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What Fly Fishing Gear Do I Need?

In today’s market, there is no shortage of fly fishing gear. Indeed, the growing popularity of fly fishing has resulted in an explosion of gear during the last decade.

This avalanche of fly fishing gear, on the other hand, has a sinister side. The vast variety of gear available, the sophisticated language that is commonly employed, and the often exorbitant rates anglers must pay for decent gear have all conspired to make choosing the correct fly fishing gear for your requirements a challenging task for anglers new to the sport.

Learn More About Fly Fishing Gear

What Fly Fishing Gear Do I Need?

Fly Rods – It’s difficult to fish without a fly rod. In this buying guide, we’ll cover almost everything you need to know about fly rods, including how to choose the right one.

Fly Rod Combinations –Fly rod combos are a great method for beginner anglers to receive quality gear while saving money.

Fly Reels – A fly reel is much more than a line holder. True, it isn’t the most crucial piece of gear you own. It’s also not a simple task.

Wading Boots – While waders are important, wading boots are much more so. In fact, I’d argue they’re only second in significance to the fly rod.

Waders – Using waders to stay warm and dry. This guide explains the many types and addresses the issue of whether or not you require them.

Fly Fishing Vests – A fly fishing vest isn’t necessary. However, if you want to keep your gear organized and safe, a vest is an essential but sometimes overlooked piece of gear.

Fly Lines – Few things in the world confuse beginner anglers more than fly lines. So read our buyer’s guide to discover more about fly lines, including what to look for and how to choose the right one.

Fly Boxes – Fly boxes come with flies. Fly boxes help you keep track of your flies. Learn more about the many types of fly boxes and how to choose the right one for you.

When buying a fly selection, know what to look for…and what not to look for.

Fly Fishing Luggage – Keep your gear safe and organized when traveling between fishing spots.

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Accessories to stay away from


Before we get deeper into the realm of fly fishing equipment, there are a few products that beginning anglers should avoid buying straight away. An angler will almost certainly wish to buy at least some of these equipment at some time. But, at first, they are stuff that aren’t required until the fisherman encounters unusual situations.

Accessories to stay away from fly fishing

Forceps are used to remove hooks. If you’re going for “fish with teeth,” you’ll need a pair of forceps. However, for trout fishing, it is not required straight immediately, at least for beginner anglers.

Headlamp – First learn to fish during the day, then worry about night fishing.

Beginners have no need for “anything extra” hanging on their shoulders unless they expect to produce hundreds of foot casts.

Streamside Thermometer – You’ll ultimately need one. But that’s a story for another day.

For trout, a landing glove? Nope. It would be useful for “fish with teeth.”

Bug Net – You’ll need a net at first, but not one for bugs.

Everything to do with fly tying – Beginner anglers should focus on learning how to fly fish. Don’t stress about tying flies afterwards.

Wading Staff – A wading staff isn’t necessary for beginner anglers unless they know they’ll be fishing in very fast moving water. At initially, new anglers should concentrate on “easier water.”

Specialized Wading Belt – A special wading belt isn’t necessary unless the fisherman is confident they’ll be fishing in extremely rapid, potentially dangerous water.

Cleats that fit over wading boots are known as wading boot cleats. Beginners only need this for rip-roaring rapid current, similar to the wading staff. In any case, it’s better to spend a little more money and get a decent pair of wading boots instead of cleats.

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Stomach Pump – I’m still baffled as to why someone would want one of these. There are quicker and faster ways to figure out what a trout is eating than pumping the guts out of a miserable fish.

Entomology Kit – This is useful for advanced anglers since it aids in the identification of bugs. But what about beginners? Forget about it.

A huge Ziploc bag works just as well as a trash container and probably smells nicer, too.

Waist Pack – For anglers with a lot of gear or, more importantly, for guides. Instead, acquire a good fly fishing vest for novices.

Fishing Rod Racks – For storing fishing rods at home. The rod tube that comes with the fly rod works perfectly for me. Rod racks are attractive, but they are not required for novices.

Let’s move on to what new anglers need to obtain in order to have a great day fly fishing now that these items have been eliminated from the list of things new anglers should (or shouldn’t) buy.

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