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Top Brands Expanded Remarkably Through Instagram

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Instagram is the booming platform where you find thousands of users sharing their likings, disliking, and opinions openly. The traders are using this platform to grow up their business and bringing the agenda in front of Millennial. The use of the application is rapidly increasing among modern users, and so the traders are also increasing its use to reach a larger amount of target audiences. The popularity of the business pages in social media is building up a good reputation among the visitors and welcoming more visitors to the service providers. The influencers of Instagram can easily make people understand how beneficial and useful your business is.

This platform is responsible for making any business successful. Here, we will talk about top brands that have grown their business with the help of Instagram. It will make the concept clear why traders want to buy Instagram likes and Instagram followers to grow business and influence the audiences.


Away is a popular brand that has received 339thousands followers on Instagram. The luggage brand has a unique approach to the Instagram users as it focuses not only on the features of the luggage bags and suitcases but also helps you to get an idea about how you can comfortably be in your favourite destination along with it. The unique approach of the company is influencing the users and insisting them to try the product.

Tiffany & Company

Tiffany is one of the most renowned brands that have used Instagram as the best platform to reach a large scale audience. Their tricks to upload images, creating interesting visuals and storytelling engagement contents have helped them to make more than 9.5 million followers in the modern-day. This brand proves how you can insist on the highest number of Instagram users to look into your brand deeply and keep them engaged.


This is another brand that has used Instagram in a beautiful way to get millions of followers and widen the scope to reach a larger scale of audience. This company has already spread its wings around the world within a few years with the help of social networking. This brand has its branches in 99 cities all over the world and more than 400 thousand followers on Instagram.


Glossier is a brand of beauty products that have received a good response from a huge number of Instagram audiences within a short period. They keep their posts very humble, friendly and connected to the followers so that the audience can relate themselves with the post and feel comfortable to follow them. This trick has helped them to get 1.6million followers.

Beard Brand

This brand deals with the men grooming products. Beard Brand has more than 100 thousand followers. The posts of this brand have a human touch and transparency to motivate users and make them interested in the brand. The high quality images the brand share with engagement contents can make the audience interested in their brand.

So Worth Loving

This clothing and accessories brand has more than 60 thousand followers on Instagram. This brand interestingly posts the images of products by putting the quotes in the product images. This attracts the attention of the target audiences, and they look into the product and follow the brand for this exclusive reason as well.


This is a very known brand name for camera lovers. The brand has millions of followers who like to see the unique contents of GoPro users. The brand gives a scope to the users to tell their story and share their videos, and on the other hand, they also tell their target audiences how they can use their products in real life and get benefits.

These brands are making it clear how the number of Instagram followers is influencing the users and why the traders want to buy Instagram followers.

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