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Things to Consider While Buying Wholesale Stickers

Even since the outbreak of the pandemic, stickers have gained a lot of popularity. They have been of great help in spreading awareness and convey people about standard operating procedures. People have utilised wholesale stickers in the best possible way by sticking them on doors, tables, windows, etc.  

With numerous other features of printed stickers, the most beneficial of them all is custom printing. While stickers are tiny, they require some attention to detail, especially when it comes to printing. In the end, you would want to leave an impact on your customers with custom stickers. It would be unfavourable to use custom stickers but don’t get the desired results. Or worse, the picture and dimensions were not according to your requirements.

Luckily, you can surpass such small issues with the help of this post. Further, we will go through some of the key points that will help you buy the most affordable and high-quality custom printed stickers. 

Check the Material

One of the most neglected factors of custom stickers is the material utilised. It is necessary and professional to know what you are using to print as different materials have different outcomes and characteristics. Similarly, all stickers materials are not waterproof; thus, they are not fit to use where moisture can ruin the print. 

The more you know about custom sticker materials, it will be easier to print your sticker with perfection. Depending on your usage and requirements, you can select the appropriate materials. For example, if you intend to use your printed sticker outdoors, it is recommended to use vinyl, and an extra layer of coating can keep it safe from moisture or intense heat.

Be careful With Light Colours. 

When it comes to materials, specific materials such as transparent vinyl and silver stickers need undivided attention, especially when printing bright colours. Because of the base colour of these materials, light ink can heavily affect the result. 

For example, when light pink is printed on transparent stickers, it won’t be that visible when pasted on a dark-coloured surface. As for the “white”, if it is CMYK printing, it cannot be printed on such materials at all. However, you can use spot ink for such materials.

Permanent or Temporary

Some companies may require a perpetual place to use stickers permanently. If the place to pin the stickers is permanent, look for stickers that suit that place. If you want to use stickers for a temporary purpose, consider using those that don’t last for long. However, for a rooftop or a vehicle, you need permanent stickers. Informational stickers need a temporary sticker because the information’s timing will elapse, and the sticker will be of no use.

Appropriate Printing

It’s simpler to talk about the quality of stickers due to simple choices of the materials used. However, more subtle choices can have numerous effects on the result. For example, the type of printer used to create stickers can determine the lifespan of the sticker.

Sticker printers do not usually get the attention they deserve as most businesses simply trust their usual print providers to make the right decisions. If your print provider usually does an acceptable job at printing documents and other things, then in theory, it should do just as fine a job with stickers as well.

However, this isn’t always accurate. The methods of high-quality vinyl sticker printing in the UK that will last for years demands powerful printing capacity. There is also a definite difference between vinyl stickers, polypropylene-based prints, and vinyl labels, and your custom printed stickers provider needs to have the relevant printer for this job.

Types of stickers

Importance of Adhesives

Without the conventional adhesive, even the best-looking sticker is virtually useless. The trouble with adhesives is that they offer differing stickiness levels depending on the substrate’s material and texture – the object you’re putting stickers on.

At this stage, managing the ideal quality of an adhesive depends on your long-term purposes. The adhesive performance’s key differentiator is tack, which refers to how sticky the adhesive is over time. A permanent sticker requires a much higher long-term tack, whereas a removable sticker can work with relatively low long-term tack.

Different surfaces allow different stickiness levels. Glass is a ubiquitous surface that works well with various adhesives. Likewise, wood, on the other hand, causes issues except for the most advanced custom printed stickers.

Go for Vector Die-cutting

Stickers are more like cookies as they need a cookie cutter to have their shape; stickers require die-cut to get in perfect form. Vectors are graphic elements that you can create with the help of specific software such as Illustrator by Adobe. It is also necessary for the die-cut to be in vector format, as other die-cut methods can pixelate as the sticker’s size gets bigger and bigger.

die cut stickers

Readable Print

One of the most common error when it comes to sticker printing is the readability of text. As tiny as stickers can get, the text size should not be smaller than 6pt. Any smaller font will be unreadable for most people. This can be challenging while designing tiny stickers, mostly 3x3cm stickers. Nevertheless, do prioritise the illegibility of the text before anything else; text size matters! 

Appropriate Dimensions

All artworks require appropriate printing; likewise, your sticker should be precisely the size of the designed print. This is because having incorrect dimensions can ruin the perspective of the artwork. Creating a 10x10cm sticker, for example, would mean you need to set your canvas as 10x10cm as well.

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As simple they seem, getting the right custom printed sticker for your business can be tricky. There are a lot of aspects that you need to keep in regard while purchasing them. However, if you find yourself a reputable sticker printing company, you don’t have to keep an eye on all of these aspects, as most companies provide much more than a customer asks for.

However, if you want to customise or buy a sticker totally with your skills and knowledge, the above do’s, and don’ts can help you find the perfect stickers that fit all of your requirements. 

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