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Why Is Amazon Brand Registry Necessary

Amazon Brand Registry offers benefits not only for your Amazon reputation but also across the web.

1. Representation of brands

You can monitor the way your brand is represented on Amazon by having complete control over all product listings that include your brand.

Depending on the number of Amazon platforms your brand is registered on, having a trademark and the tools to track down listings that violate it ensures product accuracy.

This helps protect your brand’s reputation and prevents inaccuracies from affecting your sales and revenue.

Customers may be unable to trust your brand if they come across a listing with inconsistent branding.

2. Reputation for your brand

Brand Registry allows you to manage your brand’s representation on Amazon. It also offers exclusive features that can help enhance and grow your brand’s reputation.

3. Amazon Branded Content

Amazon enhanced branded content (or Amazon EBC) is a feature that Amazon allows businesses to modify or alter their product listing pages with rich, appealing content.

You can add high-quality images or text to your Amazon listing so you can tell your brand’s story.

Enhanced Branded content helps you stand out from your competitors, make a great first impression and convert more customers.

4. Amazon Stores

All brands accepted to Amazon Brand Registry automatically have access to the highly valuable Amazon Stores feature.

To represent your brand and showcase your entire product catalog, you can create your own mini Amazon eCommerce store.

Drag-and-drop editors are easy to use to create unique storefronts and brand customer experiences. You will have an Amazon URL, multiple pages, and multiple product pages.

In addition to the obvious benefits that Amazon Brand Registry can offer for elevating your brand’s profile on Amazon, registered brands also have sole ownership of the Amazon Buy Box for products.

Anybody attempting to hijack product listings, or to take over the Buy Box is prohibited. Brands have the right to report it to Amazon to have the listings removed.

5. Reporting tools

Amazon Brand Registry offers enhanced search capabilities that allow you to quickly find potential trademark infringements and take appropriate action.

Image Search
Image Search can be used to perform bulk searches on product listings. It will quickly identify listings that incorrectly use your logo or product imagery. 

Images can be used to identify sellers who are using counterfeit versions of your logo or poor-quality images to promote your brand.

Global Search
Global Search allows registered brands to search across all Amazon marketplaces looking for counterfeit products and infringements, without needing to navigate between them. 

To search for counterfeit products or infringements, you can use ASIN and product URLs. 

You can also sort your products by the popularity in order to identify and address infringements.

6. Brand protection

Brand Registry is a valuable tool for brands to identify and address potential issues and maintain brand consistency. 

However, Amazon has additional protection measures in place.

Brand Registry uses the information you provide to identify and resolve potential infringements on Amazon’s marketplace.

The algorithms will find any incorrect or questionable product listings and remove them or suspend them before they can make sales.

The Amazon Brand Registry team is aware of several things:

  • Listings that incorrectly use your trademarked branding
  • Images of products using your logo are not correct.
  • Listings that ship your products to countries where your brand does not manufacture or distribute.

It’s important that you do your research and monitor your brand reports. Amazon can respond to 95% of infringement notices in less than eight hours. 

Brand Registry is a valuable program to be a part of.

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