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Top 10 Credit Repair Mistakes You Must Avoid

Despite keeping a regular check on credits and reports, a few mistakes can hinder your financial success. Credit repair is the process of removing or correcting the inaccurate information from your credit report that further improves your credit score. But at the same time, it is vital to avoid a few credit repair mistakes. Sometimes inaccurate Credit Repair Letter Templates or negative elements in your credit report can give birth to several credit problems in the future. So, it is crucial to avoid those mistakes. To make things easier for you, we have mentioned all credit repair mistakes below that you should always avoid during the credit repair process.

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Most Important Credit Repair Mistakes You Should Avoid

Take a tour of the below-listed points to learn more about credit repair mistakes.

1. Delaying or Postponing 

If you have discovered any negative or inaccurate information on your credit report, take action as soon as possible. Find credit repair letter templates to raise the dispute for any erroneous information or mistake in the report. The more you procrastinate correcting the record, the more you feed the inaccurate information to stay on your credit report. You will be surprised that most negative information comes off after seven years, and no one would want their credit report to be inaccurate for such a long time. So, don’t put off credit repair.

2. Not Keeping Documentation

Whether you’re applying for credit or performing a credit repair process, complete and accurate documentation is a must. Talking specifically about credit repair, accurate documentation is required to dispute wrong information and protect your rights. It is always recommended by experts to be prepared with paperwork for credit repair. Not keeping documentation can distance you from several credit benefits.

3. Missing Payments 

Another credit repair mistake that people usually make is missing payments on some accounts to make payments on others. Well, this sounds easy to do, but it’s a mistake you must avoid. In such a case, if you have a choice between paying a collection account and a current account, it is good to pay the current account. Giving attention to such mistakes can save you from future financial troubles.

4. Failing to Check Credit Reports

As we know, credit repair involves knowing what your credit report says. Checking your credit report is one of the primary things to perform during the credit repair process. People sometimes do not consider checking the report a crucial task. And this is the moment when you make a mistake. If you have never checked your credit report for at least 12 months or you have never requested your reports, this is the mistake you need to avoid. You can access a free credit report from a numero of websites. Once you get the report, dedicate time to figure out false or inaccurate information in your report, affecting your credit score and demanding a repair.

5. Sending Uncertified Mail

Another common mistake is sending uncertified mail. When you send any document to a creditor, credit, or collection agency, make sure you have sent it via certified mail with the requested return receipt. This way, you have proof the agency received your letter.

When it comes to the communication phase, make sure you have everything in writing. In such a credit repair process, make sure you don’t agree on anything verbally. Written proof is a must to avoid disputes and other kinds of problems in the future.

6. No or Limited Credit Education

Paving your financial way without any credit education is as difficult as nailing jelly to a tree. Whether you want to remove inaccurate information in your credit report or look for credit repair letter templates, limited credit education will not help you achieve your goals. Many kick off the whole credit repair process all at their end without any knowledge that further leads them to negative consequences. We suggest you rely first on to learn about credit repair. Or you can also say yes to skilled professionals or credit repair agencies to assist you in this matter.

7. Falsifying Documents

Whether you’re providing documents to raise a question about an issue in your credit report or as a part of a dispute, make sure the documentation is accurate. Any false and misleading documents can put you in trouble, and legal actions can be taken against you. Yes, falsifying documents is illegal for creditors and credit agencies. Ignoring this mistake will surely push you into a pitfall.

8. Transferring Credit Card Balances

Many people consider transferring a balance from one credit card to another a good credit repair strategy. But it’s also a credit repair mistake that needs your attention. The balance transfer fees will put more financial burden than the interest you’re already paying. So, next time you transfer your balance from one credit card to another, get ready to incur the balance transfer fees.

9. Canceling Credit Card Accounts

Another mistake many make while credit repair is canceling credit card accounts. The credit history defines your financial progress and plays a great role in deciding your credit score. So, if you think closing a credit account is a good idea to repair your credits, it’s a big mistake you should avoid. Instead of closing your credit card accounts, it will be better to keep a small balance and pay it off monthly. It will save you from facing any debt and will not affect your credit score.

10. Applying for New Credit

If you’re directing your efforts towards repairing your credit, we suggest you avoid applying for new credits, especially unsecured credits. If you apply for new credit during credit repair, it would be nothing more than wasting a hard inquiry that will further affect your credit score. It would be great to apply for a new credit later once your credit has been repaired. This small step from your side will end you up with better outcomes.

Final Words

Did you know in 2017, Canada was one of the three countries worldwide that has 70 percent and over credit card ownership among consumers 15 years and up (Statista)? It was recorded as one of the highest card usages among 140 countries. And the number is still increasing. This stat shows the high consumer’s dependency on credits purchases. But credits and debts also come with responsibilities, including checking your credit report, maintaining your credit score, and more to avoid obstacles in enjoying credit benefits. Above, we have rounded up every possible credit repair mistake you must avoid enjoying better results.

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