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Top 3 Method to Recover Files From External Hard Drive on Mac!

The file was on the desktop for a month. Yesterday you deleted it and today you desperately need it.

Familiar Situation!

The data on the computer should be stored and treated with care and responsibility. However, the important documents or photos from the last vacation or important work files suddenly disappear from the devices. And the situation isn’t different when it comes to macOS external hard drives. The data stored on your external macOS external hard drive may be accidentally or intentionally deleted. Or, it may be lost as a result of a system update or a program failure, or damaged by sudden power surges in the network. These situations are extremely unpleasant for Mac users and are invariably accompanied by the question “How to recover deleted Mac files?”

And in such cases, you require the help of a professional or a high-tech tool to restore the necessary information. The world is equipped with proficient data recovery services that don’t only retrieve your data back but also offer a secure backup tool to keep everything in an organized manner.

So, if you find yourself in this situation, our write-up will tell you how to bring Mac files back.

Let’s find out!

Table of Content

3 Methods to Recover Files From External Hard Drive on Mac

Get Back Data on Mac From Trash Bin

Restore Data Back Using Backup

  • External Storage Devices
  • Cloud Backup Services
  • Native Backup Feature

Retrieve File With Help of Professional

3 Methods to Recover Files From External Hard Drive on Mac

Get Back Data on Mac From Trash Bin

A good thing about computer devices, including macOS, is – all deleted files automatically move to “Trash” whether it’s about the external hard drive. Please note that the files remain in the “Trash” for no more than 30 days. After this, recovery is impossible using this method. So, to get back deleted files from the “Trash”, you’ll need to follow these simple steps:

  • First, connect the external hard drive to the Mac. Every Mac storage device has its own “Trash” folder.
  • Open the “Trash” by double-clicking on its Dock icon.
  • In the “Trash”, you’ll see a list of deleted objects over the last month.
  • Navigate to files that you want to restore back.
  • Now, select the deleted files.
  • Right-click on the chosen files and pick the “Put Back” option.
  • Move to the original location to find out if the files get stored back or not.

Restore Data Back Using Backup

If the previously mentioned method fails to recover files from an external hard drive on a Mac, it’s time to use backup options. Here are the several ways to get data back:

External Storage Devices

By using various external storage devices like USB flash drives, memory cards, and others, it’s easy to save data and other important files through backup copies. These devices provide enough reliability in storing and recovering the data. If you find it, you can get back your data by simply copying it to its original location.

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Cloud Backup Services

Keeping your data secure and safe through cloud backup services like iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive is reliable enough to retrieve your data if any accidental deletion occurs. You can easily recover the files available in the cloud on your device. Such backup option services are under the observation of a third party. This further assists in recovering lost data if any failure of disaster occurs.

Native Backup Feature

In addition to using “Trash”, Mac offers another convenient option for recovering lost or deleted files. It is a built-in Time Machine backup tool and the purpose is to help users protect important files. If you want internal or external hard drive data recovery mac, this native backup feature is a real lifesaver. To return important data to your Mac using this tool, follow the instructions:

  • Connect the “Time Machine” backup disk.
  • Open the folder where all deleted files originally stored.
  • Now, open the “Time Machine” by clicking on the clock icon on Mac’s menu bar and select Enter Time Machine option.
  • Select the files you want to recover.
  • Select the required files and click the “Restore” button to start the process.

The Time Machine will restore the selected files to your Mac and you can work with them again.

Retrieve File With Help of Professional

There are times when every method stops working and fails to provide desired results. If accidental deletion occurs in your macOS external hard drive, it’s time to take the help of data recovery professionals. Taking your Mac to such stores, they’ll first diagnose the actual problem and then perform the required operation through special equipment. For choosing a trusted partner, you must go through their reputation, online review rating, and budget options.


So, we mention the three best ways to recover files from an external hard drive on Mac. Now, you can use your files and work on them. Each method is easy to use and efficient enough. According to experts, it’s recommended that hiring hard drive recovery professionals provide a guaranteed solution to the problem and bring back your lost data within a few hours.

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