Will federal legalization end restrictions on cannabis content?

These Restrictions Probably not be end on Cannabis Content. Most of these networks do not allow you to directly advertise other recreational or medical drugs that have been federally legal for a long time.

Club house

Clubhouse: the social audio app

Some people trust the Clubhouse as a networking opportunity. It is an audio-only animated social network, which was until recently iOS and invite-only. It was finally opened to Android users in May 2021 and to the public in July 2021.

Looking at it on a recent afternoon in August 2021, there appeared to be several cannabis business social network clubs with many members, but not many active venues or events. Presumably, activity increases at night and on weekends when people are not at work. It is certainly an interesting concept worth exploring for industry education and networking.


Announcing the new Reddit avatar generator! : changelog

Reddit, if you don’t know it, looks more like an old-fashioned bulletin board than a modern social network.

You don’t want to try to advertise your products or services here except in designated discussion threads; they’ll probably ban you if you do. Make sure any content you post is genuinely educational and not just self-promoting.

This can be a good place to answer other users’ questions and show your value, as well as to avoid any reviews of your business that you might come across. It’s also a great place to get a feel for what small business owners and cannabis consumers are talking about, what their main concerns are, and what they like and don’t like about the industry.

weedbiz is a decent place for small cannabis business operators and people looking to enter the industry to meet, complain, discuss common issues, complain a bit more, and ask for help.

Local cannabis subsidies

Some areas have fairly active subreddits where consumers go to talk about their favorite (and least favorite) dispensaries and products. A great place for businesses to measure consumer opinion and monitor brand mentions.


  • Boston
  • Arizona
  • New Jersey
  • Colorado

People love to connect online with like-minded people. You created the idea of ​​the “social network”. Thousands of new social networks appear every day, so they are becoming more and more specific. There are now a number of popular cannabis social networks that allow you to connect with other stoners, cannabis fans, cannabis connoisseurs and like-minded people.

Some of those 420 social networks are really cool and some not so great. If you’re a cannabis business looking to promote yourself or a smoker looking to join a community, here are some of the best social networks for marijuana lovers. In this article, we’re going to show you all of the best online cannabis social networks for businesses and individuals.

Personal cannabis social networks

  1. Grasscity Forum

Grasscity Cannabis Social Network The Grasscity Forums are one of the oldest social media communities dedicated to all things marijuana.

Originally, Grasscity was a very popular marijuana grow forum where users could discuss the grow, read grow guides and more. But it has grown into one of the largest social forums on marijuana. in line.

They have several different forums where you can chat with other marijuana lovers about growing, smoking, legalization, etc. Grasscity even added a cannabis news section and a directory of dispensaries in the United States.

  1. WeedLife

WeedLife is a new cannabis social network that still has a few bugs, but a large number of people are signing up and joining on a daily basis. They have a newsfeed style social media platform that features videos on marijuana, business, education, products, cultural information, and more.

This cannabis-based social network still needs a lot of work, but it is one of the original social media platforms for marijuana smokers. If you’re a business, brand, or public figure, you can create your own page where people can post to your wall, share photos, events, and more.

Real Source: Major Techo

  1. Weed control

On Weedable, you can track, post and buy, all from this online platform. An app will be released soon that will hopefully help take this cannabis social network to the next level. Whether it’s a business, an individual, or you’re just looking to connect with other marijuana users, you can join Weedable and have your own online profile.

Here is our company profile on Weedable which allows us to connect with other companies in the industry, as well as keeping our subscribers up to date with the latest news. cannabis social network which can be weed

  1. Duby

Duby is now the largest online community dedicated to smokers, smokers and cannabis enthusiasts. To sign up for Duby, you will need to download their app available on the App Store and Google Play. You currently cannot create an account online, but if you download the app you can immediately start connecting with people. Duby is a mix of Instagram, Tinder, and Twitter, all in one weed-friendly app.

You can watch the best videos and they even have stories like Instagram. You can browse photos / users and select ‘post’ if you don’t like it or ‘approve’ if you want to post it. They still have some work to do to make this a viable product that people will enjoy using, but it seems to be getting good traction when it comes to cannabis social media.

  1. Bud Hubz

Bud Hubz is like Foursquare, but for marijuana. You can find the best cannabis dispensaries, stores, accommodations, and doctors online on their website. Membership is free and allows you to connect with “friends” or friends to get recommendations on the best marijuana stores.

budhubz social network

It looks like the site is still in beta or development mode, but it could be a great social network for cannabis users.


As far as we know, a real-value cannabis commercial social network has yet to really develop, although that doesn’t mean that a platform like Leafwire won’t ultimately become a more vibrant online community. , or that it is impossible to succeed. in platforms like these. We recommend sticking to traditional social networks like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Reddit, and just trying to stick to their vague and inconsistently enforced rules to the best of your ability.

We also strongly recommend that you follow Cure8 on the following social media 😁 for exciting news, opportunities and information for cannabis companies, with a focus on technology, licensing opportunities and operations.

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