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Why Screen Printing Still Matters?

Some Incredible Advantages You Can Acquire From Screen Printing

In today’s world, many people hold that screen printing is no longer relevant in the digital age. Nothing can be as untrue as that statement. Screen printing is still in demand, and it flaunts several advantages over digital printing.

Although screen printing has been there from around the early ninth century, with time, it has gone through various modern development. The best part is screen printing still features so many varieties of printing inks, such as discharge, cracking, glimmer, gloss, caviar, foil, flocking, and so on. Each of these links will provide you with a specific use.

You will be glad to know that there are two types of screen printing available in the market. Whether you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, these forms will reach out to your target audience. For example, the garment industry still relies on traditional methods. You will find various inks designs on clothes, sports jersey, festivals, charity events, and many other events. Screen printing provides multiple options at an affordable rate, which makes it the first choice for all such small events.


Allow us to put forward some incredible advantages you can acquire from screen printing

  • Uniqueness

When it comes to digital printing, most of the outputs will be preset; you can hardly expect a unique design. If you consider screen printing, then only you will get varieties, but ink features sharp clearer edges to the images. Screen printing still has the upper hand if you want a top-notch printing design on the garment.

  • Multiple options

You will come across numerous materials if you go for screen printing. Manufacturers are working their fingers to the bones to provide customers with various options such as fabric, plastic, foam board, vinyl, glass, and so on. If you are an entrepreneur, then you can take advantage of screen printing by designing  your banners, poster, or other business-related products.

  • Affordable

Not everyone will get an angel investor to boom business growth. Some have to start with a humble beginning, and it takes years of hard work to make a business flourish. If you are falling short on the expense, screen printing will not burn a hole in your pocket. The best part is you can order for mass production, which is only possible screen-printing process.

  • The combo of quality and durability

As already mentioned, screen printing features various inks, most of the inks consist of water, and when it is designed on the garment, this results in high durability and quality. For instance, an ink called heat-dried is widely used to resist repeated wash. Several inks have a special coating that resists UV rays, damage, weather conditions.


Various screen-printing processes

Eye-popping artwork always grabs one’s attention. Each of the processes provides a manufacturer with different outreach.

1. Gray scale

Comparative this process is cost-effective. The standard printing color is black, but it is not necessary. One can use other colors based on the pattern.  When it comes to full-color drawings, this process features a wide range of colors to print a one-color halftone. If a garment has more gray scale printing, the details will be eye-catching.


Many experts call this process quite complicated because it needs automatic printing. It is hard to achieve perfection manually. This process features four colors: yellow, black, magenta, cyan. This process is used for recreating an original image, which is quite expensive.

3. Spot Color

This process is commonly used on a darker garment because of this stencil mesh. The thick layer of inks and vibrant colors makes it a perfect option for the company’s logo, banner, and billboard.


4. Stimulated

When you combine four-color printing with spot printing, this process comes into play to add extra attention to an original image. This screen printing is practiced on the darker garment and needs the expertise in artwork creation to get perfection. 

Understand processes and advantage of screen printing

All of the above factors and types are hard to ignore. Screen printing in every possible way keeping up with the growing demand in the world. If you are new in the business, screen printing will help you to grow your business. Give a quick on the internet and contact screen printing providers.

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