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Web Development

Why is the Dot Net framework the most desirable?

.NET is actually a framework developed by Microsoft, which offers the developers the opportunity to create various applications, interfaces and online software. .NET is one of the best solutions for the Windows to work on both the local networks and in the cloud. It is a composite of two individual languages known as the, C# and VB.NET.  A skilled Dot Net Developer can learn any of these two languages to start their career as a professional in this platform. Both the languages can perform the required specific functions and the developers can choose any one of them as per their comfort zone.

.NET is able to support both the applications like web-based and desktop applications and a maximum number of the clients prefer web-based applications as they are supposed to be easier to start, scale and build.

Why is Dot Net Developer is essential?


The history

In the late 90’s Microsoft started working on the .NET framework. Their idea was to develop a platform based on the so-called managed code, that can be executed under a runtime environment. This needed the improvement in the development of the experience and relieved the engineers from handling the tiring security operations and active memory management that the C/C++ developers had to face.

The first release of .NET framework targeted at the Windows based servers and computers. It had ASP.NET , a framework for the Web, WinForms, a GUI library for the applications of the desktop, and also ADO.NET for the access of data. To unite different kinds of functions , .NET offers a FCL or the  Framework Class Library that includes the Base Class Library, a numeric library and a network library.

So now comes the question that — with uncountable choices available in the market, why is there a need to choose  the .NET technology? What is there in its framework that sets it apart from the rest? Why is it considered by many professionals as one of the top development frameworks?

This open-source and  server-side web application framework has a large number  of benefits. Let’s find out why it is the gem for you and why you should hire .NET developer and development for your upcoming project.

A complete discussion about Dot Net Developer


.NET is among some of the most popular and best software frameworks that are developed by the company called Microsoft. Developers are granted the power to construct different kinds of apps by the help of this .NET. Starting from the easiest and simplest ones to some of the most complex and critical ones used in the platform of programming. Thus making it easier to construct applications with the reusable codes utilizing programming languages like C++, VB, JS, C#,  with the help of  WSDL, OOP, UDDI, ASP, SOAP and also XML.

In other words, ASP.NET allows the developers to create and develop various web services, web applications, and  also the dynamic content-driven websites. According to various surveys it is really evident that the schedule of .NET platform is likely to increase in the coming years.

There are three types of .NET applications that can help the developer with their process.


  1. MVC: The MVC architecture is one of the features  of .NET that has made the developers work without any trouble. They are good in compiling, coding and testing any kind of aspect of the application in the model. This helps to improve the efficiency and also to affect the users directly to the project. While working with this  kind of framework the developer does not need to be troubled about IsPostBack & ViewState all the time. This helps them to easily construct apps in their natural workflow and also to improve efficiency.
  2. Web Pages: This is a kind  of .NET development that can enable the users to practice PHP with HTML. Web pages can be developed by utilizing .NET using less to very minimal coding efforts by the Rapid application movement.
  3. WebForms: This is another type of .NET development, which is useful for constructing the dynamic, smart  and small performing application. This type of development needs much less coding than the MVC pattern and offers more control to the programmer.

The FCL can provide the audience with an effective user interface, network communications, web application development and also database connectivity. Here are some of the important reasons that enterprises are choosing .NET for the development of their web application

Benefits of hiring a dedicated dot net developer


Includes of four “ities”

The four “ities” that can easily make this platform a reliable platform and helps in the outsourcing of Software Development ideas are —  Compatibility, Reliability , Scalability and Security.


Independence in the Platform

.NET is one of those popular frameworks that is used to construct any kind of application with any type of platform. The framework is independent and can support all the platforms. This can also support various operating system like Android, iOS, Windows etc. Thus, this framework tends to support every possible need while the user creates any app.

Easier Development 

By various research data, .NET is  now supporting  nearly 44 languages. The user has the chance to select the language in which they are comfortable  for the  process of application. One more benefit is that this framework can be easily deployed. It can include library classes and provides resources for the development of applications.


.NET development is executed with the support of IDE that is offered by Microsoft which is referred to as VS express. It might be an ideal choice for all the developers who are  beginners and are looking for something more challenging.


Higher Performance

.NET is a framework that is much faster and reliable. It consists and encloses just-in-time compilation processes with its faster speed and higher performance. One of the best aspects of this framework is that it develops responsive outcomes. The user can be satisfied with better dynamic user experience along with a more flexible process.


The number of professionals that are working with .NET has marked to exceed the number two million. In other words, there are nearly more than two million people that have shared their experience and have also discussed their challenges. This large number can professionally help beginners all around the globe.

What tasks does a Dot Net developer have to perform?  


  • Properly designing, implementing, and developing the needed software
  • Analyzing the existing problems and identifying or developing the  needs and requirements of the system
  • Designing various interfaces and required components
  • Offers help to the support team
  • Programming the applications of .NET
  • Management of various software projects



With the new and special features and release in the market .NET is booming and growing continuously, in the world of technology. It has become the face of many well known web applications. Whether the user is planning to build a dynamic website or even a mobile  or business development application. Thus, we hope that this article has successfully provided you with all the necessary information that would help you to hire PHP developers India and Dot Net developers, who are well versed with the ever changing technology and its services.

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