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Tips for Detailing and Cleaning Your Vehicle

Most people keep their vehicles in excellent condition, taking care to wash and wax them regularly. However, if you live in an area with high amounts of rain or salty roads, you may be finding that your vehicle isn’t looking as great as it used to – especially on the inside! If this describes your situation, you’ll find that the following tips for detailing and cleaning your vehicle can help you make it look new again without too much work on your part.

1) Washing

Washing your car is an important part of vehicle detailing. While it isn’t as involved as waxing or polishing, it’s a critical step that removes mud, dust, bugs, and other road grime from your vehicle. There are lots of options for washing your car at home. You can wash with a hose outside or bring your car to a car wash.

2) Drying

Drying is an important step for vehicle detailing. Wet cars collect dust, dirt, and other debris; Drying prevents these substances from creating a mess all over your vehicle’s paint, windows, wheels, etc. Use a clean towel to wipe off excess water from your car’s exterior. Run it around curves or crevices to help capture any residual moisture. For curved surfaces (like wheel rims), use a soft cloth instead of paper towels or paper towels with fabric softener on them.

3) Polishing

Polishing is another excellent way to clean your vehicle, especially if you’re looking for a fresh, new finish. If you’re not familiar with polishing services, auto detailing is one way to make sure your car looks shiny and new. Polishing can also be used on a variety of household items like tables, cabinets or even fixtures around your home. When selecting a professional for polishing services, look for an individual with experience in that industry.

4) Waxing

Waxing a vehicle is one of the best ways to get a deep clean. In addition to cleaning, waxing also adds shine to your vehicle. While there are plenty of products you can use, we recommend using a paste or liquid wax that you can apply by hand. If you’re concerned about applying wax incorrectly or not at all (we don’t blame you), leave it up to a professional auto detailing service! Most places offer waxing as part of their premium detailing packages.

5) Vacuuming the Interior

Vacuuming the interior of your vehicle is just one of the steps to detailing and cleaning it, but it’s an important one. Vacuuming not only removes visible dirt, but it also loosens up dirt particles that might be stuck deep in the carpet. This will allow for any shampoo you use later to really get in there for an efficient clean.

6) Protect your interior from sun damage

The sun can damage upholstery, cause your carpet to fade, discolor your dashboards and warp your metal. Before you head out for a long trip, give your vehicle’s interior some extra TLC by protecting it from UV rays. Here are 10 tips for detailing and cleaning your vehicle.

7) Polish your lights

Many people forget to clean their headlights or taillights, which can result in a ticket from a police officer. If you keep your vehicle sparkling clean, you will always feel proud when driving it. Polish your lights for vehicle detailing & cleaning should be a monthly ritual.

8) Use sprays instead of paper towels

When detailing your vehicle, it’s important to consider how much cleaning solution you use. Some chemicals are stronger than others, so take care to read labels carefully when choosing a product. One way to cut back on chemical usage is by using a spray instead of paper towels for vehicle detailing & cleaning. Paper towels are notorious for ripping and tearing, causing more waste—and damage—than necessary. With a sprayer, one application of cleaning fluid can clean several panels or several small dings before you have to refill again, saving both time and money. Also be careful not to over-spray onto plastic parts; with many sprays, that can cause staining.

9) Use air fresheners or scented candles

Keeping your vehicle clean on a regular basis is important for protecting its resale value, making it less prone to wear and tear, improving fuel efficiency, and keeping you safe in case of an accident. But how do you keep it clean? The answer might be simpler than you think: use air fresheners or scented candles! Air fresheners are quick, easy, cheap ways to deal with smells, and candles come in many different scents that can improve your car’s interior. Do some research on air fresheners (or even better–check out our guide to choosing one for auto detailing) or fragrances that work well for cars to get ideas.

10) Keep it clean inside and out

Car detailing and cleaning is one of those aspects of vehicle ownership that no one wants to do, but everyone needs to do. Keeping your car clean inside and out will not only make it easier for you to clean your vehicle, but it can also extend its life by a few years as well. In order to make sure you’re giving your car all of the attention it deserves, consider using professional detailing services rather than doing it yourself. Local auto detailing shops are popping up in many metropolitan areas for just that reason.

11)Keep Mirrior clean

Clean mirrors help you get a better look at your car, but there are even more reasons to clean your windshields and side windows. It’s important to keep exterior surfaces as clean as possible so that you can get a clear view of what you’re doing when you detail and clean your vehicle. Cleaning your mirrors will also help others see better as they drive around or behind you. Regularly cleaning your windows is one of those things that will make detailing and cleaning easier for you and safer for everyone else on the road. If dirty, buildup on these surfaces can cloud visibility and reduce efficiency.

12) Keep Changing interior

If you want to keep your vehicle’s interior looking nice, it’s important to change your car mats and clean upholstery regularly. Microfiber is great for keeping a car looking newer for longer. It also helps keep interior floors free of grit and grime by trapping dirt and dust. Dry cloth can be used to remove some of flecks, but a damp cloth works better for detailed cleaning as it will gently lift stubborn spots. There are cleaning sprays available at auto supply stores that can help disinfect seats and give them a nice shine as well. However, if spills do occur on fabric or leather seats, immediately wipe up any liquids with paper towels or cloths and then use a soapy water solution to finish up.

Benifits to follow these tips for Detailing and Cleaning Your Vehicle

It looks great and will last longer! Your vehicle is an investment and that investment will last longer when it’s properly maintained. When you detail your car and clean it, you’re protecting your investment so that it retains its original value. You’ll also be doing your part to reduce pollution in your area, since a clean vehicle puts less pollutants into our air and water. Following these tips for detailing and cleaning will keep your auto looking new for years to come. It’s not too late to spruce up for summer, so get out there and have some fun with these simple steps!

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