Why Should You Use A SaaS ERP For Your Business?

You are looking for integrated solutions, streamlining your organisational processes, and aiming to reduce costs.

SaaS ERP solutions can aid your business and help your organisation deliver better results. One such SaaS ERP solution is TechnologyOne Software Services.

SaaS stands for software as a service. It is a software licensing and delivery model. A user gets a subscription to the software, and SaaS is centrally hosted. Besides, ERP is enterprise resource planning.

Want to know more about SaaS ERP and how it can benefit your business? In this post, you will learn about everything you need to know about it. Read on!

All about SaaS ERP Service

You might know TechnologyOne Software Services as a global SaaS ERP solution. Wondering what a global SaaS ERP solution is? ERP is short for Enterprise Resource Planning.

Moreover, SaaS ERP solutions is an enterprise resource planning that runs in the ERP vendor’s data centre. You might think it runs on purchasing organisations’ servers and infrastructure. However, it is the opposite.

The SaaS ERP allows the company’s end-users to access the software over the internet.

TechnologyOne is a SaaS ERP solution that does everything from developing, to marketing, selling, implementing, and supporting integrated enterprise business software solutions worldwide.

More than 1200 organisations in Australia and New Zealand use the TechnologyOne Software products and services.

How do SaaS ERP solutions Influences Markets?

Using SaaS ERP has had manifold benefits for organisations. SaaS systems have helped organisations worldwide improve their functionality. It has assisted in streamlining implementations, reducing time, cost, and risk.

In this section, you can discover how SaaS ERP solutions such as TechnologyOne Services have influenced varied markets.


In the education sector, SaaS ERP has helped in providing a simple and engaging experience. Students and staff can manage critical information in an organised method.

In addition, TechnologyOne has mobilised over 60% of ANZ universities.

Local Government

73% of the council in Australia and New Zealand is powered by TechnologyOne.

You may wonder, how do SaaS ERP solutions help the local government? It reduces costs, streamlines the process of the government bodies, maximises efficiency, and supports end-to-end management council operations.

Health and Community Services

Operations in the health and community sector are highly complex. Further, health professionals and the staff are required to be detail-oriented as the work demands it.

Hence, SaaS ERP solutions help health and community organisations to operate with ease, offering financial stability. Thus, the health care providers can focus on their practice better.

Asset and Project Intensive

In an industry like Asset and project management, work needs to be streamlined, eradicating the complexity.

Therefore, professionals need a software service to provide faster delivery and manage assets and project delivery better.

SaaS ERP helps asset and project delivery services perform better.

Financial Services and Corporates

Want to reach the strategic goals of your organisation? SaaS ERP, such as TechnologyOne, can provide organisations with efficiency. It can assist in managing finances, budgeting, billing, clients’ needs, employees’ workflow, and assets.

You can find integrated solutions with SaaS ERP.

Summing Up

You would have surely noticed how SaaS ERP is popularly used. Plus, it has several advantages for your business.

SaaS ERP can aid businesses by managing finances, employees, client needs, billing, budgeting, and much more. Thus, you should try SaaS ERP, such as TechnologyOne Software services, for your business.

Do you find it difficult going about the SaaS ERP and its functionality? Hire a business software consulting company to help you!


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