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Computers and Technology

Ultimate Guide on How to Fix a Broken iPad Screen!

Believe it or not, the iPad can still crack the screen.

Owners of an iPad often encounter difficulty when certain areas of the display stop responding to touch. It’s completely impossible to use the device for its intended purpose in such a situation until the malfunction is eliminated.

The source of the problem can be such factors as the use of the gadget with wet hands, the emergence of an error in the software part, and much more. But most often this happens through the fault of the user himself due to incorrect handling of technology. Users drop their tablets, as a result of which the screen is destroyed.

This may be bad, but not disastrous. You have various iPad repair options. In this write-up, we’ll discuss in detail some best ways to repair a damaged iPad.

Table of Content

Steps to Fix Broken iPad Screen

  • Backup Your iPad Information
  • Check Your Warranty First
  • Determine Your Repair Options
  • Hire a Third-Party Professionals


Steps to Fix Broken iPad Screen

Here we put together some important steps that you must take into account for fixing the broken iPad screen. Let’s have a look and understand the following options for obtaining the best possible iPad screen or phone repair.

Backup Your iPad Information

If you aren’t aware of the extent of damage to your iPad, you need to first back up your iPad’s data. Once you bring the device to the technician for repairing the iPad, the possibility of further repairing becomes easy. Hence, you can assess the damage to your iPad. Acting quickly enough helps you backup your iPad information before you lose it. iTunes or iCloud is the best options for backing up the data. Taking this critical step into account is also essential if something goes wrong with the repair process. For keeping your contacts, photos, and other important documents secure, it’s an excellent idea to back up your Apple devices regularly anyway.

Check Your Warranty First

Before taking your iPad to a repair shop, check – is your Apple device still holding a warranty or not? Finding out this option makes sense in adopting Apple repair services at the lowest cost. Generally, Apple featured the option of check coverage services that allows you to check the status of a warranty for any Apply product. This also helps in understanding whether your repair is void or not.

If this scenario comes around you, it’s time to contact a third-party professional. These skilled and qualified experts specialize in repairing Apple products. An alternative option is an AppleCare Package. This option is provided by Apple directly who helps in extending the life of your warranty. However, make sure the damages to your iPad are still under warranty.

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Determine Your Repair Options

If any damage occurs to your iPad screen, you can still use your iPad. But it might be difficult for you to read the text. Sometimes, the cracks eventually spread over time. To get rid of this situation, you need to find a reliable repair shop for repairing your iPad as soon as possible. Indeed, it might be a little anxious about choosing the right repair shop due to the high price. And this is why you need a temporary solution in the meantime. Buying a protective iPad cover can help you continue to safely use your broken iPad until you get it repaired.

Hire a Third-Party Professionals

Apple products are expensive. And this is why such gadgets require an accurate inspection and repair. For this, you must hire third-party repair professionals for repairing all your iPad screens. Before hiring one, you need to make sure that your repair technician knows more about Apple products than just their screens. Technicians of the well-reputable company are equipped with extensive knowledge in all aspects of repairing and providing quality services. Even these professionals also help in backing up your data.


So, contact a professional for your iPad or computer repair. They’ll respond and provide a reliable schedule time for repairing your device. Some technicians complete the repair process in 24 to 48 hours. Now, you no longer have to worry about the question of fixing your broken iPad screen.

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