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Why wearing mask should be mandatory

wearing mask should be mandatory

Masks are an effective tool to combat the spread of COVID-19, but in the US experimental woven fabric experiment, some people still wearing mask, and character I resist them. In order to understand the abrasion resistance and resistance of Egyptians and the impact of orders on mask-wearing behavior, we conducted a survey of buyers (n = 9935) who entered retail stores in June, July, and August 2020.

Approximately 41% of the June share wears masks. At that time, the diversity of couple face mask increased significantly with age, with women larger than men. In addition, the difference in mask observation by urban or suburban shopkeepers is about 4 times in rural areas. In all groups, the mask tariffs issued at the end of July and August have increased the compliance of all masks by more than 90%, but there is still a small amount of resistance. Therefore, gender, age, and location depend on whether American consumers voluntarily wear masks or faces. In addition, the responsibilities of masks must be full to increase the wearing of masks by the public to the extent necessary to reduce pandemic.

Control The Spread of Coronavirus By Wearing Mask

Covid Curfew Questioned by North Carolina Bars | RePlay Magazine

Even in the US, there is evidence of cases in other countries. That helps controls the increase of Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19), but in the USA. Masks in the eyes of the public are now a controversial and politicized issue. Since Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and other major countries/regions have been the most successful in reducing daily cases and death rates.

The United States relies heavily on the other side, national settlement and regional records. As of June 2020, the number of cases per day. As of September 2020, the US has recorded more than 7 million confirmed cases and more than 200,000 deaths. Despite the controversy surrounding masks, Experts in the fields of aerosol, virology, infectious diseases, and infectious diseases all recognize them. Therefore, in the absence of vaccine distribution, masking is one of the few control measures that can be prevented by viruses, because it is a physical barrier between humans. Research on the screening and production of different fabrics has shown that even the weaving and blending of cotton threads can inhibit the spread of the virus so that masks can be cost-effective in household appliances.

Transmission By The Virus

Looking at the evidence on homemade face masks to prevent coronavirus transmission | Association of Health Care Journalists

Although up to 50% of transmission by the virus can occur in symptomatic people, many people infected with COVID-19 have encountered a variety of functional problems in their organ systems. In children and adults, the disease appears to be mild, but even in former athletes with the disease, inflammation of the cardiovascular system, which may be life-changing, has been found. As a result, even severe adults cannot resist the effects of the virus on the human body. Systematically, the cardiovascular, nervous system, jaundice, kidney, and respiratory diseases of the virus have been reported in most age groups.

A study showed that 86% of hospitalized patients are at least 50 years old. In addition, in this study, 60% of hospitalized cases were men. And it was consistent with a meta-analysis that shows. That men are at higher risk of severe side effects from COVID-19. In general, the mortality rate increases significantly with age and stress conditions. And the mortality rate between hospitalized cases can be as high as 20%. New data is also constantly emerging. Indicating that previously undiagnosed or “mild”. Cases have adverse side effects several months after infection

It Is the Dangerous Virus

In view of the problem that this dangerous virus can easily spread and change lives among the general population, wearing a mask has proven to be very effective. It will become a burden on public health in the future. Although the evidence for the effectiveness and importance of these aspects is clear, in the US, warehouse policies and public obligations that require contact have been protested, and violence rarely occurs.

Public health research shows that by May 22. These measures may have reduced the number of cases in the United States to 450,000. But the information from senior government officials is not uniform, and opinion polls show that some of them are measurable. of. Total population. Although self-reported behavior is always unreliable, they still have no mask in public. A meta-analysis concluded that women are 50% unprotected sex than men.

No drugs are used in infectious and infectious diseases ( wearing masks). And COVID-19 infectious women report that most men wearing masks are men 30]. Despite the fact that men may be a serious consequence of the disease The risk factors of. The location of masks worn by retail stores may also be different. According to the panel, the resistance of large masks is more common in urban areas. In particular, rural areas seem to be dominated by extreme voters, and these voters are reported to be more tolerant of wearing masks.

Although it first broke out in the United States mainly in urban areas, rural areas also have the highest per capita incidence in the US. Given that people living in non-urban areas are highly susceptible to COVID-19, the geographic spread is particularly important. This highlights the need to study disaster-related health behaviors (such as rural malnutrition).

Social Statistical Groups Dutites

Understanding which social statistical groups wear masks and how the masks indicate the nature of the influence of officials better target public health information, thereby promoting the culture of low-use groups. The observation took place between June 2020 and August 2020. From June 9, 2020, to the 7-day average number of cases in Wisconsin more than doubled, and the percentage of positive cases increased by 3.5%. 7.4% .

Therefore, during this time, many major retail chains. And Wisconsin mask obligations were here to allow research on the masks before and after these regulations come into force. The main purpose of our research is to determine the use of masks to express gender, estimated age, and location. We believe that without authorization, men of all ages have a higher proportion of women using masks.

In addition, adults (about >65 years old) use masks more frequently than middle-aged (about 30-65 years old) and young people (about 2-30 years old), while the proportion of rural residents using masks is much lower. In the city or the suburbs. . The second purpose of the project is to modify the implementation of the warehouse storage date, which is close to the state’s mask and obligation, to show how changes in the mask can change the demand that Louga responds to.

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