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Tips To Find The Best Dry Cleaner In London

The importance of taking care of quality clothes cannot be overstated. Good quality clothes can be expensive, and seeing all that great material go to waste due to poor dry cleaning would be a disaster. When it comes to cleaning your clothes, it is important for you to find the best dry cleaning service around, as anything less would have adverse effects on the material.

The drama that accompanies getting a bad dry cleaning service is better off avoided. From late deliveries, unreliability, use of low-quality equipment and inferior service, the list of things to expect goes on. This can be easily avoided by choosing a reputable dry cleaning company to handle your dry cleaning in London.

As we understand that making this decision can be quite tricky, we have put out a list of 5 things to look out for when choosing a dry cleaning company.

  1. Ask Questions

Never assume that a nice looking exterior and a couple of good designs equate quality service. It would help if you asked your potential dry cleaner questions. Some of the questions you can ask include;

  • Enquire about their pick-up and delivery service
  • Ask for an estimated time of completion.
  • Ask questions about the type of equipment, materials and solvents they use
  • Ask about the cleaning method that they have adopted
  • What happens if your clothes get damaged? Are there any guarantees in place?
  • Costing

This will give you a head start.  After a series of questions, you would have gathered enough information to help you discern if this is the right company for you. While asking your questions, check the confidence with which your answers are provided.

  1. Check the company reviews

This is a very good way of truly finding out the kind of company you are targeting. The internet can give you recommendations of good dry cleaning companies, and if you happen to check one out physically, you can always go back to their website and find out what people are saying about them. How do people describe their services? Do others also think they are good at what they do? Are there more positive than negative reviews? This will tell you what you need to know. Also, you can get recommendations from friends, family and colleagues. If people love the service they receive, they are very willing to refer you to others.

  1. Check their certification

Anyone can start up a dry cleaning company, but an experienced, qualified business person will certainly have certifications to show their competence. Usually, the certifications are visible when you enter the building if otherwise, ask the attendant or the manager about it. For start-up companies, there might be no certifications yet, which is understandable. In this case, you would have to rely only on word of mouth.

  1. Check their professionalism

Every good company knows the importance of a professional approach and imbibes it on the staff of the company. This means that everyone from the clerk at the counter to the manager should exhibit a level of professionalism when dealing with clients. A good company would show from the clerk at the front desk. The clerk should have a good manner of approach, be cultured and courteous, ask certain questions, and give directions to the right section.

  1. Check the budget

You are not trying to break the bank in order to foot your dry cleaning bills. Therefore, ensure that the company is affordable. A good dry cleaning company is neither too cheap, nor too expensive. They are simply affordable. If you have no clue about the price of dry cleaning, you can take a quick survey by checking quotes from other dry cleaning companies around and making a comparison.

  1. Additional services

Everyone loves a good deal, and most good deals come with some irresistible perks. These deals will save you some money which is always the idea. A good company should have one or two exciting additions.

Note that dry cleaning is not necessarily magic. You stand a better chance of getting the stains out if you bring them in as soon as possible. Do not leave stained clothes for a long time, as this will only make it more difficult to eliminate. At Master Dry Cleaners, we offer some of the best laundry and dry cleaning services. Do not hesitate to contact us by calling 020 73285621, when you need some magic done on your fabrics.

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