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What Are Website Widgets and What are They Used For?

As the digital media influence is rising among the users, brands & businesses are making great efforts to attract the audiences to their digital storefronts. 

Social media popularity has been there but guiding the users to website is an immense challenge. So, brands & businesses always look for solutions that can help them increase their website performance and returns on investments. 

In recent times, widgets have become a perfect solution to achieve these objectives and drive brand growth. But what are these widgets and why should the websites use it? 

What Are Website Widgets?

Website widgets are software applications or short programs of coding that you can embed on your website to display some form of content or information for the users. 

These widgets are easy-to-use multifunctional applications that can be customized and moderated to magnify the functionalities and features of a website. 

The website widgets are mostly third-party solutions that can be embedded easily to your website without any coding and can be shown in a small screen area or dialog box or any other custom layout. 

Having widgets on the website can provide great benefits to the website and its performance and most businesses use it to display content or social media integration with the website. 

What Are Widgets User For?

There are many reasons to use widgets on your website and we have listed some them below. 

  1. Source Of Content

 Content is of prime importance when we talk about website engagement as the content is what users look for and engage with that leads them towards the conversions. 

These website widgets can be used to stream unique and fresh content to your website users regularly. You can link social media, other content feed channels, etc. to fetch content and display it on your website. 

It will save time for the website publishers to constantly worry about the content creation and sharing it on your website. The widget will remove that hassle and easily become an automated source of content. 

  1. Build Social Proof 

These widgets can be used to display user-generated content like user reviews, images & videos, their experiences & ideas, comments, etc. that will help in building social proof for your business and website. 

As user-generated content is known to be the most trustworthy, reliable, and authentic form of content and it is widely available at your disposal on social media and digital platforms. 

You can use a UGC platform to aggregate user-generated content from these platforms into a feed and embed it on your website an interactive gallery or review widgets, or social UGC feed, etc. 

  1. Engage, Entertain, & Inform Website Users

Engagement is a key performance indicator for any website and it is essential to make efforts to increase user engagement and the content widget is the best way to do so. 

These widgets can be used to spread information like product updates, industry news, latest trends, etc. so that users don’t have to shuffle through different websites and pages. 

Also, you can entertain the users through these widgets as many consumers love to engage with entertaining content & elements. So, showing entertaining content like polls, contests, quizzes, etc. to keep these users engaged and on your website for a longer period. 

These elements will immensely improve your website average dwell time along with the reduction in the bounce rate and cart abandonment rate thereby upgrading the website’s SEO performance and its SERP ranking leading to more traffic & revenue possibilities.

  1. Increase Social Media Reach & Following

The social sharing button widgets have been in existence for a long time and now it has evolved into the social media feed integration on the website that helps your social media and website development. 

Having a social media feed widget on the website helps you to increase your social media reach, awareness, exposure, and following as your website visitors get engaged to these feeds and are guided towards your social profiles. 

Also, these social media feed widgets create a link between all your social media profiles and website. This ecosystem will help in cross-channelizing benefits among these platforms leading to the overall development of your business. 

  1. Drive User Actions & Understand Behavior

These widgets can be used to understand the user behavior on your website and how they engage with your content and what content they like the most or dislike the most. 

Having widgets with analytics can help you understand all these behavioral attributes and plan your website and marketing strategies accordingly. Also, these widgets can be used to drive users’ actions as well through the call to actions. 

The call to action buttons are extremely important on any website as without them having the best and most amazing content will also become pointless as CTA let users complete the action that the content on your website was intended to achieve. 

These CTA & understanding user behavior through widgets can lead to an increase in conversions & sales. 


The website is a digital storefront of your business and it needs equal attention and importance as the other channels to improve the performance. 

Website widgets have been designed to achieve various crucial goals for the business and these widgets can be used in different ways based on your objectives, resources, and requirements. 

There are many tools and techniques that can help in creation, management, and embedding of widgets on the website and you can display different content from different topics or different categories. 

So, get started now to leverage the website widgets for your business and drive your website & business growth. 

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