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What is video streaming? How does it work?

There was a time when people were given information through text and images on a website. The text was designed with the image in such a way that people can understand it easily. There are some topics that were difficult to explain with just text and images. Video streaming technology had to be introduced to explain such problems properly.

Video streaming technology became very popular as soon as it came in and its demand also started growing very fast. In view of the increasing demand for video streaming, YouTube was created, which is the best video streaming website ever. If you want to watch movies for free, katmoviehd may be the best site for you.

What is video streaming?

When a video is played online on a website through the Internet, the same video playing is called Video Streaming. There is no need to download such a video, it can be watched without downloading. It is just like watching a program going on your TV. You cannot control the video on TV, but you can control the streaming video completely by Pause, Play, Stop, Forward, Backward, etc. If you want to watch anime for free, gogoanime may be the best site for you.

The biggest example of this is platforms like YouTube and Netflix. Whenever you open the YouTube website or mobile application and play a video on it, then it is visible to you only through video streaming technology. For this, you need internet data, without internet data it cannot run.

How does video streaming work?

Audio and Video can be viewed on the Internet in two ways. Suppose you want to watch a movie, either you download the whole movie file and watch it which is quite a slow process, or you can watch that movie streaming. Internet data appears in both, why not stream the movie and watch it.

In Video Streaming, Video Packets are sent and received via the Internet with the help of Standard IP Protocols on the request of the Users Client. Whenever you request a video on a platform like YouTube, it buffers for a while, then you get to see the video. Actually, in this Buffer, part of the video is shown by loading. This process happens so fast that you feel as if Video Live is playing. If you want to watch Hindi Movies for free, Besthdmovies may be the best site for you.

Server and Player Software (website or application where the video plays) for streaming is made for this technology only. A special type of CDN is used to super-fast this process.

Popular Platform of Video Streaming

Video streaming has become very popular in India after Jio’s fast internet. Now its demand is also increasing. This is why I am saying that the content on this is becoming more and faster than the film. I think this will gradually eliminate cinema movies in a few days. Because movies will be released on the online platform for streaming.

Let us now know the platforms which have become very popular in some time-

Free platform
Facebook Video
Jio cinema
Premium Platform
Amazon Prime Video
Alt balaji
Hotstar VIP
Sony liv

Apart from all this, there are many such platforms which offer online video streaming services. Among them, there are many such platforms which take some of their features for free, but how do they take money for some. For this, there are plans according to their different months. You will get miles to watch one month of content on Netflix for free. The rest of YouTube is always available for free. If you want to watch Hindi Movies for free, Hindilinks4u may be the best site for you.

Friends, I have explained to you by giving Video Streaming a few examples, I hope you have understood this well. If you want to write more content on it, you can comment your suggestions below. In addition, I would like you to share this post with others.

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