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Home Improvement

Upholstery cleaning makes for a better evening

There’s nothing better than cozying up on the couch with a glass of wine and having dinner in front of the TV. After a week of hard work, you deserve to indulge a little: Eat your favorite food and fall asleep in front of the TV.

The couch is your new best friend. Until you notice that it smells oddly musty and there are crumbs leftover from the night you spent watching TV. Considering how long the couch has been used, it’s not surprising that it looks and feels a little threadbare. The question, however, is what to do about it.

Tips for keeping sofas and upholstery clean

Every family decorates their home with the upholstery they prefer, so they strive to keep it clean in every way possible. If you have children and pets at home, it’s normal for the upholstery to be messy. But you can’t let your favorite sofa get damaged so easily. Get your couch cleaned regularly, it will surely give your decor and upholstery a new lease of life.

Below are some tips on how to keep your home and car upholstery looking good and lasting longer. Cleaning sofas and upholstery involves the following techniques:

1. Vacuum cleaner

It will remove dust and dirt to some extent, but you will need to remove cushions and dig out dirt hidden in the corners of sofas and chairs.

2. Edges cleaning

Next, you need to remove any crumbs or other dirt particles that have accumulated in the corners and edges, as this is where dust accumulates most easily.

3. Regular cleaning

The sofa should be cleaned regularly, especially if there are guests and children in your home. Crumbs, fallen hair, and food scraps tend to stick to fabrics. So be sure to clean upholstered furniture when guests are away, or it will become a breeding ground for dust mites.

4. Using covers

Another easy way to maintain sofas is to cover them with plaids. They decorate your furniture and protect it from dirt accumulation at the same time. They also have the ability to absorb moisture from perspiration. Many people like to lie on the sofa for a long time. In this case, these blankets are really very effective. They can be easily removed and machine washed.

5. Avoid placing in an open area

Always try not to place your sofas near windows or open spaces where dust can get in. This way, you can preserve the color of the fabrics.

6. Leather furniture cleaning

Leather furniture is easy to clean. You can vacuum it first, then wipe it down with a damp cloth. However, cleaning a leather sofa should be done carefully to avoid water stains.

7. Stain remover

You can make the upholstery even cleaner by treating it with a stain remover. You can do this when you buy the set or even after, but you should only do it after the sofa has been professionally cleaned. These protective products come with a 5-year warranty. When the coating is applied to the fabric, it provides excellent protection against abrasion and scratches.

8. Car’s upholstery cleaning

Cleaning your car’s upholstery is just as important as cleaning your upholstery. The car is an integral part of your home. Therefore, the seats and everything else should be cleaned regularly, especially after storms and rain to protect them. You can buy smaller vacuums for cars. Seat covers also keep your car seats nice and shiny.

If you are starting to feel uncomfortable on your couch, it may be time to hire a cleaning company to do all the work for you, so you can get back to a nice couch. However, if you don’t have time to clean your sofa, contact a professional cleaning company that will do all the cleaning work for you. You can’t let your favorite furniture deteriorate due to lack of maintenance. So, you need to clean regularly if you really want your sofa and upholstery to be dust-free in your home and reflect your personality and taste.

Should we have a sofa cover?

Instead of applying protective fabric to fabric sofas or dining chairs, upholstered furniture was once protected by slipcovers. This way of protecting the sofa is still widely used today, and consumers have more and more choices to enjoy slipcovers.

Give your sofa a different look without changing the slipcover.

All upholstered furniture begins to age after more than 3 years of use. Depending on the use and care of the furniture, the color of the slipcover can fade and stain, which can be difficult to remove. To change the look of your old sofa without spending a lot of money on a new cover or set, slip a cover over it and your living room will have a new look in no time.

Protecting Your Upholstery

When you’ve invested thousands in upholstered furniture, you want to protect and maintain it so that the upholstery lasts as long as possible and looks as good as when you bought it.

Using slipcovers to protect upholstered furniture is a practical solution, especially if you have furry pets and small children at home, to save you the embarrassment of guests sitting on your beautiful sofa covered in pet hair or water spilled by the kids. Simply remove the covers from the furniture before your guests arrive and they will be amazed at how well you take care of your furniture, even with pets and small children in the house.

Flexibility and comfort

Consumers can now choose slipcovers based on their preferences in design, color, size, fabric quality, and budget. The wide selection of fabric covers makes the care of fabric covers more convenient and flexible.

Fabric slipcovers are also designed to fit easily into furniture sets. These fabric covers can be easily removed from furniture and machine washed.

To Conclude

While slipcovers provide good protection for upholstery, they do not replace the need for regular, thorough cleaning of upholstered furniture. Fine dust, dirt particles, and airborne germs will always accumulate on your sofas, chairs, etc. If you have pets in your home, their dander, hair, and odors are not completely filtered out by upholstery either. Although the appearance of stains can be minimized, upholstery covers cannot prevent them if a lot of water has been spilled on the upholstery and has penetrated through the cover.

Hire an expert cleaner

For proper upholstery maintenance, it is recommended to have it professionally cleaned once a year to completely remove dust, dirt particles, and microorganisms that have accumulated. A professional cleaning service will also look for stains that may have gone unnoticed and attempt to remove them. A regularly cleaned upholstered set will look cleaner, last longer, and smell fresher.

Professional sofa cleaners have the equipment and knowledge to clean sofas and other household items such as carpets and curtains. They will come in and remove the stress from your life. They will work efficiently to give you a spotless sofa in the shortest time possible.

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