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Why Do We Use Media Bottles?

Media bottles are rightly important and essential for the healthcare units and laboratories. The reason is that they can keep numerous types of chemicals and substances in this bottle. More importantly, these bottles are available in numerous shapes and sizes.

What Actually The Media Bottle is?

All those bottles are called media bottles in which you can store numerous products, compounds, and many other chemicals. Mainly, these bottles are in laboratories where different chemicals and compounds are needed. These bottles are generally made from glass. The top features of these bottles have been described here:

These bottles are resistant to corrosion.

The manufacturers design these bottles to keep the chemicals intact according to laboratory grade.

You can have Labels there with printed information. There is also empty space to write further.

Volumes and quantities are clearly mentioned.

The experts recommend colored amber media bottles if the compound is light-sensitive.

These bottles can handle high temperatures convincingly.

Types of Media Bottles?

You can find numerous bottles on the market. Some bottles are used for medicines, while other shapes and styles can be suitable for CBD products. Perfumes, soft drinks, oils are also used to present the products in the market. It has also been observed packaging boxes for different sizes like 1 oz. bottle boxes, 30 ml bottle boxes, 100 ml bottle boxes, and dropper bottle boxes. In this way, the products become more prominent, attractive, and eye-grabbing for the customers. However, media bottles are totally different. You need to be aware of the designs and shapes of these bottles. Generally, media bottles can be available in the following types:

Amber Versus Transparent Glass

The laboratories and other industries use amber and transparent intelligently. The reason for using amber bottles is that it protects against ultraviolet light, infrared rays, and natural environmental factors. Companies use these media bottles for light-sensitive chemicals. Largely, the experts recommend organic solvents to keep in amber bottles. All other chemicals, which are not light sensitive, can be placed in transparent glass bottles. It means that non-volatile chemical compounds are stored in transparent bottles.

Square Versus Rounded Bottles

Square bottles are the best for those processes, which can be completed only with autoclaving. The reason is that you can pack more bottles than square ones to improve the proficiency and effectiveness of the autoclaving processes. Sometimes, the laboratories may have the issue of tests to manage. More importantly, the reports are needed to deliver a timely. Here, square bottles can be the best to handle. You can also store solid chemicals in these bottles as granular.

Analytical laboratories prefer to use rounded bottles. The reason is that these bottles can mix the solutions more effectively. Another important aspect is that stirring these bottles is more convincing. Therefore, analytical laboratories use rounded bottles to ensure easy mixing and stirring.

Wide Mouth Versus Narrow Mouth

The laboratories need to process the chemicals and compounds. To complete this task, wider bottles are the best. Interestingly, you can easily scoop the chemicals in the form of solid granular to measure when the bottle mouth is wide.

Sometimes, pipettes are used to perform a task. Here, narrow mouth bottles are required. The most important aspect of narrow-mouth bottles is that they have a stronger slope on their shoulders. It also ensures that you have combined the chemicals more swiftly.

PET Bottles

These bottles are not very common in the market. Generally, laboratories use these bottles for mixing the solutions, storing them, getting samples, and managing spaces. These bottles are not breakable. In this way, traveling of the samples becomes easier as well.

The Benefits

Using media bottles means easy storage of the solutions. However, you can get many other benefits while using these bottles. We are discussing some of them here:

You can make the liquids a part of the compound at the bottom more convincingly due to the sloping shoulders of these bottles.

You can get these bottles in numerous shapes, sizes, and designs.

You can have a wide range of these bottles in the market to make all laboratory procedures effective and efficient.

You can contain chemical solutions in these bottles without thinking much about the contamination.

The manufacturers of these bottles use boor-silicate glasses to prepare these bottles. It means that the chemicals will be in their original shape even in high temperatures.

The Bottom Line

Many types of bottles are available in the market. However, the buyers do not know much about the difference in these bottles. We have seen some CBD product manufacturers who have bought media bottles for their products. Some of them even ordered custom CBD packaging boxes for these bottles. Therefore, it is essential to understand different types of bottles for packaging. We have defined media bottles separately just due to the reason that these bottles are not for packing; rather these are prepared specially for laboratories.


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