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Travel with a baby? this might save your day!

Air traveling is one of the fastest ways to travel. It is the most advanced mode of transportation. 

But traveling through a plane with a toddler can make this fast way to travel into a long hour journey. Since there are many perks, flying is usually preferred among parents with toddlers for traveling within the state than driving. Flying with toddlers is a totally different experience. You need some expert tips for flying with a baby to make the experience worthwhile. There are so many things you worry about while flying with toddlers such as layovers, diaper changes, feeding, and whatnot. 

With babies along, it’s only normal to be a little nervous before a flight. But flying with a baby can become easier if you are aware of the tips for flying with a baby. To make your journey convenient and smoother, here are six helpful tips for flying with a baby. 

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1-Learn when it is safe to fly with kids


Before booking your flights, learn about their policies for traveling with toddlers. Different airlines have different policies, it is wise you do your research before going aboard. It helps you know when it is safe to air travel with kids. Some airlines require an infant to be at least two days old, others at least two weeks old. It is different for different airlines. Doctors, however, recommend you to wait till the baby’s immune system is more developed before taking any flight. Some recommend waiting at least one month, whereas most recommend anywhere between 3-6 months. This is one of the tips for flying with a baby that you must consider before booking a flight. Considering this ensures the baby’s safety. 


2-Visit the airport bathroom before you get aboard


It is better to be safe than sorry. It is wise to visit the airport restroom before you board the plane. You will definitely want to get on the plane with a dry diapered child. Therefore, it is suggested that you visit the airport bathroom to change the baby’s diaper before you head down the jetway. It is one of the tactful tips for flying with a baby to double up on the diaper for extra leak protection. 

You must be wondering why is there a need to visit the airport restroom when the plane facilitates with a lavatory. It is to avoid the inconvenience of going to the small airplane lavatory right after getting on the plane. It also means using that tiny plane bathroom one less time. This means less work in the air for the caretaker of the kids, and less inconvenience for those seated nearby. This is one of the smart tips for flying with a baby that ensures the convenience of almost everyone. Stay on the safe side and give the airport bathroom one last visit before getting aboard.


3-Pack less and travel light: one of the smart tips for flying with a baby  


This is one of the tips for flying with a baby that refrain you from packing for “what if’s”. There is no need to pack everything you get your hands on. Only pack what is really needed and avoid extras. You do not want to carry extra bags while you have to carry the baby as well. Pack less, and travel light to make your journey easier and lighter for yourself. It is better if you take two bags and one carry-on with you. Keep one suitcase for you and your partner( if there is any) and the other for packing baby’s stuff. Place the things you might be needing for baby or yourself on the plane in the carry-on. 

As far as the baby gears are concerned keep them to minimal. Do not stock up on the diapers or other baby stuff. Pack only the adequate amount of what is needed and do not go for the extras. The lesser, the better. Travel with enough to get you to your destination as you could always buy more at the destination. Keep such tips for flying with a toddler whenever you decide on flying with kids. This sure is the tip that gives a huge relief if followed.


4-Avoid stroller and wear your baby


Wearing your baby than putting it in the stroller has to be one of the most useful tips for flying with an infant. But it totally depends on your preference. It is probably easier than taking a stroller as it lets you move around easily. You can navigate stairs and be more faster when you wear your baby. Plus baby loves to be closer so it is better if you just put it on. 

Keep trading the duty of carrying the kid with your partner if you are traveling with one. Easily walk or bounce the baby around to put it to sleep when the baby is sleepy. This is one of the tips for flying with a baby that works like magic in tight spaces like a plane. Buy a carrier that is comfortable for the baby and convenient for you and you are good to go. 


5-Comfortable seating arrangements of the baby 


Before you go aboard, it is important to figure out the seating arrangements of the baby. Figure out what is the most comfortable way for the baby to sit. This is one of the tips for flying with an infant important for the comfort and convenience of your kid. Figure out what do the baby prefers whether to snuggle up to a human and sticking close or a car seat?  Consider such tips for flying with kids to know where the baby is most comfortable and then decide accordingly. 

If the baby prefers to relax in a car seat, put it in a car seat. To put your baby in a car seat next to you, you will need to pay for an extra seat. What you decide depends on the preference of you and your child. This is one of the most valuable tips for flying with a baby to ensure the baby’s comfort.


6-Plan baby’s feeding for takeoff and landing


Takeoff and landing are the times when the baby feels the most ear pressure. While the babies haven’t even mastered the art of equalizing their own ear pressure yet, the takeoff and landing can be particularly uncomfortable for them. Feeding them during this time can help ease the baby’s ear pressure. Sucking and swallowing help relieve the pressure as it helps equalize the baby’s ears. It is one of the truly helpful tips for flying with a baby that you must always keep in mind. 

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