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What services do the legal health insurance companies offer?

The scope of medical care is prescribed by law for the health insurance companies and is therefore largely the same for all providers. The insurance covers all vital medical areas.

Statutory health insurances are only freer in three areas: How they organize their service, the scope of additional services such as travel vaccinations or homeopathy and the amount of the additional contribution.

Health insurance companies differ in these areas:

For our health insurance comparison, we compared the voluntary benefits in the following areas:

Service – How good the service of a Buy health insurance company really is can usually only be seen in the event of illness. But there are a few hard facts that at least suggest the scope of the service offer. There are cash registers with an extensive branch network, others rely on digitization and enable customers to submit or access documents via an app. Other voluntary services provided by the health insurers include, for example, medical advice on the phone around the clock or help with arranging specialist appointments.

Prevention – Many preventive examinations, such as skin cancer screening, are actually only paid for after a certain age; however, some health insurers reimburse them earlier. In addition, many statutory health insurance companies pay all or part of the travel vaccinations required for certain countries. Courses for sports or stress reduction are also part of the program of many health insurers, as is a subsidy for professional teeth cleaning.

Family – Many health insurers have additional benefits for pregnant women and families. These range from subsidies for expensive artificial insemination to a midwife on call to additional vaccinations or preventive medical checkups for children and young people.

Alternative medicine – It is almost the rule that a health insurance fund supports homeopathic treatments. Usually this has to be done by a licensed doctor. Other naturopathic treatments are rarely promoted. For osteopathic treatments, some insurance companies cover part of the costs. However, how much they reimburse varies significantly.

In addition, there are other points in which health insurance companies differ:

Optional tariffs – Most health insurance companies offer optional tariffs in which insured persons can either receive premium refunds or special benefits. These tariffs usually have a minimum term of one to three years. Apart from sick pay, these tariffs also have a special right of termination if the contributions increase.

Bonus programs – Members receive a bonus from many health insurers if they meet certain requirements. The requirements can be very different:

Insurance companies often reward non-smokers and regular vaccinations, while others focus on sport.

The bonuses range from 10 dollars per request to several hundred euros for a whole range of measures. Some health insurance companies also offer the bonus in the form of bonuses in kind or grants for medical services. Usually there is a bonus booklet in which the doctor must enter corresponding confirmations. You then send that to the cash register.

Aids – In addition, many health insurers reimburse additional services for certain illnesses or for certain groups. This includes, for example, the assumption of costs for special blood sugar measuring systems or suits for children with neurodermatitis that are supposed to prevent scratching.

If very specific services are important to you, you should ask the health insurance companies about them and have them confirm in writing that the provider will cover the costs before switching.

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