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Ways to Make Your Baby Smarter

Baby Care Tips

All the parents have the responsibility to make their baby smarter. It is a moral and human responsibility of the respective parents. The first thing is, a baby should be made smarter, intelligent, and moral according to the religion and honesty of the parents of the baby. There are some ways and tips to make your baby smarter even starting from the very first day of the life of the baby. According to scientists, the first year of a baby is very important to become smarter and intelligent.


Breastfeeding largely contributes to the cognitive development of your baby. Mother’s milk is the best for the baby which has no alternative. The nutrition value of a mother’s milk directly helps the baby to become smarter and intelligent. So if you have any such chance never miss breastfeeding your baby exclusively for the first six months. Then besides feeding other food, continue breastfeeding until your baby is two years old.

Fondle Your Baby

Fondle and love your baby as intensely as you can that will give the baby a sense of security. That sense of security is very important for his or her cognitive development. The warmth of the body of the mother is very essential for the baby’s mental improvement. So. if you are a mother, frequently press your baby deep into your breasts and love. On the other hand, if you are a father, keep your baby in your arms and fondle his or her head and body whenever you can.

Eye Contact

Newborn babies build their memories when they see a face again and again. Most of the time they need to keep their eyes closed. The moments are very rare when they open their eyes. Use those valuable moments. Look deep into their eyes. When next time your baby opens eyes, he or she will find you. Gradually your baby will learn to recognize his or her mother and father. Next time, the baby will learn the facial expression. If you do not make eye contact with your baby, how will the baby learn them? This kind of eye contact is scientifically proven as a very effective way to make your baby smarter.

Single Parents

Single parents have to maintain additional responsibilities to make their baby smarter. However, if you have single father parenthood through surrogacy like maternità surrogata per single you might have a plan to spend some hours with the baby to play, gossip, and study. Whether you need any further help regarding any issues with your baby you might contact your doctor immediately.

Play With Your Baby

Guided play with your kid will coordinate his consideration and give him new freedoms to investigate and comprehend. Put aside an ideal opportunity to play with your infant routinely. Carry yourself to his degree of comprehension and enjoy exercises that appeal as he would prefer. Gradually present new play thoughts that will urge him to think past what he knows about. Since children love to impersonate, soon your infant gets its hang and races ahead with his recently discovered abilities.

Talk and Make Fun

If your baby is newly born, it cannot speak. That does not mean that you should not talk to the baby. Rather, you should talk to your baby whenever you can in order to make your baby smarter. The more you talk to your baby, the more your baby will learn to read your lips, expression, and try to understand the meaning of different kinds of sounds. Always remain alive with your baby through talking and making fun. For example, you can laugh, make various funny sounds with your mouth, nose, lips, tongue, and hands to make your baby laugh. Let your baby hold and pull your hair, nose, fingers etcetera. After some weeks, you will see that your baby is making a response with your talking and making fun in his or her own way that you should have to instantly recognize and make the baby repeat its response.

Serve Healthy Foods

At the point when your child is prepared to begin strong food, try to remember to supplement rich food sources to help for his intellectual turn of events. Nourishments like eggs, green verdant vegetables, natural products, nuts, and seeds are rich wellsprings of nutrients and minerals vital for your child’s generally solid turn of events.

Final Words

The above are a few very fundamental ways to make your baby smarter and intelligent. There are many other ways and tips to make your baby smarter. The first three years of a baby are very important and parents should give their baby time to help his or her cognitive development. As your baby grows from a newborn to three years, you will have to find out some other Ways to Make Your Baby Smarter like playing hide-and-seek, reading books, and counting aloud together with the baby.

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