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What are The Leading Causes of Construction Accidents in New York City?

The construction industry in New York City is very dangerous because it is responsible for many injuries and deaths of workers and bystanders. For instance, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reported that 20% of worker fatalities in the private industry in 2019 were in construction. There are several causes of construction accidents in New York; everyone working in the sector should be fully aware of them. Understanding the causes will make it a bit easier to prevent them from happening. They include:


In the building industry, the employees usually have to work very high above the ground and some sites may have trenches or open tunnels, all of which increase the risk of falling. However, the number of people who are falling at building sites can be decreased if they are provided with proper training and safety gear.


A lot of building tasks involve working either with or near electrical equipment and systems. Thus, risky things like live wires, damaged cables, faulty machinery, compromised insulation, and unearthed wiring can cause electrocution. In addition, when the workers are not informed that they are working near major sources of electricity such as power lines, they may be at risk of being electrocuted. It is the duty of employers to protect their workers from the risk of electrocution.

Falling objects

Workers can accidentally drop machinery, equipment, and even materials from high above the ground while working. These falling objects can hit other workers or pedestrians on the head. Unfortunately, many people have lost their lives from such incidents.

Ladder incidents

Ladders can cause injuries if the workers use the wrong ladders or fail to place them properly. Furthermore, using defective ladders can also result in injuries and fatalities.

Slips and falls

Building sites are usually littered with cables, equipment, tools, debris, and materials. On top of that, the ground is sometimes uneven and filled with holes, ditches, and bumps. Therefore, walking on such ground is very dangerous, especially at night, and can cause workers to slip, trip, and fall resulting in severe injuries and even death.

Scaffolding incidents

Although New York State has set up very strict laws to reduce the risk of scaffolding incidents, they still occur, resulting in deaths and injuries. Furthermore, these incidents are not always one-time incidents. For example, the work the builders do can stress their bodies over time, resulting in health issues such as strains, sprains, and chronic discomfort among other problems.

Vehicle incidents

Many employees perform tasks like driving different types of vehicles or operating heavy machinery. Therefore, there is a risk of getting injured by machinery and vehicles, especially if the workers have not been fully trained to operate them well.


If you have been injured in a building site incident because of slipping and falling, faulty ladders, electrocution, falling objects, and scaffolding incidents among others, you may be entitled to compensation. Moreover, you will stand a better chance of receiving full compensation if you hire a qualified lawyer to represent you.

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