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Understanding The Criminal Records In Georgia

As an American citizen, you have legal access to a wide range of records such as criminal records. Records are stored by a range of government organizations, and you may feel as if you’re going around in circles trying to find the correct organization for the record you’re looking for. Although having information online makes it easier to retrieve records, especially if you’re using Peopletrail services, other agencies may not provide this option. Any public record can usually be recovered by submitting a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) letter of demand to the agen-cy that holds the material.

Because records might be challenging to locate, this article offers tips on finding criminal records and vital data in Georgia.

What Are The Provisions of Georgia’s Public Records Law?

When it comes to background checks in Georgia open records law, known as Uniform Court Rule 21, applies to the executive, legislative, and judicial government departments. 

However, there are some exceptions to the right to request public records, such as: 

  • National historic sites 
  • Wildlife refuges 
  • Homeland security measures or procedures
  • Sports records of children under the age of 12 
  • Specific real estate documents when a government agency is attempting to purchase or con-struct on property

Officials and agencies in Georgia have three days to reply to your Freedom of Information Act request. Because of the Trammell v. Martin case from 1991, the state can no longer charge for search and retrieval charges. The cost of copying can be as low as $.25 per sheet, but it is the up-per limit. There may be an exemption if seeking and retrieving takes an exceptional amount of time, effort, or money. Still, the government must notify you ahead of any unique conditions or costs.

In Georgia, How May A Person Obtain Public Records?

Some records are available online, while others require an open records application form. If a formal application is needed, it could be sent to the record-keeping department via mail, email, or phone.

Because each department is unique, expect some variations in the regulations if you’re accessing records from numerous locations.

Generally, an open records demand should include the following information:

  • Your contact information, including a name, email address, phone number, and postal address
  • The title of the document you’d need access to, as specific as possible
  • A deadline by which you would wish to acquire the contents

How Will The Documents Be Delivered, By Email or By Mail?

Some government buildings may have restricted hours of operation as a result of COVID-19. Consequently, online inquiries are preferred, but you should phone ahead if you need to go in person.

Another way to gain access is to use Peopletrail official services to run background checks on the person in question.

Criminal Records In Georgia

People may be interested in seeing someone’s criminal record for a variety of reasons. The most prevalent reason is that most firms in Georgia want job applicants to submit to a background check before hiring them. Other causes could include checking somebody out before seeing them or dating a family member. It may also be beneficial if you intend to hire someone as a company partner.

What May Be Found On A Criminal Background?

A criminal background summarizes an individual’s arrests, convictions, and sentencing as documented by police departments and the courts. This included arrests and charges brought against them, as well as convictions and the prison or jail where they served their sentence. A criminal record gathers information from a variety of sources and compiles it in one location.

A criminal record check will also reveal:

  • Legal name 
  • Date of birth 
  • Address and nationality 
  • Arrests and convictions 
  • Mug shot

Where does a person look up criminal records in Georgia?

Those looking for criminal records on anyone in Georgia must make an appointment to talk with someone at the Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC) lobby office. Under the direction of the GBI – the Georgia Bureau of Investigation holds the records of examinations and finger-prints.

According to Georgia law, anyone can request a criminal background checks Georgia record аѕ long as the person being investigated signs a consent form. It must be given to a GCIC officer and include their entire identity, address, social security number, and date of birth.

What Information Is Required To Obtain A Vital Record?

To refine their search and get the relevant document, anyone seeking a vital record in Georgia has to provide some information. 

  • The date or dates of the life event 
  • The location of the event (city or county) 
  • The entire name of the individual being checked, including maiden names
  • A license number for a marital record 
  • A file number of cases for divorce proceedings

It is crucial to understand the basic intricacies of the system, be it Georgia or any other state.  With Peopletrail, the hunt not only becomes easy, but also the results are obtained rapidly. The above quick read will give you a general idea of running a background check if you are look-ing for criminal records

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