Unique princess cut ring

Choosing an engagement ring is not only about choosing a sparkling ring, but this choice is always left on the woman’s finger, always cherish and stare. What she would want not only sparkled and caught her attention, but also reminded her of the moment it fell on her finger and the man’s dream, which made him unforgettable all his life. The engagement ring should not only represent the love of the couple, but also reflect her unique personality-this may be one of the reasons why you consider buying a princess cut ring-the engagement ring is a modern cutting method, which is different from the traditional engagement ring selection .

In addition to princess cuts and the most popular round cut diamonds, engagement rings and cuts in multiple styles should also be considered before making a final decision. A little understanding of Princess Square Diamonds can help a couple determine whether this is the right choice to always represent their shared love and commitment. Many people will find that this relatively new cut provides a bright light and a beautiful style, which is usually only found in the most expensive diamond engagement rings.

How to find the right princess square engagement ring diamond

For the most attractive appearance, please consider the aspect ratio of the diamond. To be called a square princess square, the ratio cannot exceed 1.05: 1. The ratio of rectangular princess cuts can be different, but usually not greater than 1.25: 1.
In addition to the shape, symmetry will also affect the demand for princess stone cutting. When viewed from above, the facets should match on both sides of the midpoint (vertical and horizontal). The importance of symmetry also applies below the belt. When turning a princess square cut diamond face down, the facet and shape on each side should be the same as the opposite side.

Princess Square Cut Engagement Rings: Setting Considerations

Princess-cut diamonds are usually designated as elegant solitaires to highlight their fascinating beauty. Sidestones with clear, angular outlines (such as triangular or rectangular gemstones) can enhance the appearance of a princess diamond. Although its straight outline looks very suitable for modern architectural diamond engagement ring style, but it can be well adapted to various settings.
When buying a princess square cut engagement ring, it is important to realize that the sharp and sharp corners that make up the bold geometry of the diamond are also areas that are easily broken. Choose a setting with four V-shaped pins, eight pins (two at each corner) (called bifurcated pins) or a bezel setting to keep these corners neat and retain the magnificent princess-cut diamonds Outline.

Those who choose to buy a princess cut engagement ring will not be disappointed by its brilliant sparks and radiant beauty. Any engagement ring is a personal choice and should reflect the couple ’s commitment and love for each other.

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