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Tips to Prepare the Winning Self-Tape Audition

You’ve got a notification about the upcoming audition, and you realize that it’s a self-tape. Since it’s a COVID time, it is justified!


Is your stomach full of dread because you have to self-tape? Are you nervous about the process? Hate dealing with microphones, cameras, and editing software?


The entertainment industry has a lot of growth opportunities. Self-tapes are the next big thing in the casting process. You don’t want to be left behind just because you don’t want to be on tape. You have to conquer your fear about self-taping forever.


First of all, why shouldn’t you avoid self-tapping?


Self-taped auditions can help you gain control. You should excel self-taping because –

  • There is no hassle of scheduling. You will never miss an audition, especially when you have signed another performance or took a vacation.
  • You don’t have to run around town, especially in rush hours.
  • You can repeat and retake again and again. You have the freedom to keep trying until you gain perfection. There is no one to judge.
  • No one can distract you, and you have total control of the situation.


Why Self-Tapes?


Scripted content is always required. As discussed, actors have more opportunities these days than before. From online ads to lots of TV series, anyone can shoot an amazing film with an iPhone. It’s a great time for an actor. Casting directors also come up with more projects like never before. Producers and directors invest more time on set as they don’t have time to waste in the audition room. So, you should also go online as most casting sessions are done online.


Here are some of the tips to rock the self-tape audition


  1. Follow the guidelines strictly

Always read the self-tape instructions properly. Different casting directors have different needs for self-tapes. Some directors may need you to upload your clips individually, or some want you to edit those clips together. Consider the specifics. Do they want videos to be shared through YouTube, Dropbox, or any other medium? Do they prefer any specific format? Do they want specific framing, such as from your shoulders up or full-body shot?


  1. Use a clean setting

Be sure there is no noise in the background, and you have everything cleared behind you. Keep the background noise to the minimum and camera at eye-level. The source of light shouldn’t be in the shot. Find a plain background and avoid sitting at a place where the window is open just behind you.


  1. Lighting

Stand around the window for natural light if you are doing it in the daytime. Avoid high contrasting or fluorescent lighting in the evening.


  1. Choose the right outfits

You can wear anything you want or what is perfect for a specific scene. All you need to keep it simple. Avoid black and white (black creates a dark look when you have a dark background, and white reflects a lot). You may wear a plain t-shirt without any patterns or logos.


  1. Don’t be too late

Finally, you should submit your audition before it’s too late. Don’t wait for a deadline, or someone else might take that opportunity. Some agencies check self-tapes whenever they arrive.

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