What Are Dental Wipes for Dogs & Why Do You Need Them?

What Are Dental Wipes for Dogs & Why Do You Need Them?

You love your dogs. Maybe even as much as your dogs love you (but to be fair, that is a high standard). That’s why you do your best to give your little pup everything it needs to be healthy, safe, and happy. You research food brands to find the ones with the best ingredients, pick out the most comfortable collar and leash for walks, and you take your dog to the veterinarian’s office every now and then to make sure all is well and good in your doggie’s world. You’ve been trying everything you can think of to be a good dog owner. But there is one thing you’ve been falling a little short on. That’s your dog’s dental care. As sharp and strong as those fangs might be, they still need to be treated well like every other part of your dog. Thankfully there are products available that make it easy to help out your dogs with their dental health. That’s where dental wipes for dogs come in to save the day.

Good For Their Teeth

Dental wipes for dogs are just as the name suggests, wipes that are meant to be used on a dog’s teeth to keep them clean and healthy. Similar to brushing your teeth, using dental wipes on your dogs helps to prevent a number of health concerns. You can look at the Nootie Antimicrobial Dental Wipes for dogs and check the benefits such as removing tartar and plaque buildup, and preventing more serious health concerns like tooth decay, gum disease, and dangerous bacteria. Adding some dental wipes to your cart on occasion is also much easier and more cost effective in the long run than making a costly visit to the vet’s office for teeth cleaning and treatments.

Clean & Easy to Use

Aside from the obvious and very important health benefits of using dental wipes for dogs, there is a more light-hearted benefit to using them as well. They help to freshen your dog’s breath. That is a beautiful thing. They are sweet and cute and cuddly, but they could have morning breath all day long and still expect kisses. A quick fix could be some fresh freshening snacks to solve the issue of bad breath, but that plan is not perfect either. You will be left sweeping up whatever crumbs they left behind from their snacks all over the floor in multiple rooms.

They also do not offer the same level of clean and care as dental wipes for your dog’s chompers. While breath fresheners handle the smell, they do not cover the actual health needs of your dog. Dental wipes on the other hand do both. They clean your dog’s teeth and make that breath a little easier to deal with too. Another benefit to the owners using dental wipes is that the wipes are about as neat and clean as they can be. Wipes do not leave behind a mess of crumbs like snacks tend to do. You simply use a wipe and throw it away when you are done, that’s it.

Despite dental care for dogs being terribly easy to overlook, it is actually not too difficult to maintain as a pet owner. Great products are easy to use and even easier to find. Just make sure you stay stocked on your dog’s dental wipes at home. Keep doing your best to make sure your dog is healthy from fang to foot.

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