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Websites Ranking in Google Premium Tips for Your New Blog Post

Today I am going to teach you how to websites ranking higher on Google’s top.

No matter if your blog is old or new…

So there are many factors and things that you should keep in mind.

Whenever I talk to people about SEO, the number one question I have asked is, “What is the most crucial factor in websites ranking number one in Google”?

Best Websites Ranking Tips

It is a difficult question because it depends on many variables related to your brand and website, status, and types of topics that you are looking for to gain visibility around the search engine, like Google websites ranking.

Keyword Research

Keyword research helps understand the value, competition, and the web’s demand (search volume).

It helps understand the value of competition and demand (search volume) on the web.

There is no benefit of a keyword with 50 searches per month, and you’re ranking #1 for it. It is a total waste.

There is no profit with a keyword with 60 searches per month, and you are ranking # 1 for this. It’s total garbage.

It would help if you tried to rank for a keyword with a high search volume, like 10k to 100k, for more profits.

If you do proper keyword research using Google AdWord, your rank will be higher and more rewarding.

Now, maybe you are thinking, how can I find these types of keywords? Do not worry. I have a complete guide.

Keyword in The Title Tag

It is the second most crucial part of the content webpage, and the page sends strong messages to the SEO signal. Before creating content, you should first know which keyword you are targeting.

Make sure your keyword is definitely on your title tag.

Keyword Starts at the Beginning of the Title of your post.

According to MOZ data, keywords starting at the beginning of the headline will perform better. The middle of the keyword or at the end of the tag title.

Keyword in the Description Tag

It is not that important for now, but it still makes a difference. The targeted keyword should be visible in the first paragraph or the first 100 words.

It’s not essential for now, but it still makes a difference whether your targeted keyword should be visible on the first paragraph or it’s on the first 99 words.

Keyword Appears in H1 Tags

H1 tags are considered as the second title and also sends the relevant signal to Google. So I use H1 on my title only, and the rest of the subheadings are H2, H3, and H4.

The H1 tag is considered the second title and sends relevant signals to Google, I only use H1 on my headline, and the remaining subheadings are H2, H3, and H4.

Keyword Density

It was not as important as once before, but Google still uses it to determine the topic of the webpage. Yoast SEO, the tool I use to determine keyword density, can suggest that my keyword density is low or high.

What is On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is the most influential ranking factor in google yahoo bing. If you have an article with on-page optimization, you can rank high in Google without any link-building technology.

On-Page SEO includes…

Title Tag

The blog post should have the main keyword in your headline.


This should contain a targeted keyword.

Permalink should have a targeted keyword

Meta Description

It helps achieve a higher rank on Google and get higher CTR from the SERPs (search engine results page).

Write an excellent and compelling description of your keywords. It’s a good practice to include keywords in it.

Main Keyword in first and last 140 words

Yes, in the first and last 150 words, include your main keyword and secondary keywords. It helps to bring a high rank in Google search results.

Keyword Density

I suggest that you use keywords in the entire blog post naturally. It’s always been a great practice. Try to include primary and secondary keywords in the article.

LSI Keywords

LSI keywords are keywords related to your main keywords. It helps the search engine to understand your main topic, so do not forget to include it.

Bold, Italic, Underline the keyword

This page is well-known on the SEO tip. Highlight your keyword in bold, italic, and Underlined in your article.

Promote Your Content

I’ve already said that creating great content is just the start of your content’s life. So after hitting “Publish,” don’t just wait for Google to recognize your post.

I have already said that making great content is the beginning of the website life of your post. After “publish,” do not just wait for Google to recognize your position. Instead, spread it and make it right in front of your readers. What is the point of creating great content, but nobody sees it, is not it?

It would be best if you promoted it. Find your influencer and connect with the audience. People will love to share it with their readers if they find it very helpful.

You have to promote it. Find and connect with your influencers. They will love to share your post with readers if they find them very useful.

Build Your Backlinks

If you want your post at the top of Google Search, then you must have authority.

Therefore, I have listed simple ways to create backlinks as soon as possible to prepare them.


A simple comment to one site can be a significant backlink. But it would be best if you were careful—only comment to blogs relevant to your niche.

A simple comment on one site can be an essential backlink, but you should be careful. Only comment on relevant blogs for your niche. Spammy comments on any blog can also hurt your site.

Off-Page SEO

We have seen so many sites that are ranking with almost no content and was astonished and tried to find the reason behind it.

You know the reason, that websites page has hundreds of high-quality backlinks.

Yes, those sites have done well off the SEO page, and that is why they came on the 1-page page.

Now you can imagine the power of off-page SEO and now you’re thinking about how to do off-page SEO?

Make backlinks for your website or article, and you want the website to rank on Google.

I have written a complete guide about link building. Check it soon and build good backlinks.

Social Signals

It is also one of the significant ranking factors; as you know, social media can drive vast amounts of traffic, it also helps websites ranking higher on Google.

“More social clue means a high visibility of your website/blog/post on the social media network.”

Share and spread your article on popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

Other Websites Ranking Factors

Other factors which considered as ranking in google factors.


Your domain age plays an essential role in the high ranking of your post on google. Unfortunately, some old sites are rank without any SEO page backlinks on-page SEO, and they have thin content and of the SEO page.

How is this possible? The answer is this is an ancient domain site.

.Edu and .Gov Domain Sites

Google relies on the .edu and .gov domain sites. If these sites have a well-customized and informative guide, they will rank high in Google search results.

Now Here, What’s for us?

You can comment your post URL to any related .edu or .gov site for related resources or articles. It will increase your content’s confidence level and backlinks and increase the chances of websites ranking higher in google search results.

How’s That Possible?

It is possible because they have the right to Google’s belief on the authority site. Therefore, you should always try to create an authority for your blog.


You can rank on Google using any of the factors listed above.

Many sites are ranking with the help of only one factor above.

So, think – if you do all things for one of your articles, you will rank. Nobody can beat your site. Moreover, you will get website ranking for unique keywords in google yahoo bing.

Google Websites are Ranking Guides.

Do proper keyword research optimize your content =On Page SEO= Build Backlinks =Off Page SEO=Give social signal on it =Share more and more=If your site has little authority and age, then it would be a plus point for you to rank higher.

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