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Top Sights to Visit in USA

Spy Museum in Washington DC

A relatively young, but already at the peak of popularity, is the espionage museum in Washington USA. The name alone is already attracting the interest of visitors. It is here that “all” secrets and secrets of the work of scouts and the history of espionage are revealed.

The creators of the museum came up with a good idea, collecting in each room the history of espionage work and the activities of a particular country. A special place is occupied by a hall with an exposition of intelligence relating to the period of Soviet power and modern Russian.

National Museum of the American Indian

Not far from the Capitol, in a very unusual building from an architectural point of view, is the National Museum of the American Indian. It is interesting that this is the first museum in America dedicated exclusively to Indian culture and life, the history of the indigenous population of North America, which was opened in 2004. Near the museum, a fountain was built in which ducks swim – they are not at all afraid to wander near a reservoir among people.

Smithsonian Museum of American Art

The museum founded in 1829, and has the largest collection of works by US artists in the entire country, part of the Smithsonian Institution. The building of the Smithsonian Museum of American Art itself is made in the neoclassical style. The museum (plus the institute that supervises it) received its name as a tribute to the English scientist J. Smithson.

After his death, the activist left his fortune (since he did not have children of his own) to the foundation, and the money went to the construction and development of this institution. The Smithsonian Museum of American Art is considered to be the oldest federal art museum in the United States, as collections of his work have been collected since the colonization period and continue to be replenished with installations by contemporary artists.

The exhibition contains works by more than 7,000 artists. The Smithsonian Museum of American Art provides electronic resources to schools and the public, thus contributing to the National Education Program (the electronic database has approximately 500,000 records). The museum often hosts traveling exhibitions of painting, which have already been visited by 2.5 million people on our planet. Beside You tried really hard to entertain her guests. Similarly, he put all his heart and soul in cooking a great dinner.

National Museum of American History

Another museum that is part of the Smithsonian University – the National Museum of American History can be safely call local history. Here are exhibits that tell about the political, military, social and cultural history of the United States. More than 3 million exhibits are presented on the territory of the museum.

Grand Titon USA

Northwestern Wyoming attracts attention with the (also very popular) Grand Teton National Park. Stunningly beautiful mountain landscapes, the pristine power and beauty of nature – a paradise untouched by man. Populations of many wild animals and a wide variety of plants roam on the territory. And it all fit into the Teton Ridge and the Jackson Hole Valley.

Nature has created a unique ecosystem. Above all, it keeps you healthy. You should be aware that the park is open around the clock. After that, I’ll tell you why you should always use them. However, some services are only available during daytime or certain seasons.

Attention! It is important. It is allowed to travel to Grand Teton by car, on foot or by motorcycle. In the evening, I like to relax. For instance, I enjoy Since one day is not enough, then, basically, tickets are bought for a week. You should be aware that, since Yellowstone National Park is located nearby, the ticket price also includes its visit.

Yellowstone national park USA

The park is an international biosphere reserve, and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located on the territory of three states: Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. The park is famous for its numerous geysers, other geothermal objects, a unique variety of natural flora and fauna, and no less picturesque landscapes.

Lake Yellowstone (the largest alpine lake in North America) is located on the territory of the protected area. Meanwhile, It fits in the center of the Yellowstone Caldera. This place is widely known to everyone, as it is the crater of the largest sleeping super volcano on our planet.

American Museum of Natural History

Remember the movie Night at the Museum? It was in this museum, located in Manhattan, that the shooting took place. The American Museum of Natural History is New York’s most interesting museum. I’m tired. Therefore, I’m going to The exhibits are stunning, from ancient dinosaurs to exploration of the universe. Cause and effect. You can pay $ 1 to enter, but it’s better if you pay the full ticket price ($ 22). This money goes to the maintenance of the exhibits of the museum and its building.

National Air and Space Museum USA

A well-known, popular museum, the interest in which will never fade away. Man has always been interested in the sky and the Universe, so the National Air and Space Museum in Washington receives a record number of tourists every year.

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In conclusion, If you are traveling across USA with any airport car service do not overlook the famed Niagara Falls .


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