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Top 5 Reasons Why Promotional Products Are Great Marketing Tool

Promotional products are custom items used by brands, organizations, and other businesses for marketing. Sometimes it can be challenging to understand how promotional products can have such a remarkable impact on branding.

Right from new companies to renowned enterprises, these are marketers’ favorite. But why do brands need promotional products? The reasons are endless.

However, the primary reason is that it is a cost-effective way to reach out to a wider audience and create a buzz in the market. The best part – they are loved by the recipients.

Various studies suggest that 85% of people do business with the advertiser after receiving a promotional item.  That’s the power of promotional products in marketing.

Promotional products can be anything from office supplies and kitchenware to clothing, accessories, and electronic devices.

If you are wondering why promotional products actually work, let’s have a look –

1. They Create Instant Brand Recognition

Think about your favourite brands, and the first thing you will remember is their logos or images. Isn’t it? This is called brand recognition, and that’s exactly what promotional products can do.

They can make your logo more familiar to the masses since they have a high recall value.

In fact, around 40% of consumers can recall the advertiser after six months of receiving the products.

While 89% of the customers who received the custom items can remember the brand even after two years.

Unlike a traditional advertisement, promotional items are difficult to miss. Since they are functional, people use them almost every day. You must have used or seen someone using a custom pen, personalized notebook, a customized mug, or a custom tote bag. Whenever used, they will keep reminding them of your brand and products.

2. They Increase Your Reach

Promotional products offer excellent exposure to your brand in the market. Why?

Because its reach is not limited to only the recipients. For instance, if a consumer wears a customized t-shirt, uses a personalized cup, or a custom pen in public, it is sure to gather some attention. Thus, they become a form of advertising for your products and services. This way, not only the recipients will recall the brand but also the people who came across it. Now, have a look at the following facts –

  • A total of 6 in 10 US consumers keep the promotional items for as long as two years.
  • More than half of the customers that receive promotional products use the items at least once a week.

Considering these facts, we can conclude that there is an exceptional scope of repeated advertisement and wider exposure with custom promotional products. Plus, it accounts for a very low per-person cost, making them incredibly affordable.

3. They are a Low-Cost Marketing Method

Even if you are not an experienced marketer, you must be aware of the high costs of traditional marketing methods, such as TV commercials, radio ads, or billboards. While on the other hand, promotional items are an inexpensive way of spreading a name about your company. Since they have a wider reach, they offer frequent exposure under a budget. In fact, according to renowned sources, the cost-per-impression of promotional products is way lower than that of traditional forms of advertising.

The affordability makes them a great choice for small businesses and start-ups as well. Additionally, since people usually order promotion items in bulk, there are more chances of getting an excellent deal and discounts. For this reason, these custom items can do wonders for businesses with different types and budgets.

4. They Create a Sense of Loyalty in Customers

Building a base of loyal customers is what every business strives for. While it may seem easy to do so, it can be incredibly complicated. Thanks to promotional products, you can achieve this without any hassle. It is no wonder that consumers feel loyal to a company that gives something to them in return, especially if it is a high-quality product. If you send them freebies with their orders or a hamper as a part of the giveaway, they are more likely to build a positive image of your brand. This way encourages them to buy from your brand again. In fact, consumers are 2.5 times more likely to think positively about a brand with promotional products than online advertising. However, it is critical to understand that the quality and utility of the promotional items are directly proportional to the quality of your business and services. So, choose the right promotional item for your brand and generate a sense of loyalty in the consumers.

5. People like Them

Everyone loves gifts, especially when it’s free. Promotional products given as gifts or giveaways are well-appreciated by the consumers. While can be many reasons why people love promotional items, the two major reasons are –

  • Functionality – The main reason is the functionality of the product. Since most custom items like clothing, accessories, office supplies, soap sleeve boxes, and kitchenware are incredibly useful; they keep people engaged with them for an extended period. Unlike other marketing methods, they keep reminding them of your brand for years. Around 48% of the US customers mentioned that they would love to receive functional promotional items more often.
  • Trend and Design – Who doesn’t want to be updated with the latest trends and styles? People love when they receive something that is the latest in the market with quirky design and beautiful aesthetics. A tote bag with colorful prints, a mug with designer imprint, or a t-shirt with the trendiest quote all make for amazing promotional products. In fact, a business can increase the effectiveness of its marketing strategy by up to 44% by including a trendy custom product.

Giving away promotional items increases your visibility in the market which is more likely to translate into increased revenue. So, whether you own a well-established company or a new business, it is imperative to use the outstanding features of promotional products. It is an investment that will keep returning to you in the form of loyal customers and market recognition.

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