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Which are the Best XBOX GAME PASS MMORPG and Online Games

You can currently get these games in Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC, and based on reviews of Metacritic, we think it’s worth and worth your visit.

What is Xbox Game Pass? The subscription that Microsoft provides to you includes more than 100 games for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. You can use these games for an Ultimate Pass of up to 12.99 euros per month. Xbox Game Pass can be called the Netflix of games.

A particular method can even save some money.

Please note that not every game in Xbox Game Pass is available on Xbox consoles and PCs. For each title, we will tell you on which platform it can be played through the service.

Fallout 76

Type: Online Role Playing | Developer: Bethesda | Available in Game Pass: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S | Release Date: October 23, 2018 | Meta Score: 49 (Xbox), PC (52)

Who is the game for? After the nuclear war, you will explore a world that has undergone tremendous changes due to radiation. You will meet mutants, crazy robots, and settlers who try to make the world livable again. Fallout 76 is not an MMORPG because you will meet many other players on each server. In contrast, there are only 24 players at most in the world. PvE is the center, but PvP is also very important. You can attack at any time in a real battle, but you must ask for your consent or defend yourself if an attack occurs.

Fallout 76 brings Fallout 3 released in 2008 into an online world where you can explore and experience adventures alone or with friends.

What is happening in the game now? When it was released, Fallout 76 could not be convinced due to technical issues and lack of NPCs, which explained the Metacritic score. Bethesda’s development studio has made many changes in role-playing games and released many updates over the years. For example, in the Wastelanders update, NPCs have been added to provide you with missions and Fallout 76 Caps.

You can also post new stories and locations because Fallout 76 can stay active for a long time and provide you with exciting content. Recently, the update of Steel Dawn tells a story about the Brotherhood of Steel. Therefore, it is worth starting the game immediately.

Path of Exile

Type: MMORPG | Developer: GGG | Available in Game Pass: PC, Xbox One | Release Date: March 3, 2016 | Meta-Score: 75 (Xbox), PC (73)

Who is the game for? Path of Exile is one of the most beautiful MMORPGs, which can be displayed only through the character editor. You can design the hero to the minor details. In the game, you will explore a vast online world where you will meet many other players. You may join them on an adventure, or you can participate in PvP battles. In battle, you can help conquer the entire field.

However, Path of Exile even gives you the freedom to become a craftsman. If you focus on crafts, you will upgrade powerful weapons for the character with Poe Currency. Path of Exile is a mixture of theme park and dark.

What is happening in the game now? Path of Exile will get new updates regularly. These introduce more tasks, courses, and even new game areas. Since 2021, GGG Studios has been running online role-playing games, which has led to introducing the new Poe Ultimatum League. Further updates are planned.


Type: Loot Shooter | Developer: People Can Fly | Game Pass Available: Xbox One, X Series X/S | Release Date: April 1, 2021, | Meta-Score: Too Many Comments (Xbox), 75 (PC)

Who is the game for? Peripherals take you to a distant planet, which should become the new home of the people. But what comes is not very good. A mysterious storm gives you special powers. After a cold sleep, you will realize that the colony is in chaos. You will set out with two other players to explore the secrets of the earth.

In Outriders, you will experience dynamic missions where you have to deal with many opponents. You can improve your hero level through skills and powerful equipment. Finding loot is very important. In the endgame, you can look forward to special missions, expeditions, and world rankings, through which you will visit known places again but encounter monsters that are difficult to defeat. In return, you will get better loot.

What is happening in the game now? Outriders will not start until April 1, 2020. The launch did not go smoothly, but the trophy shooter was well received. Developers are working on patches to solve problems such as lack of inventory.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Type: MMORPG | Developer: Zenimax Online | Game Pass Available: Xbox One, X Series X/S | Release Date: June 9, 2015 | Meta Score: 77 (Xbox)

Who is the game for? MMORPG ESO hopes to convince you through many exciting tasks and stories, so it focuses on the PvE content you experience with your friends. You can travel to the fantasy world of Tamriel, fight monsters, explore dungeons, improve heroes and collect Eso Gold.

PvP is also possible. However, you must agree to a duel or take part in the battle on the land of Cyrodiil and the siege of the imperial city. Elder Scrolls Online is currently one of the most popular MMORPGs, partly because the developers regularly release updates and new content several times a year.

What is happening in the game now? After the big story about the Greymoor add-on and the invasion of vampires and werewolves in the Skyrim area last year, the level of The Gate of Destruction is scheduled for 2021. The first DLC Ambition Flame has been released, and two more will be removed and Blackwood add-ons.

With this tool, you can explore a sizeable new game area in the MMORPG Online Elder Scrolls and even enter the level of Oblivion, where Dedra Prince Mehrunes Dagon is waiting for you.

Titanfall 2

Type: Online Shooting | Developer: Respawn Entertainment | Game Pass Available: Xbox One, X Series X/S | Release Date: October 28, 2016 | Meta Score: 86 (Xbox)

Who is the game for? Do you want to control giant, mech-like combat robots and compete with other players in tactical and action battles? Then, you should check Titanfall 2.

Controlling the powerful battle robot Titan is the focus of the battle in Titanfall 2. However, you also have to walk. As a soldier, you must destroy the enemy in a shooting war. The more opponents you defeat, the faster the so-called titanium meter will fill up. If it is complete, you will summon the Titan and control it in battle, making you extra powerful.

You can also earn merits. There are experience points. Through these points, you can unlock more weapons, skills, and more and become better and better. Titanfall 2 provides you with various multiplayer game modes, including bounty hunting, capturing the flag, free for all, and more.

What is currently happening in the game? The exciting single-player campaign of Titanfall 2 continues to impress what the predecessors lacked. Now, multiplayer games are mainly played by hardcore fans. In the same universe, Apex Legends has replaced the multiplayer part.

Battlefield 1.

Type: Online Shooting | Developer: EA DICE | Game Pass Available: Xbox One, X Series X/S | Release Date: October 21, 2016, | Yuan Score: 87 (Xbox)

Who is the game for? If you like online shooting games and large-scale tactical battles, you should check out Battlefield 1. Although Battlefield 5 has a successor, its ratings cannot be compared with Battlefield 1.

Online shooting games will take you into the First World War. Here, you can take part in exciting battles on many maps, such as the Argonne Forest, Monte Grappa, Amiens, or the Sinai Desert. Among these, you can not only fight on foot but also use vehicles, including tanks, horses, or airplanes. You can expect many game modes, such as team deathmatch. Conquer, rule, air combat, or frontline, and you always need teamwork to win.

The battle pack adds new weapons, game modes, and maps to Battlefield 1. If you join now, you will experience a pervasive online shooting game.

What is happening in the game now? Battlefield 1 will no longer receive any new updates. DICE Development Studio is currently developing a new part of the online shooting game series. However, Steamcharts still shows about 9,900 simultaneous players (via Steamcharts) at the peak-these are just players who won champ ionships on Steam. Therefore, you should find enough players in a multiplayer game. Besides, there is an exciting single-player campaign.

Monster hunter world

Type: Action RPG | Developer: Capcom | Game Pass Available: Xbox One, X Series X/S | Release Date: January 19, 2018 | Yuan Score: 90 (Xbox)

Who is the game for? Monster Hunter World allows you to compete with giant creatures, and you need unique tactics to defeat large creatures. To do this, you need to cooperate with other players and improve your hero level over time. If you want to hunt monsters with friends in a role-playing game, you will find the perfect match in Monster Hunter World.

In the big game world of Monster Hunter World, many missions and stories are waiting for you. It would help if you always prepared for each hunt and then find out the weaknesses of these creatures. With a team of up to three other hunters, you will have a better chance. You collect raw materials to produce powerful equipment. With this, you can come into contact with more powerful creatures.

Monster Hunter World is convincing with tactical gameplay, role-playing elements, and cooperative hunting of many creatures.

What is happening in the game now? The Iceborn extension was released in September 2019 and is the last extension to date. Capcom is currently managing the brand’s new games, including Monster Hunter Rise. However, action RPG patches are still being released. The last one is in January. You will also find enough players for a cooperative adventure, as there are nearly 48,000 players on the road simultaneously through Steam alone (via Steamcharts) on the top of the mountain.

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