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The Ways To Replace Natural Turf With Artificial Grass in Geelong

Is there any better replacement than the Artificial Grass Geelong? Hope so, you cannot find and here are the things of amazing that you should know of it.

Today, making a lawn or playground with artificial grass is common worldwide. They have a lot of beneficial aspects, one of the best is its maintenance. The Artificial Turf can be maintained easily, there is no need to spend money a lot on maintenance. This is because everyone is running behind the artificial grass. Even the natural turf also can be replaceable with artificial grass. Are you interested in replacing natural turf with synthetic grass? Then, this is the article for you. Read the entire article to have some ideas about the Artificial Grass Geelong installation.

  1. Measure Your Area

This is the first step you have to do for installing the artificial turf. Measure the area that you want to cover with artificial grass. But, if you are still planning and need help measuring your area, get help from a professional. They will help and guide you in the measuring area.

  1. Gather All Required Tools And Equipment

Before installing, keep the materials with you that you will need for installation includes a grass cutter, geotextile weed killer, Stanley knife, and accessories like glue and tap.

  1. Eliminate The Existing Surface

It is also an important thing you have to do before beginning work. You can remove it with your hand without any equipment only if it is a small area being fitted with artificial grass. However, it won’t be work for a larger surface. So, a turf cutter can be used for removing the existence. However, you should remember one factor that not to build a base on topsoil.

The Factors You Must Know Before Decide To Buy Artificial Grass Melbourne
  1. Compact The Ground

You can compact the ground confidently with the help of a vibrating plate or roller. However, these tools cannot afford it individually, so you can rent them from equipment centers for an affordable price.

  1. Grass Edging for Artificial Grass Geelong

This is optional, you can consider it only if you desire. So, if you want to use timber or other edgings, you can place this down. However, edging shouldn’t be higher than the final grass for allowing water to run-off the turf.

  1. Lay With Sand or Stone

By following mentioned above steps, it is necessary to place around 40mm of sharp and compacted sand or stone down. If the sand is too dry, add a wet sand little onto that.

  1. Compact The Ground Again

You can confidently compact the ground with a vibrating plate or roller. As mentioned, rented these tools from equipment centers at an inexpensive price.

  1. Roll Out Grass and Underlay

After that, carefully roll out the underlay of grass first following that, roll out the top of artificial grass without disturbing weed killing underlay. Usually, artificial grass has a directional pile, so, remember that it should face the same while processing in joining areas.

We suggest you laying grass with the pile and leaning towards a house or main area to offer a natural look. If you use the performance pad, put it down between the grass layer and underlay.

  1. Let The Grass Settle

After finished before mentioned steps, you are advised to leave the artificial grass to settle down. Mostly, it requires a minimum of 3 hours to get settled. And if possible leave it overnight to avoid the grass from wrinkling or creasing.

  1. Join Any Grass Piece Together (Only if required)

To make joining of your grass together, use tape and glue, and follow the instructions on the products. All you need to do is lay the tape and apply the glue, before pulling the grass edges together and add some weight to them such as stones, plant pots, other heavy materials.

  1. Trim The Edges

After settling grass properly, you can cut and trim the artificial grass appropriately by using a sharp Stanley knife. Finally, ensure the grass of edges has been trimmed neatly and perfectly.

  1. Pin It Down

Before fitting the artificial turf, pin it down with landscaping pins. If you use a timber frame, you’ll need to utilize flat-headed galvanized nails.

  1. Brush The Grass

Finally, the fiber may be flat from being rolled up, so, make sure the brush against the pile to bring the artificial grass fibers upright. Now, your artificial turf is ready! So, sit back and enjoy your artificial lawn!

These are the essential steps that need to follow in an ordered list to make an artificial lawn. However, it must require more patience to hold it properly. Before started to install, bring all essential tools and equipment required to this process.

We hope the given details are useful enough for you. Still, if you have any doubts or queries related to this topic, visit the link attached below.

We at Auzzie Turf will be there for you to guide installing the artificial turf. We’ll also offer installation services with artificial grass for required customers. So, if you want to lawn with Artificial Grass Geelong. Kindly contact us through our website.

Author Bio – An author is the best and trustworthy Artificial Grass Geelong supplier who makes your place aesthetic

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