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When Do You Need Your Outdoor Drain Pipe Cleaned

Most of the homeowners probably don’t pay much attention to the drain pipes that help them to keep polluted and contaminated water out of their homes. This is the system that is used frequently in a day, and it is wholly justified if it gets old. However, the lifetime of this piping system depends on the material used for making it.

Well, the material holds a special place in defining the quality of these piping systems. The old homes used to have pipes made with galvanized steel and Orangeburg, which are banned for now. And suppose the outdoor drain pipes get rusted and damaged, and the professional experts suggest to get the outdoor drain cleaning done. In that case, it’s better for the homeowners must ask for the estimated costs and the details of the servicing procedure before starting.

How Long Should The Drain Piping System Last?

There is a particular answer to this question. The lifetime of piping systems varies based on the type of material used for making the pipes. The homeowner may not observe any noticeable damage in the sewer lines except some clogs or blockages. But basically, one will have to get the replacements done after a specific period.
Well, this period will be different for different pipes; as listed below:

  • Clay pipes may last for 50-60 years.
  • Cast iron pipes may last for 80-100 years.
  • And the PVC pipes may last indefinitely.

What Are The Factors On Which The Lifetime Of The Drain Pipes Depends?

There is no logical approach to predict the lifespan of the piping system. However, the homeowners may observe some common issues like clogged pipes, corroded pipes, and the need for refining the route. Some homeowners will receive tips on getting drain cleaning services from professional experts who will have tremendous work experience.
Here are the things on which it all depends:

  • Any construction nearby may lead to the breaking of these pipelines.
  • The roots of the olds trees may spread and get pierced in the pipes and further damage them.
  • The wrongful installation may lead to damaging the piping systems.

Red flags indicating that your outdoor drain piping system needs to be serviced by a professional:

There are situations that indicate that your drain pipelines or the entire piping system doesn’t need repairing sessions only but needs to be replaced with a new one, including the signs:

  • Long-term issues: There are situations when the homeowners discover the pipeline system’s inappropriate functioning or some leakage. These issues can be resolved by obtaining regular maintenance sessions or simply cleaning the drainage pipes to make them uncontrolled. Suppose problems in the piping system have been observed for months and are not resolved with regular drain cleaning services sessions and repair sessions. In that case, there must be some severe issue that will lead to replacing the whole sewer line.
  • Persistent clogs: Have you seen a full toilet for a long time? Well, blockages in sink drains and toilets are usually caused by blockages caused by items such as polythene bags, paper, used toilet paper, and women’s hygiene products. If it has been a while that the user’s family is observing such a clause. Even if they are doing regular checks on the disposal of wrong things. So it is likely that the sewer line would have been damaged. This coherent issue can cause serious problems. The homeowner may need to immediately change the drain pipeline.
  • Damp yard with foul odors: In demanding situations of drain pipes, wastewater may begin to rise in the homeowner’s lawn. If you observe a musty odor, this is a clear indication that there is a major issue in the piping system. In addition, if you inspect the wet pool and the surrounding odor, it calls for a professional inspection. Because there may be a serious breakdown in sewer lines. In such situations, one should consult a skilled plumber to replace the broken pipe with the new and most durable ones.
  • Flooding and water spots in the basement area: Have you ever see damp spots in your outdoors? Are you ignoring them for a long time? Well, these damp spots may be the warning signs that you have broken drain pipes. This breakage will cause a sewage backup in your outdoors and will make you feel some kind of foul odor. In such cases, the homeowners can avoid further damages by instantly consulting with professional experts.

The homeowners should be proactive in observing such warning signs and get instant help from the Phenom Plumbers company by searching for Topanga drain cleaning having huge experience as these replacement procedures require professional digging pieces of equipment.

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