around the establishments, discuss it with him. Ask him if he knows of any classmates who use these drugs and what he thinks about them. This is a good way to start the discussion on this problem, especially since he will be flattered to be able to give his opinion on such a serious topical issue. You will then have the opportunity to inform him in more detail of the risks involved in the use of a drug, whatever it is (so-called soft drug or hard drug).
Review the main types of substances and the health and mental dangers they generate. He is 16 to 19 years old Your child is in high school. During adolescence, “smoking a joint” is often trivialized. Even if he disapproves of this practice, your child will not be offended to see his little friends indulge in it. It is therefore up to you to restore a serious character, because illegal and dangerous, to this practice.
Avoid the simple “it’s bad for your health” or “it’s awful to take drugs”. Rather prefer a film, a report, a book, or the knowledge of a person confronted with the drug problem to demonstrate its misdeeds. So many opportunities to seize to start a discussion on the subject.
In general: how do I get my child to stay away from drugs? Your best ally:
The dialogue you establish with your child must be constant. This attitude will be decisive in his daily behavior. Therefore, the watchword is: listen to it! Find out about life in your town or neighborhood: is it a question of drug trafficking? In this case, the threat is real and real prevention is necessary. Take an interest in its school and extra-curricular activities.
For example, invite his friends over to the house. And of course, lead by example by not using alcohol or drugs yourself, because you can’t wait for your child to heed your warnings if substance abuse is part of your daily life.
Explain that in life it is as normal to “feel bad” as it is to “feel good”. This is important because drug use is often linked to the discomfort that the adolescent has difficulty accepting.

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