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Ways To Dry Nail Polish Quickly

We adore our manicured nails. How stylish your sleek fingers look when you apply nail polish cautiously? But the length of time it takes drying the nail paint can be irritating. You may be a working mom or a busy housewife. You might also be a college student who is impatient but one thing that’s common to all women is the fact that they are unable waiting long for nail varnish to dry.

Dozing off with a wet coat of nail paint could damage your nail color. It’s an unnecessary waste of the time you spend applying the nail paint with care. Do not waste your precious time or energy waiting around for the nail paint to dry, while you have other things to be doing. Check out these quick and easy methods to speed up drying nail polish.

Then you’ve finally completed your manicure and are proud of what you’ve achieved. There weren’t any spills and the coats slid on evenly… Then you’re ready to wait for the game. It is important to wait enough to let the polish dry. The process typically takes about 10 minutes, but at times it feels like an eternity since time seems to go into the next. In addition, if you’ve got work to complete or emails to send it’s difficult not to get distracted or scratch an itchy area without damaging your nails. It’s like even a simple motion of your fingers tends to cause scratches and discolor the hardwork you’ve put into it.

The best option is to sit back and relax throughout the process, there are times when you require an immediate solution. There are things to be done and people to meet, and we completely understand we get it! You’ve been to the right place. We’ve collected our top techniques, tricks, and techniques that accelerate drying.

Continue reading to learn some tips and tricks, and to prevent a nail mishap your nail polish that is wet

1. Pick your color carefully

If you’re running short of time and want nail polish to dry quickly, choosing the right shade is crucial. In this instance, selecting lighter shades or even metallic or sheer shades are your best choice since they dry quicker and require fewer coats. The darker shades can require longer drying times due to the intense pigment. By choosing a lighter transparent shade, you’re more likely to avoid making mistakes.

2. Paint thin layers

The most important thing to remember for nail polish is to apply thin coats. If you apply large layers, they will be longer before drying, and you do not want to have globby polish Do you? Be aware of how much polish is left on your brush. You should remove any polish that is left over prior to applying the nail polish. It could appear that it’s slowing the process down, however it can make a significant difference in making the drying time quicker.

3. Let dry between coats

Everyone has made the blunders of getting impatient and applying coat upon coat. Waiting for the previous coat to dry before starting with the next one can prolong dry time by a significant amount, in turn make a mess. Depending on the formula used in the polish, you need to be patient between 2-5 min between coatings. This will make an impact and can reduce the possibility of bubbles developing. Sure, it will take a while to paint your nails, but it’s worth it to prevent any messing or smearing on your nails.

4. Make use of the blow-dryer

Salons generally use some form of fan to accelerate drying however if you’re at home, any fan will work. If you have an air-dryer that has cool settings, it will work similarly. Make sure you press the cool button for a long time while drying. The warm air could create bubbles and cause your polish to melt and prevent it from solidifying. Blot the cool air only a few inches away to your nails about an hour, before gently examining them to determine whether the nails are still tacky. Remember that you don’t have the dryer running at full blast because it can cause dryness and disturbance to the cuticle regions. Make sure to set your settings to the cool temperature and lower speed.

5. Put your hands into the freezer

Cold air is the most efficient method to help the polish set faster. In the event that you do not have cool settings for your blow dryer, put fingers in the fridge. Although it’s cold, it’s an excellent technique and we’ll certainly take every opportunity to not smear our nails with a smear before they’re dry. Keep it on for about 2 minutes. The cold air will aid in the hardening of layers of polish quickly. Remember that the layers below may not be 100 percent set, so be mindful of your suggestions.

6. Cold water

Another cold method, are you already freezing? This may seem absurd, but it’s actually the oldest trick that’s in the manual. As we’ve already mentioned that frigid temperatures aid in drying and the act of dipping your fingers in cold water is based on the same concept. Before you begin painting your nails, you should fill an ice-filled bowl and add cold water to the top. After you’ve finished painting your nails, allow about a minute or two to allow the polish to first settle and be set. After that, slowly dip your nails into for about one minute. It will shake the formula into the correct place. Be sure to allow the ice to melt some or get rid of any cubes that aren’t needed so that your nails don’t hit one of them.

7. Drops that dry quickly or topcoats

Applying a quick-drying topcoat , or quick-dry drops can significantly reduce drying time. Applying more products to your nails may appear odd and unintuitive, but these drops do not dissolve the layer of colour underneath. We are fortunate to have a range of these products for us at the pharmacy so we can do our nail polish at the home.

8. Fast-drying nail polish that is fast-drying

This one is fairly self-explanatory. With so many options to us, fast drying nail polish must be among the top inventions available to manicure enthusiasts. Many brands have introduced fast-drying nail polishes that require no additional steps after the polish has been dry. Paint them on and be amazed by the speed at which they dry. A word of caution however before investing in this recipe, ensure that the cap is securely sealed and that the bottle is kept in a safe place, otherwise you run the danger of drying the entire bottle very quickly.

9. Drop oil onto the nails

Another hack from the past Similar to quick-drying drops, the oil helps accelerate drying. Olive oil, or even baby oil can be used in a the pinch, and it can help to nourish your nails too! Apply a thin layer of oil over the top after the polish has sunk slightly. After a couple of minutes, and then tap gently on the polish to check for wear, and then clean it off using an abrasive towel. You should have a smooth polish.

10. Make sure to finish the look with a dab of hairspray

There is a nail drying spray from a drugstore that aids in setting your polish quickly. If you have hair spray in your home, Give your nail a short spray. It can help dry nail polish more quickly. Be aware that, similar to a nail drying spray. It will only set just the upper layer and not the base layer beneath. Therefore, while you go about your normal routine. Take care not to scratch your nails until the polish has fully set.

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