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The Role of E-Commerce in the Success of Tyre Industry in UAE

In every business consumer satisfaction and convenience is important for success. Shifting of consumer behavior indicates that e-commerce has become the retail world now. Ecommerce, as we know it today, did not happen overnight, it gradually developed by the passage of time.

E-commerce eliminates that limited area of service or location of conventional retail outlets or stores. This provides great convenience to the customers, they can buy anything from anywhere without hassle to go outside. That is why e-commerce is now becoming a major aspect of the success for any industry, or business.

Whether it be the education platform, payment, services, or retails, e-commerce has room for potential growth in UAE. The tyre market in UAE is dominated majorly by passenger cars that have more than 85 percent market share. The industry is growing at an exceptional rate due to the increase in demand for personal cars or passenger cars. It stood in 2019 at about $220 million.

The UAE’s e-commerce market is one of the most developed e-commerce markets in the entire region, which represents 4.2 percent of the retail industry. The UAE is shifting the conventional shopping experience towards an online shopping. The demand for e-commerce services has increased by 300 percent in the first 5 months of 2020.

We want to let you know how e-commerce plays a role in the success of the tyre market in the UAE. Here are some of the factors below, let’s dive into it.

Fast product searching experience 

Consumers want the information regarding products and services before they buy or consume. That is why they are always in search of acquiring the information they need. After an internet access provision to the mass population the searching has become more simple.

Before the internet the product searching was very hardworking, customers go outside and search each store and then purchase the product. But now the process becomes so much easier. They can get that information through online means, product reviews, price comparison, descriptions, delivery process and so on. That is why people are turning to e-commerce websites to search for information.

if you are going to purchase a tyre for your vehicle and you need information about which is the best one, size, width, ratio and quality. You can easily search through e-commerce websites. However, there are more e-commerce sites at which you can search for your perfect matching tyre for your vehicle. 

Even the authorized tyre dealers and suppliers are offering online purchasing, like where you can easily search for your preferable tyre size, brand, and other factors and then purchase it, E-commerce makes product search fascinating, and customers are getting benefit from this in various ways. 

Comparing of Prices

The other aspect which makes e-commerce a success factor in the tyre industry is the comparison of prices. Through price comparison people can choose which is the better option for them to purchase products for instance tyres for their vehicles.

Customers can easily compare the prices of the products they want to purchase through e-commerce websites or product review websites. Although, now almost every company is selling their products online, that is why customers have more access to information and they can easily compare the prices of the product 

Tyre manufacturers or dealers also offer some special offers on tyres, to attract consumers. E-commerce reduces or fully eliminates the hassle for the conventional type of price comparison, that is going to every shop and asking them for prices, but now they acquire the information from their couch. 

There is another factor in price comparison in the e-commerce industry: there is an increase in competition among tyre brands or any other brand category. And every company is offering lesser prices from their competitors, which gives the advantage to buyers to get quality products at lower prices. 

Easy Accessibility

As the consumption pattern of customers is changing, so does their purchasing behavior. They want an easy purchasing process, they want ease of accessibility to products, where they don’t have to face issues while buying.

That is why E-commerce provides ease and convenience to customers to purchase the product they want. They have easy accessibility to products or services, wherever you are, if you have the internet then you can purchase anything you want. This ensures that you can use any online store regardless of area, age, skills, or disability. 

Maintaining High Quality

Quality is the most important factor in the success of any business whether it is an online business or physical store. If you failed to provide quality to your actual or potential consumers then you are creating problems for yourself. You also need to understand how the customers react if you provide the quality which they want, not the quality which you sell. 

Consumers are now becoming more aware of their choices and the product they purchase. They want the highest possible quality in each product- E-commerce has provided the advantage that you can get the best quality, if you are not satisfied you can return the product easily and suggest to the owner that the product quality was not good. Due to this, online retailers are now maintaining the highest quality of their products to satisfy their customers.

Increase consumer trust in e-commerce

Trust is the basis of all, customers are trusting on e-commerce businesses, which a couple of years back it was not the case. if you are trusting the business which assure you that they will provide you with better quality products and services, it means the company is credible and trustworthy.

You cannot trust anyone until and unless they gain your trust by doing something extraordinary. Trust is a crucial aspect in making decisions to buy online. Nowadays the consumers are building due to the high quality of products and services that e-commerce stores are providing. 

If you have trust in e-commerce websites, this indicates the integrity of that website. It positively impacts commitment and satisfaction. Online or offline trust has always been the success factor of businesses or organizations. 

Support from the government

Government support is the fundamental thing in the success of any business or industry. The UAE government is dedicated to building the free trade zone that is particularly devoted to e-commerce to make this industry more successful. Dubai Commerce is divided into three domains: 

Social offering incentives, Logistics, and Business. The process of getting an e-commerce license has become so simple and easy, with TRA (Telecommunications Regulatory Authority). This is also the factor that plays the role of e-commerce in the success of the tyre industry in the UAE.


The demand for tyres is increasing, but consumer behavior is also shifting. Consumers are stepping from conventional methods for shopping and adopting online shopping. E-commerce also plays an important role in the success of the UAE’s tyre industry, especially during a pandemic. Many tyre manufacturers like Continentals, Goodyear, and Bridgestone are now selling their products online and closing some of their typical retail outlets in the UAE. Even many tyre distributors and retailers are coming online to sell their services and products. The companies need to change their selling style, as consumers are changing their purchasing style. 


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