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Home Improvement

Want to know how to organize a move? Checkout the 14 tips

Checkout 14 tips to organize move

You have chosen the new home and are eager to make the move and start another phase in your life. The big question is how to stay organized during the move. We know how laborious this process can be without proper care.

In this article, we show you tips for moving home that will avoid headaches and make a difference. Follow!

In order for the residential move to take place smoothly and without any setbacks, the organization starts long before the furniture transport day. Planning is essential to avoid unnecessary inconvenience.

About a month before, set the dates for hiring personnel for moving services, switching off electricity, changing the address for correspondence, among others. In addition, schedule time off work to be present on the day set the date, and make quotes for the moving services.

1.Organize the packaging

This is certainly the most tiring part, however, do not allow this process to be disorganized. You will be grateful for not doing it in a hurry and without care. And believe me, this is an almost strategic point when organizing change.

Have lots of cardboard boxes on hand. Stores and supermarkets always have cardboard boxes for recycling. In these places, you can get all you need. The positive part of this moment is being able to separate objects for donation – items that have been stored for some time and you no longer remember. That done, have a pen in hand to label all the boxes and masking tape to seal them.

The ideal is to make the packaging comfortable. That way, you will know where each box should be in the new house and will not accumulate as many volumes in one place in the old house. Describe on the label what goes in each box, and no “closet objects”. Unforeseen events happen and sometimes, before moving, you may need an important object that you haven’t left out and you have no idea where you are.

2.Make handles on the boxes

Carrying heavy boxes awkwardly and with the risk of never falling! For greater practicality and speed in loading, use this tip in all cardboard boxes, even the heaviest ones. With a stylus make an opening on the sides of the box in the shape of an inverted or round triangle, to fit your hands. This way you will have firmness when carrying the boxes from side to side.

3.Use trash bags

Another way to be practical when moving home is not to use cardboard boxes for everything. Something simple, fast, and that works very well is to use garbage bags for light or fabric items such as pillows, stuffed animals, blankets, pillows, and sheets.

Garbage bags are sturdy and you will have no trouble carrying them since they are light due to what goes inside. Use them at will! You can also use some of these sheets, towels, and blankets to wrap glass items before placing them in the box. Certainly, there will be more security and the probability of breaking the pieces will be very small.

4.Take pictures of the cables and their connections

When turning off computers, TV, stereo, and any other electronics in the house, take pictures of all the wire connectors. There are many devices and on many occasions, the cables are very similar. Taking a picture of where each cable was connected will make it much easier to reconnect them later.

5.Measure the furniture and main points of the new house

If you loved the space you have in your new home or apartment and have already thought about where each item will be, measure everything! You can imagine a sofa or bookcase in certain places, but the exact measurements will make you not worry about whether something will fit or not.

Even measure the entrances to see if any furniture might not pass through some doors. A good tip is to mark with tape the place where you will place each piece of furniture. That way, the porters will know exactly where to put the various items in the house, in an organized way.

6.Warn people about correspondence

Something that is often overlooked by many when moving home is communication about the change of address. It seems simple and a little insignificant, however, neglecting this point can bring several annoyances.

Cards, invoices, and correspondence from your bank, health insurance, among others, can be stopped for some time in your old mailbox, forcing you to issue duplicate copies of several accounts and even pay a late fee.

Do not leave it for later! Notify your bank and other establishments that send correspondence periodically. You will notice how very comfortable it is to receive your documents in the new home without stressing about it before.

7.Understand the difference between freight and carrier

It may even be possible to transport everything on your own. But, in addition to the appropriate vehicle for this, you need plenty of time and a lot of physical disposition. As we know that these are luxury items in our daily routine, the best thing to do is to leave everything in the hands of those who really understand the subject: carriers and freight services specialized in changes.

When it comes to moving home, it is important to define how your precious goods will be transported. We commonly use the term freight for changes, but do you know what it means?

Freights are low-cost changes of small loads to locations in the same municipality or neighboring cities. The freight has helpers for loading the truck, which can vary from one to two people. The value is previously adjusted and the packaging of the items and other organizations is the responsibility of the contractor.

There are also carriers that make everything from small changes between nearby locations to major moving changes between states. This type of carrier has the convenience of providing personnel to package all items with their loading to the moving truck.

In this case, the contractor’s only job will be to direct the boxes and inform, according to the description of the labels, what is more, sensitive or not. One point to be considered is that, unlike freight, this type of transportation will be of much higher value. And it all depends on whether you want to outsource the service of packing your things.

8.Request service shutdown

Water, electricity, telephone, magazine subscriptions. All of this must be canceled in advance before moving since most companies responsible for these demands ask for a deadline to carry out the cuts and reconnect the facilities in the new house.

As for the signatures and other paperwork sent by mail, there is no secret: just change the shipping and billing addresses with those responsible for the service. You can usually resolve these issues over the phone.

9.Perform necessary repairs

Last but not least: make all necessary repairs to the new home before moving. After all, at this point in the championship, you have already inspected the apartment and know for sure all the services that need to be repaired. So there’s no excuse!

Even because nobody wants to arrive at the new house and realize that the facilities are unusable due to a defect, right? So: did you notice an infiltration? Call the handyman. Need to repair the electrical circuit? Look for an electrician. Do you want to advance the process and leave the furniture assembled? Count on a professional to assemble the furniture.

And don’t even think that it takes work, because the time is gone. Nowadays, with service provision applications at the click of a button, it is very easy to find competent and committed professionals to perform this type of repair quickly, efficiently, and safely.

10.Enlist the help of friends and family

Want to speed up change even more? So don’t leave everything to the freight employees. Get your hands dirty with them. If necessary, call friends and family to help with loading and unloading the items.

At these times, all help is welcome. And there is always someone willing to lend a hand. Even more so if you thank them with a beautiful open house afterward. Have you thought?

11.Make around before closing the house

Taking that general tour of the old apartment on the day of the move is essential to ensure that nothing is lagging behind. They are precious little minutes to make sure you are not forgetting anything important.

So, as soon as the luggage is all accommodated in the moving truck, take that final look through every room, including the unusual corners, like the garage, attic, basement, and backyard. Now you can go on your journey!

We are almost there! And nothing can be more energizing than feeling the smell of a new house. But, knowing that this is an exhaustive process and that it usually lasts for a whole day, we will reinforce some of the cares you need to take to ensure your comfort and well-being in the first week in the apartment.

12.Go to the supermarket and fill the fridge

It is very common that, during the moving process, we avoid making purchases that are too large so as not to waste food due to transportation. So it may be that you arrive in the new apartment with an empty refrigerator. Unloading hungry change doesn’t work, do you agree?

So, before starting the task, stop by the nearest supermarket and refill your pantry with the basic products of everyday life. Take the time to get to know the neighborhood and the main establishments that are close by.

13.Unpack the luggage little by little

Do you remember when we talked about packing everything according to the rooms in the house? Yeah! At that moment you will see the real importance of this. With all the boxes labeled according to the room, it is much easier to unpack the objects according to your needs.

And you don’t even have to hurry to finish the job in one go. The most important thing at that time is to think about priorities, that is, everything that should be ready by the end of the day: bathrooms, bedding, kitchen utensils, among others.

14.Hire assemblers and installers

Furniture and equipment, such as air conditioning, should be prioritized at this stage. Even because you can not store your things if the furniture is not properly assembled, right? Regarding the apartment’s air conditioning, the faster you leave everything installed, the better your comfort will be. So, don’t waste time: pick up your cell phone and call a professional through the app to do all the necessary installations.

You already know, but it doesn’t hurt to reinforce: never try to do this type of installation yourself. Having qualified professionals makes all the difference in the quality and safety of the movers in Dubai since they are aware of all the technical peculiarities of each type of equipment.

If necessary, also consider hiring a daily cleaner to help you keep everything in the new house spotless, from cleaning services to organizing objects for residential removal. That way, you avoid excessive fatigue and see everything in its place much sooner than you think.

Now that you have the complete checklist for organizing your residential move, begin the preparations to carry out it in a safe and practical way. And be sure to share these organizational tips with your friends.

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