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Two pointers that help you determine the freshness of a cake

How do you determine the freshness of a cake?

If you are hosting a birthday party and you are planning to order cake in Mumbai rather than preparing desserts yourself, what is the basis for making a decision?

Many professional bakeries have pre-prepared cakes on their displays. These cakes definitely lack quality and are often stale. That is because some of these cakes have been on the display case for a long time. Some are left for longer than 2-3 days. The bakers simply put these stale cakes inside the freezer when they leave for the day only to put them back on the display case the very next day until the cake goes very bad or a customer buys it.

As an unsuspecting customer, you might end up with a very stale birthday cake for the celebration, and your guests may end up contracting a bad case of food poisoning. The only way to avoid this situation is by ensuring that you have the freshest cake available at your disposal. And how do you ensure that you pick a service provider who will give you fresh cakes no matter what the occasion is and what time of delivery you are opting for?

Here are some basics that you can monitor to ensure there is no stale cake at your party, in fact, that the cake you are picking out is of premium quality.


  1. Picking a service that prepares cakes based on order

Forget about pre-prepared cakes; think about the fresh ones that are prepared by professionals only when you place an order. Most online bakeries and gift service providers have samples of cakes available on the website. It gives you a preview of how the cake would look.

Descriptions regarding its primary ingredients, frosting and dimensions are available on the website, giving you an idea of how the cake is going to appear.

These cakes also come with customizing options such as adding texts, photos etc. Thus, these cakes are freshly prepared once the customer places the order for the same. Upon cancellation, the baking process is stopped immediately. Of course, there will be a certain window to cancel such custom made cakes for occasions.


  1. Picking a service that provides theme cakes

Desserts are delicate. The making process is time-consuming. This is more so if the custom made cake is based on themes. Professional bakers who craft theme based cakes use the freshest ingredients.

Theme cakes without fresh, natural ingredients do not come off nicely and will look shabby if stable. The frosting is a huge part of theme baked cakes. Usually, in low-quality bakeries, the frosting and fondant are prepared in massive batches and reused for similar cake preparations. Only a premium service-provider ensures the cake they bake has freshly prepared icing. You will be able to tell the difference between fresh icing and stale one from the odour and tangibility. Thick time-worn frosting droops from the sides and will appear loose on the cake. There may even be air pockets in between.

If you check these 2 characteristics of a cake, you will be able to tell whether the dessert is fresh or stable in one glimpse!

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