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Top 5 Stylish and Functional Exterior Window Treatments For Your Home

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words, “window treatments”? You probably think of interior window coverings, like curtains, blinds, and shades, which protect your home from harsh sunlight. Window treatments, however, aren’t limited to your interiors – they can also be installed in your home’s exterior, shielding your home from outside and adding a curb appeal to your home. 

While interior window treatments are best for privacy, they do so little in preventing the convection effect of sun blowing up inside and heating your home. If you want to catch the harsh sun before it happens, you need to invest in good exterior window treatments. 

If you’re thinking of having exterior window treatments for style, privacy, and energy efficiency, here are 5 window treatment ideas worth checking out. 

1. Solid Aluminum Awnings

Fixed solid awnings are the best way to shield your windows from the sun before it can heat up your home. You may look at them as “hat visors” for your home, but with side protection. 

Classic awnings, like solid aluminum awnings, manage to work triple-duty, filtering light and protecting your windows while adding curb appeal to your exteriors. Unlike motorized awnings, classic fixed awnings can stand up against strong winds. 

If there’s only one bad thing about these awnings, it’s their outdated look. But if you have a charming country home and you’re into a vintage, retro, aesthetic, this wouldn’t be a problem. 

2. Roller Awnings (Fabric)

Want to make your exterior look like a modern quirky cafe? Fabric awnings might be perfect for you. 

Roller awnings are stored in a tube mounted above the window, and they can be electrically or manually operated. They unroll from the tube and extend to become self-supporting covers, not only for windows but for your patio as well. 

Unlike traditional awnings, roller awnings can be retracted when not in use. If you have more than one window, you can also buy bigger awnings which can cover the width of two or three windows. 

3. Bahama Shades

Bahama shades (also called “Bermuda shades”) are an aesthetically pleasing solution for your home’s sunlight problems. They have louvered shutters with long piano hinges at the top and tilt upward. There are side arms set in place to hold the shades at an approximately 30-degree angle. They offer a fresh, tropical look, making them popular in the coastal regions.

These sturdy shades have two major functions: to keep the sun out and to protect your window glass from flying debris during hurricanes. 

4. Exterior Rolling Shutters

If you like to cover your windows the sleek, modern way, you may invest in exterior rolling shutters. They are basically metal gates that roll down and completely cover the window. 

Now, for the pros and cons. The good news is, you’ll get complete coverage of the window, which is ideal for privacy and sun protection. It blocks sunlight, keeping your home cooler in the summer. They also prevent glass breakage in high winds. The bad news is since you’re completely covering your windows, you’re also blocking the view outdoors as well as the air coming in. 

5. Wooden shutters

From rustic cottage style board and batten wood shutters to contemporary louvered one, wooden shutters are an inexpensive yet durable way to dress up your exterior windows. You can buy premade shutters at your local home depot but you can also easily DIY them to give your home a lovely personal touch.

Author Bio: Carmina Natividad writes for iStyle Shutters, a leading provider of high-quality window coverings in Sydney including blinds, plantation shutters, and awnings. She loves looking out for new home décor trends and writing articles focused on real estate and interior design. 

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