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Which Is Better? Organic Search Traffic Vs Email Marketing

The Pros and Cons of Email Marketing VS Organic Search Traffic

Which Is Better? Organic Search Traffic Vs Email Marketing: The world of digital marketing is changing fast. In the old days, businesses would focus on one primary traffic source. For example, your brand might have prioritized paid advertising above all else. In today’s online landscape, things are much more complex. What works for one business may not work for another. The truth is that there’s no “right” answer to this question. Each type of traffic has its own pros and cons in terms of ROI and other factors. Rather than throwing out a definitive winner, let’s take a closer look at how these two traffic sources stack up against each other.

What is Email Marketing?

Targeted Email marketing services are an approach to marketing that involves sending commercial messages, typically via email, to a group of people who have given their consent to receive such communications. Put simply, it’s the process of reaching out to your audience via email. In fact, email marketing is one of the oldest digital marketing techniques around. Email marketing has helped brands grow their businesses since the Internet first came into existence. Because it’s been around for so long, email marketing is incredibly well-understood by marketers. This means that it’s easy for even small businesses to get started with email marketing. Although email marketing has been around for decades, it’s actually experiencing something of a resurgence in 2019.

What is Organic Search Traffic?

When you search for something online, Google (or another search engine) will show you a list of results based on what you typed into the search bar. These results are known as “organic” search results, as opposed to “paid” results that are placed at the top of the page by advertisers. Organic search traffic is the traffic that you gain by optimizing your site to show up on page 1 of search engine results. However, it is important to keep in mind that you need to earn that high ranking spot by creating high-quality content and building links to your website. You won’t see any traffic unless your website shows up at the top of the page when someone types in words related to your business. Once you’ve earned that high ranking spot, you’ll see a constant trickle of traffic coming to your site. This can be an excellent source of revenue, but it can also be difficult to predict when it will show up.

Pros of Organic Search Traffic

Organic Search Traffic Vs Email Marketing:

– It’s free. Organic search traffic is 100% free. You don’t have to spend a single cent on advertising to generate it. – It’s scalable. You can massively increase your organic search traffic if you invest in creating high-quality content and building links to your website. – You have full control. You decide what keywords to target and how to optimize your website. You have total control over this traffic channel. – It’s long-lasting. Once you’ve built up your organic search traffic, it will last indefinitely. This search traffic channel will probably be around for decades to come. – It’s predictable. As long as you are consistent with your content creation, you’ll see a constant stream of traffic coming to your site.

Cons of Organic Search Traffic

– It’s not constant. Organic search traffic is unpredictable. You might see a huge spike in visits one month and almost nothing the next. – It’s not targeted. Organic search traffic is a generalist. People who find your site through search engines are often just looking for something that solves a problem in their lives. They may not be in the market for your product at all. – SEO takes time. SEO is an extended process that requires patience. It is impossible to greatly increase your organic search traffic overnight. – SEO isn’t for everyone. Some businesses just aren’t suited for SEO. If you have an extremely specific product, for example, you may find that you can’t get it ranked for the keywords that you need. – It can be complicated to understand. SEO often requires a lot of technical knowledge. If you aren’t a technical person, it may be difficult to understand what you need to do to optimize your site for search engines.

Pros of Email Marketing

– You can target your customers. With email marketing, you can segment your customers into different lists and send them specific messages. You can also send these messages at specific times of the day or week. – It’s easy to measure success. You can track how many people open your emails and how many people click on links within them. This makes it easy to identify which of your emails are the most successful. – You can send your customers a lot of content. Most email marketing platforms allow you to send your customers a large amount of content. You can send them new content every day if you want, which means that you can really engage with your customers on a regular basis. – It’s cost-effective. Email marketing is one of the cheapest types of digital marketing. You can send millions of emails every year for a relatively small investment.

Cons of Email Marketing

– It’s difficult to track. Unlike traffic from organic search, you don’t know who is opening your emails or clicking on your links. This makes it difficult to track the success of your email marketing campaigns. – It’s difficult to segment your customers. Most providers only let you send one email message to all of your subscribers at one time. This means that you can’t tailor your emails to different segments of your audience. – It’s difficult to scale. Once you have a list of subscribers, you have to manually send them each new email. This is time consuming and difficult to scale. – Many people will mark your emails as spam. Because it is so easy for people to mark your emails as spam, you will lose many of your subscribers over time.

You Haven’t Built Relationships Yet

Although you’re writing great posts, some of your readers might not be coming back. There could be a number of reasons for this – but one of the main reasons is that you don’t have any relationships with them yet. You’re writing your posts and publishing them, but you’re not talking to your readers. There are a number of ways you can build relationships with your readers: Comment on other people’s posts and encourage them to comment on yours; Join conversations and discussions on social media; Share your posts on other relevant blogs; Create an FAQ page where you answer questions about your blog; Join online blogging communities;

The Way You’re Marketing Your Blog is Limiting Growth

You’re writing great posts, and you’ve managed to build relationships with your readers. But you still aren’t seeing the growth you want to see in your blog. If you’ve just set up your blog, it could be that you haven’t given it enough time to grow. Give your blog at least three months before you start worrying too much. You may be marketing your blog in the wrong way, or with the wrong tools, and this could be affecting your growth.


Email marketing and organic search traffic both play important roles in digital marketing. While email marketing is great for engaging with customers, organic search traffic is better for driving sales. However, they can also work well together. It’s important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of these traffic sources to make the best use of them. Email marketing is great for engaging with a large number of customers on a regular basis, while organic search traffic is better for driving sales quickly when they are in the market for your product.

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