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Top challenges faced during an interstate move

Finally, it is that time of the year when you have to sign the deal for your relocation plan. As you have the idea and budget design in place already, all you need to do to look forward to the journey is approaching the top packers and movers in Kolkata! Being a resident of the suburbs of Kolkata has its own share of ups and downs as you often miss out on finding the best movers for your shifting purpose, but not anymore!

What are the top 5 challenges one might face during Mumbai to Kolkata relocation?

Get going…

• The packing companies in Kolkata are well available within your reach, and can be approached easily with a few simple taps on your smartphones! All you need to do search thoroughly through the leading business directories and leading portals and freeze your choice as per your moving budget. Yes! It is that simple but you still need to run a deep analysis of the available deals in the market – by comparing the costs and weighing the additional charges for the same.

• You can use the smart cost calculators as they are an ideal way to calculate your moving charges for the distance of your move. Seeking free moving quotes from the shortlisted websites would help in getting an idea of the estimate for your move. All you need to do is fill in the details including name, contact details like mobile number, email address and complete the remaining information that asks you for your starting point (your location) to the destination city or town where the consignment needs to be delivered!

• As soon as you hit the submit button on the website, you will receive your custom quotation. If the cost falls within your budget, HOLA! It is your time to get started with executing the further steps in the process.

But no matter how well sorted you think your move would be, there can be few challenges that your relocation might throw at you. Want to know which are those?

Keep reading…

The state of the weather

When you are all set for your moving day, a dampened weather or a horrifying climate could literally take a toll on you and your precious goods and possessions could undergo unnecessary tussle. Who loves moving during the monsoons? How challenging it gets when you are moving during the chilly foggy weather? Or when you are stuck in traffic and the transit seems to progress at a snail’s pace?

Therefore, it is necessary to mind the time and the season you are willing to relocate in.

Reaching out to the movers

As briefed in the introduction, looking for the right movers is very important once you have finalized everything else – from the final goods that are going to move in with you, to the charges you would entail and also the insurance policy. But, having clear in mind as to when exactly you need to inform them about your move plays an equally important role! These professional movers have their off-season too and there are months when they are absolutely nowhere to be found or if you hire them, they quote you a costly deal for the same! So, plan cautiously and give them ample time to provide you with a quote and estimate.

Time management

Ahead of your moving day, you must plan and schedule everything well in advance. Working out things in a hurry would create a mess and you might miss out on the crucial aspects to take care of during relocations. Since keeping up with a stipulated schedule can be a messy job, one should carry out the primary tasks of sorting, de-cluttering, and categorizing the items. You should make sure to do away with all the small sundry tasks and settlements before you reach out to the professional movers. So, it is advised that you take into account all the important issues related to packing and shifting and address them at the earliest to enjoy a hassle-free move.

Plan your Budget

Moving is expensive. Therefore, the bigger the size of your consignment, the more expensive it gets in your pocket. So, soon after you are done with the organizing and sorting of your goods, you should keep a tab on your progressive move size and ensure it is within control. A smart way to keep a check on your volume of goods and the subsequent charges is to use the digital moving quotes calculator that brings you a clear picture of your prospective budget!

Size of your move/consignment

No matter whether you are moving a short distance or an extended one, determining the size of your move, i.e the volume of your goods is really important. It is directly dependent on how sooner you start planning your relocation as you will enough time to categorically organize and pack things that you genuinely need and the rest that you can leave behind. Remember, the massive your size of move is, the more challenging it would be to cater to all the tasks and the packaging of your possessions ahead of the move.

Closing Note

Relocations are forever messy. You have a lot of things to manage to ensure things work out smoothly till the date of relocation. But, just like life’s uncertainty, the situations in life can also be unreliable at times. You never know what life would push you into! So, ample preparation and a well-etched plan for your budget and shifting is the need of the hour! So, to have the least hassle on your moving day, you should keep calm and cautiously carry out all the responsibilities from your end for both your old house to your new home.


Someone planning to relocate from Mumbai to Kolkata should bear in mind the above-mentioned tips that would help in dealing with the move easily and effortlessly! And, if you have a team of proficient movers and packers in Kolkata, the relocation would definitely be a delight! The professional packers ensure things are in place, and there are sufficient security and safety of all your possessions and household goods. So, why worry? Get in touch with us in a hurry!


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